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The Last Royal Blood

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Ivy just lost her parents and now she has to join her aunt in The unpredictable city of Montel . She joins the supernatural academy and adjust to her new life but her life is willing to adjust way more than she predicted as she unravels her true identity as the last royal blood Fae .

Mystery / Fantasy
Ladonna Kay
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Chapter 1


The flight to Paris was awful as usual but The ride from the airport had been very short, I got out from the car and sighted aunt Macy
Her short blond her and her signature red heels were still the same , not a single thing had changed about her looks
I quickened my pace as I rushed to hug her
‘’ Aunty ‘’ I said with tears in my eyes
She hugged me just as tightly as I did her , although she wasn’t related to me by blood I could still feel the affection we share .
She broke our hug and smiled at me holding me by my shoulders
‘’ my beautiful ivy , you look amazing’’ she said trying to hold back her tears from gorgeous blue eyes
‘’ I missed you so much ‘’ she said with a wider smile
‘’ I missed you too aunt ‘’ I said
‘’ oh please how many times have I told you not to call me that ? To you and every other person I like it’s Macy ‘’ she complained
I rolled my eyes and said
‘’ yeah , yeah I forgot how much older these things make you feel’’ we both laughed

I hadn’t genuinely laugh for the past 5 months, it’s all been a really bad night mare . I remember staying up all night thinking I’ll snap and just wake up from my bad dream .
‘’ so are you ready ? ‘’ Aunt Macy asked
I nodded my head slightly with my sadness quite visible
‘’ hey , it’s ok they both would have wanted this for you ‘’ she said hugging me by my shoulders
‘’ I know ! Macy it’s just that I can’t help but think about them ‘’
Holding back my tears I thought about how my mum had alway promised to bring me to Montel when I turn 18 .
She’d always tell me stories about the lovely cities and the beautiful buildings, the fastest sky creatures and sea creatures.
I hadn’t had enough time with her to learn more about my place of birth and about my true identity.
I felt drops of water on my skin , I looked up to the sky to see it had already started raining

‘’ let’s go inside you know how much I hate getting wet ‘’ aunt Macy said leading me into the mansion
‘’ you know if you’d just give the rain a chance you’ll enjoy it , believe me getting drenched in the rain is one of the best feelings ever ‘’ I said
‘’ well , honey you only say that because you’re a fae . Nature is your thing, for me it’s just a foreign feeling ‘’ she said wiping the droplets off her face as we entered the hall of the mansion
‘’ is that a werefox thing ? ‘’ I asked
‘’ hmm you’re catching on quickly ‘’ she said
‘’ wait for me here ‘’
She moved to the adjoin room closest to us
I wrapped my arms around myself as my mind drifted through the events of the past year
Aunt Macy was right , I was catching on fast , I had too . It’s not like I had any other choice
This is my life now , this is what I am ‘’ A FAE ‘’ I whispered out loud.
I have just learned the truth about my parents past a year ago , dad was a Fae and mum was a half nymph, half Fae an hybrid
I was able to learn a little bit of what Faes can do from my parents. I was also taught about the other supernatural creatures in existence, I was taught the rules of how to survive Montel
‘’ A tail for your thought ‘’ aunt Macy said as she waved her hands in my face bringing me back to reality
‘’ it depends, how many tails do you have ? ‘’ I said with a smile
‘’ nine actually, but it’s great to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor ‘’ she said
‘’ I mean it’s the only thing that kept me sane for the past year so ‘’ I shrugged my shoulders
‘’it’s good you have the same traits as me so I’m Montel I could pass you off as my daughter and marry you off to a rich old Royal ‘’ she said dead panned
‘’Wait what ? ‘’ I said
‘’ yeah , my humor is definitely better than yours and chill marriage isn’t even a thing in Montel ‘’ she laugh and I couldn’t help but join her

We continued to chat more as she told me a couple of gists about the academy. I had learn earlier on that I could learn to use , control and grow my powers over there , I was nervous at first but it was obvious I needed a fresh start, although I had left a my two best friends who I promised to give a call as soon as I land but I was sure it was totally gonna be worth it .
‘’ madam the portal is almost ready ‘’ I heard someone say
Aunt and I turned around , my eyes landed on a Middle Aged man . His aura was slightly dull I couldn’t feel his energy ‘’ wizard ? ‘’ I thought not knowing I blurted it out loud
‘’ sorcerer actually, young miss ‘’ he said with a low bow and walked back into the room
I look at my aunt and we both laughed again

‘’Come on let’s go , Montel await you my beautiful Fae ‘’ she said
‘’ ummm aunt can I pls make one last phone call? ‘’ I asked with pleading eyes
‘’ human friends ? ‘’ she asked cocking her eyebrows
I nodded hopefully and she said
‘’ ok , you’ve got 5 minutes and ditch the phone you won’t be needing that in Montel ‘’ she gave me a kiss on the forehead head and a little smile and walked away
I quickly dialed Ashely’s number , it rang a little and she finally picked up
‘’ girlll , how is Paris ‘’ she said squealing from the other end
‘’ is that ivy? ‘’ I hear Josh my other best friend asked
‘’ yeah , I’m going speaker mode ‘’ Ashely announced
‘’ hey guys ‘’ I said
‘’ you know for a girl in Paris you don’t sound all jubly ‘’ josh said
‘’ dude chill , she must be tired from her long flight ‘’
‘’ yeah, I am beat ‘’ I said and continued and’’ I miss you guys so much ‘’
‘’ so did you meet your aunt already? ‘’
‘’ yeah , and I must say you are literally the luckiest girl I know we just got a call saying the exams were shifted forward can you imagine that ‘’ Ashely said sounding mad
I was about to answer but I felt someone creep up on me
I quickly turned around and saw the sorcerer standing behind me .
‘’ sorry for the interruption you miss , but the portal is open and we must go now ‘’ he said and walked away
I looked at my phone and my call was already disconnected I sighed and walked into the room

It was a small study or more of a library
I could see the portal’s visible lighting , it was mesmerizing and beautiful
‘’ well is this it ‘’ I asked not taking my eyes off it
‘’ yes , one of the Many earth portals leading to Montel and a couple of other cities ‘’ she said
‘’ and why Paris ? ‘’ I asked
She just shrugged and said
‘’It’s just many out of the old monarchy ruled dimensions that had ties with the supernatural ‘’

‘’And do they still do ? ‘’
‘’ just mostly the people from the old world who still live here ‘’ she answered
‘’ like vampires ? ‘’ I asked as I remember my mum mentioning them to be one of the oldest creatures from the beginning of time.
‘’ yes , that’s correct now let’s go before earth starts to grow on me ‘’ she said as we approach the portal
‘’ oh and one more thing , your dad wanted you to have this ‘’ she brought out a beautiful jade pendant from her pocket, the pendant was carved as a Phoenix , she wrapped it around my neck
I touched it slightly and I couldn’t feel my dad’s energy but I wasn’t sad this Time I was glad .
Glad that he would somehow be accompanying me through the gates of Montel ‘

‘’Shall I proceeded madam ‘’ the sorcerer asked
‘’ yes please ‘’ aunt Macy said
She held my hand as we stepped into the portal, slowly I started to feel the air around me shift the light became brighter as it started to spin
I held my aunts hand tighter
‘’ shhh it’s ok , I’m here ‘’ my aunt whispered
‘’ she’s right my beautiful daughter, we’re all here for you ‘’ I heard a voice say in my head
‘’ mum , dad ‘’ I called out and my vision faded .

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