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Rose wakes up to the annoying beeping sound and too bright light on her face. She doesn’t remember anything at all. neither how she ended up in the hospital nor who the that guy is who’s holding her hand like his life depends on it. Her life turns upside down and she couldn’t differ between what happened or what’s a dream. Slowly the truth unravels on her and she finds about herself as well as her mysterious husband.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

POV: Rose

This beeping is giving major headache. I go to peel my eyes open but instantly squint them due to bright light, There’s a metallic taste in my mouth. What the heck is going on? And where am I?

I go to cover my eyes with my hand to shield them from light but someone’s holding it. After couple seconds when I finally manage to open my eyes I see the person who’s holding my hand.

He is absolutely stunning with that beautiful mop of curls, long eyelashes and pink plump lips. I also notice the dark circles around his eyes like he hasn’t slept for days and the way he’s sleeping so peacefully but still managing to have Steel like grip on my hand makes me wonder who exactly is this guy.

I try to get up but my head pounds like someone’s playing drumrolls in my head. “Fuck it hurts” I curse to myself and groan out of pain. “How the fuck did I end up like this?”

I try to pull my hand out of his grip which makes him bolt up like electricity struck him. He looks at me with his blood shot eyes and I frown.

“You’re awake, oh my god you’re finally awake” he says in awe like I was supposed to be dead or something? And he lunges at me and hugs me.. a little too tightly. “Ahh get off me asshole” I say struggling and he withdraws instantly like he was scared to hurt me “I’m so sorry if I hurt you baby, I’m just so glad that you’re finally awake, I’ll call the doctor” he apologies and run out to call the doctor.

“Baby? Why would he call me that? And who is he?” A lot of questions were running through my mind biggest one was where’s my family? I know my father he’d be a mess and wouldn’t leave my side for a sec if he knows I’m in hospital so where is he?

While I was wondering about it all. A doctor and couple nurses along with the mystery guy comes in. The doctor looks calm around 30 years old or so. “Hello, I’m doctor Yersy. How’re you feeling?” He says politely “i have headache other than that I can feel all my limps, what happened to me? And where’s my family”

I ask and he nods while writing something down on his paper “you don’t remember what happened? What is the last thing you remember and what exactly do you remember about yourself?” He enquires

I lick my lips before answering “my name’s rose, I live with my parents and I have 2 brothers. I don’t know my age and the last thing I remember is we all were in car going out to eat ice cream” I answer nervously.

“And what age would you say you were when you were going out for ice cream” the doctor asks “um idk 8 or maybe 11 years old” I answer and suddenly The doctor looks at me and then at the mystery guy and points at him “do you know who he is” he questions. I shake my head in a no. I see all of the Color drain from this guy’s face and he suddenly looks too hurt.

Someone rushes from the door and all My attention goes to the door to find my mom running toward me crying. “Oh my love” she starts crying while embracing me and I hug her back with tears in my own eyes. Behind her follows 2 Guys who look too familiar. “Are they really my brothers? Wow they look too grown up”I think to myself.

My bigger brother hugs me and kiss my forehead while the other just nods his head at me. “That’s strange we were best friends now he can’t even come and hug me?” I think sadly to myself. Then a girl comes up to me and hugs me looking worried and starts asking if I’m okay or so I need something. And I politely says no. So she goes and stands next to my bigger brother. And then it gets me and I bluntly ask “is she your girlfriend or something?”

His face drops “what do you mean?” The doctor chimps in “seems like she had a memory lose, we’ll run some tests but we don’t know yet if it’s short term or long. I’ll leave and give you guys some privacy” with That doctor yersy leaves and instantly the room fills with silence and hurt looks and my eyes fell back on that mystery guy he’s looking at me with red and teary eyes and suddenly something struck me “where is dad?” I think and look towards the door in hopes that he’s brag in anytime.

“Where is dad?” I finally ask and it felt like I just slapped everyone and they start avoiding my gaze.

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