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His Christmas Angel

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Nash Harris a cattle rancher was on his way home from the bar on a stormy winter night when he came across a car in the ditch. Getting out of his truck he went over to help. He saw a young woman unconscious behind the wheel. He knew he had to get her out before the vehicle slid down and into the river. With the storm getting worse and the roads too dangerous to head back into town he only had one choice, which was to take her back to his place, it was only a mile away. That encounter would change his life forever, one that would turn his world upside down and possibly lead to heartbreak, or will there be a Christmas miracle?

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

By the time Nash left the bar, it was dark and the storm was getting worse. Now he wished he had left earlier instead of having another beer with his friends. The roads were slippery and he could barely see through the snow that was falling. He was glad that he was able to sell off his cattle before the bad weather came. Now he could start fixing things around his ranch before spring rolled around and he started up again with a new herd. When he got about a mile from his home he saw what appeared to be headlights pointing up towards the sky. As he got closer he realized there was a car in the ditch so pulling over he gets out of his truck. Going over he could see someone behind the wheel but didn’t appear to be conscious. The closer he got he realized it was a woman. He couldn’t see her face as it was resting on the steering wheel, all he could see was her blond hair.

He made his way slowly down the embankment to the driver’s side of the car and opened the door. Touching her chin he moved her head back, her eyes were closed and she was out like a light. Now he knew that when there was an accident you weren’t supposed to move the injured, but he had no choice. The vehicle could at any moment slide down and into the river, he had to get her out now. Reaching over he undoes her seatbelt, then he pulls her out just as the car slid backward and rolled further down and into the river. Breaking through the ice that wasn’t quite frozen over yet he watched as it went under. Taking a deep breath of relief he looks at the woman, she had the face of an angel he thought. She wore a pair of knee-length leather boots with heels of all things, not something you’d wear in weather like this. Her coat was a full-length one but it too was not meant for winter. He knew there was no way he could make it back to town with her so he made the decision to take her to his place.

Not knowing what injuries she might have he had to be extra careful as he carried her up the embankment to his truck. She was so light in his arms that he had no trouble carrying her. The only trouble was the blinding snow that whipped across his face, making it hard to see where he was going.

Once he had her in his truck and put her seatbelt on he cranked up the heat. He then gave her cheek a light slap to try and wake her up. Her eyes blinked open and closed again. As he drove home he prayed that she would be alright and that he hadn’t done her any harm. He even tried talking to her but got no response. He thanked God when he arrived home safely, he went around to her side and got her out carried her up to the house and managed to open the front door with her still in his arms. He was greeted with barking from Moe, his border collie who was usually outside but seeing how the weather was bad he stayed inside.

“Down boy,” he said when Moe jumped up, sniffing the woman in his arms. Taking her over to the sofa laid her down and removed her coat and boots. She had on a sleeveless dress and her skin was cold to the touch. She did open her eyes and closed them again, mumbling words he couldn’t make out. Her coat and even her dress felt damp so he takes her into the spare bedroom and trying not to look he undressed her and puts one of his shirts on her. He covered her up with the blankets then went and cranked up the heat.

“Stay and keep watch over her Moe, I’m going to call the doctor to find out what I should do. That’s a good boy,” he said, patting his head.

He returned moments later with a glass of water, her eyes were still closed but she was moaning so he sits next to her on the bed. “Miss, if you can hear me please open your eyes, you need to drink something.”

When she opened them he was able to get her to take a few sips before falling back to sleep. He gently laid her back down. He felt a weird twinge in his heart when she looked at him and he saw that she had the most amazing green eyes. Not wanting to leave her alone in a strange place he sits down in the chair next to the bed, closing his eyes he drifts off to sleep.


Waking up with a throbbing head she opened her eyes, trying to focus on her surroundings. The room was small, the drapes were wide open and she could see the snow as it swirled around the window. She felt something soft and wet against the back of her hand. A small squeal escaped her lips when she saw a big black and white dog with its nose pressed against her. She quickly moved it, pulling the covers up to her chin. “Go away,” she cried out. Her brain was in a fog, she had no idea where she was.

“It’s OK, he’s friendly.”

Her eyes darted towards the voice coming from across the room. There, by the door was a man she didn’t recognize. He was tall, dark hair, ruggedly handsome and the sleeves on his shirt were straining against his muscles. Fear filled her very soul as she tried to back further up the bed. “Who are you? Where am I and what am I doing here?”

“My name is Nash Harris, this here is my dog, Moe. Don’t you remember what happened to you?”

“No,” she answered, pulling the blanket up further.

“You were in an accident. I pulled you from your car before it went into the river. I wanted to take you to the hospital but the roads were too bad so I had to bring you here. What is your name and why on earth were you out in a blizzard?” He noticed she looked confused like she was trying to remember.

“My name, I, I don’t know.” she looked at him, her mind was blank. She couldn’t remember who she was and it scared her. “Where am I?”

“You’re in Montana, well outside of Montana on my ranch. You hit your head pretty hard judging by the bump on your forehead. You might have amnesia, I’ll call the doctor and ask him what we should do.”

“Thank you,” she said, glancing down at the dog.

“I bet you’re hungry.”

Her stomach growled when he mentioned it. “Yes, I’m starving.”

“I’ll go make you something to eat. If you want to take a bath it’s down the hall, there are fresh towels in there. In the drawer I have an extra toothbrush still in its package, you’re welcome to it,” he said, then calls out to Moe. “Come on boy, time for you to go out and do your business.”

“Wait, where are my clothes?”

“I had to wash them, right now they’re in the dryer.”

“Who’s shirt is this that I’m wearing?”

“It’s mine.”

“Who put it on me?”

“I did.”

“You saw me naked?” she asked, feeling violated.

“Your clothes were wet and there’s no one else here so I had to undress you. I give you my word that I behaved like a perfect gentleman. I did my best not to look.”

She may not have remembered what had happened to her, or her name but something told her she could trust him. “Alright,” she said and waited until he left the room before getting up. Making her way down the hallway she finds the bathroom and runs water into the tub. Her head and body hurt, she hoped that the hot water would ease some of her aches. Twenty minutes later she felt a little more human, getting out she dried off and put the stranger’s shirt back on. As she walked quietly down the stairs she could smell breakfast cooking and her stomach rumbled loudly.

He turned his head when she entered the room, looking like she was scared out of her mind, and of course, she was. Who wouldn’t be when waking up and finding themselves in a strange man’s home wearing nothing but one of his shirts?

“Please, sit down, breakfast is ready. I wasn’t sure what you liked so I went ahead and made pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast.”

She looks at all of the food he placed on the table, her mouth started to water. “It smells good,” she said, piling her plate up.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“I guess so,” she answered, not knowing if she liked it or not. When he poured her some she took a sip, making a face.

“You might like to add some milk and sugar,” he said, pushing the two towards her. He noticed how her hand shook a little when she spooned a teaspoon of sugar into her mug. “I know you’re probably scared right now. Not knowing what’s going on and being here with me, but I promise you’re safe with me.”

She looks at him, he had kind eyes which made her feel more at ease. “Thank you. I admit that not knowing who I am is scary. What if I never get my memory back?”

“I’m sure you will. In the meantime, the sheriff is checking into missing people to see if anyone is looking for you. I gave him a description of you so hopefully, he’ll find something out soon. Till then I guess you’ll have to stay here.”

She looks at him over the rim of her mug as she takes a sip. “Thank you and thank you for saving my life. I’ll try not to be a burden, maybe I could cook and clean for you to pay you for your hospitality.”

“There’s no need for that and I think you should be resting, not cleaning. Do you not remember anything at all?”

“No, my mind is a blank.” She sets her fork down on the empty plate. “Do you live here alone or are you married?”

“No, I’m not married, it’s just me and Moe.”

Hearing his name Moe’s ears raised and he looks at Nash, waging his tail.

“Oh, I see. He is a beautiful dog, what breed is he?”

“A border collie. I found him a couple of years ago, he was abandoned and hurt in the woods so I brought him home. Now he has become my sidekick, he’s also very smart. You are the first one he has taken to. Usually, he doesn’t bother with anyone but me.”

“Are you in the habit of rescuing animals and women who are in trouble?”

“When the need arises.”

“I should maybe get dressed.”

“I’ll get your clothes, they should be dry by now.” Getting up he walks into a room off the kitchen. Taking her stuff from the dryer he looks at her bra and panties. He was still holding them when she walked in, his face turned red. “I-um wasn’t sure on how to wash women’s underthings so I threw them into the wash and dryer. I hope I didn’t ruin them.”

Taking her bra and panties from his hand she smiled. “I’m sure they’re alright. I’ll just go get dressed and then I’ll do up the dishes.”

He cleared his throat, still embarrassed by being caught holding her bra and panties. “OK, I have to go out and feed the horses. I’ll just be outside in the barn, I won’t be gone long.”

She thought it was cute how his face had turned red. “Alright,” she said and walked away, followed by Moe.

“Moe, come with me boy,” he called out.

The dog looked at her before deciding on going with Nash.

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