13 Creepy Shorts to Evil For

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13 Creepy Shorts to Evil for is an anthology piece of 13 comminatory short stories guaranteed to mystify and thrill you for days on end! Most of the shorts in 13 Creepy Shorts to Evil For were written when I was 16 years old while mourning the loss of my father. Rewritten years later, when mourning the passing of my formidable mom. Revamped several more years later, when the universe sent me the biggest curveball of my life. My brother left this mortal coil suddenly and unexpectedly on my way to see him. The stories depict some violence, grief, love, death, oppression, and so much more. Get to know the characters -- they hurt, they triumph but they never stay still. Above all, they helped me heal. All 13 stories are a read under 120 minutes! Cautionary tales inspired by everyday life... Stay entertained! Krik...?

Mystery / Poetry
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You are powerful!

You are the universe.

The universe is you.

You are a legend.

It's okay if you are a little weird.

Be brave, be kind and stay complex!

A review by AuthorsReading.com:

13 Creepy Shorts to Evil For..Krik Krak Tim Tim Bwa Sek by R. A. Michaels is a stunning yet disturbing collection of horror poetry inviting readers into a deeper examination of their world, of the unseen edges of human existence, and all the things we fear and should fear, in the world we live in. Centered around themes of bullying, death, and heritage.

Reading 13 Creepy Shorts to Evil For..Krik Krak Tim Tim Bwa Sek will make you feel a bit unmoored as you are introduced to the creepy characters. These stories inject everyday life with a touch of horror; for example, the story of Lizzie talks of a young girl who wants to be one of the popular girls at school but instead, her classmates bully her until she turns the tables.

You do not need to be a “poetry person” to enjoy this; I’m not. In fact, many entries read like flash fiction written in free verse. But if you love dark stories and exploring the grotesque, you will find this collection very satisfying.

This rich mixture of the allegorical, pain, philosophy, spirituality, and vengeance gives us something more than dark verse. There is some street-wise wisdom displayed in the tales. Yet, you wonder if the author has lived the pain expressed so vividly in the prose.

Each of the tales narrated is chilling, but Michael’s poetic and playful approach spins you around in a vortex of exquisite language with a touch of rawness. This collection of poems is visceral and sometimes ethereal. The imagery is incredibly vivid and draws on all the senses. They are tales infused with tragedy and trauma, grief and fear, fear of who - or what - lives inside us once everything is taken away. Each tale has its own style and voice, and all of them are written to creep you out.

13 Creepy Short to Evil For..Krik Krak Tim Tim Bwa Sek embraced the tendency of poetry to invite readers into a deeper examination of life and the world we live in. This collection of tales are small bites of horror beautifully written and frighteningly relatable.

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