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The Exploration of Alice

By trickishcoma All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Drama

Chapter 1: Back to Normal

I walked, or waddled if you asked Callum, from the confection to the eatery booth with plates of food. Callum would be home soon and we had Miranda, Dr.Jones, Julie and lil Ryke joining us for supper. We started doing this at least twice a week since we returned from Quarter 4 and it became a special part of our week.

I'm 34 weeks along now and our son grew with every passing week. I was monitored closely because of the loss of our daughter. It was a miracle that I ripped where I did, even though losing her was hard to deal with. I sometimes wonder if had I known about her sooner if the pain of the loss would be greater. Dr.Jones said that I should grieve but to also look to the future. Now I just do the regular check ins with Medic and am no longer restricted to just my unit.

Callum somehow survived and no one could figure out how. He went for repeated tests and nothing ever came of it. There was no answers. Sometimes I think he knows but will say nothing. He says he doesn't remember anything fully, just little bits here and there but that it must of been a dream. He fully healed and is back to work but he has nightmares often. When he wakes, he just holds me tight and that scares me a little.

I set up the chair for Ryke as Callum entered our unit. He had moved in shortly after our return from Quarter 4. We got along really well, though I hated that he had to leave for periods of time. I guess I will be doing the same at some point. The council promised to try and coordinate our schedules as needed so at least we have that worked out. Callum slipped behind me and wrapped his strong arms around me as he kissed my neck.

"I'm starving Scarlett! A beautiful creature like yourself wouldn't hold off feeding Rhett would you?" he joked.

"Hardy Har Har! Go get washed up, everyone will be here soon" I said laughing. Callum threw me a wink and left to wash up for supper as I finished setting the table. Miranda tottered in, her belly much bigger than mine. Her face was full and her hair even more luscious than before. Her eyes twinkled as she sat down on a seating. Neither she nor I could fit in the booth, our bellies needing more room now. Miranda started to giggle as she heard Callum singing his heart out in the shower.

"What in the world is he singing?" Miranda asked raising her left eyebrow in inquisitively.

"From what I hear, 'We will rock you' by Queen" I replied with ease.

"Uh huh! I wonder who he will be 'rocking'!?" she joked laughing.

I rolled my eyes at her lame joke. Miranda could not believe my luck and she told me that often. I sometimes wondered if she was a little jealous but then I would shake my head. Miranda was gorgeous and could easily find a man if she really wanted.

My unit door buzzer sounded so I answered it to find Julie with Ryke in her arms. He was wiggling and squirming to get down, so she let him down and he toddled into my unit and when straight for his basket of toys. Playing happily with blocks within seconds, Julie walked in and handed me some blue and pink daisies already in a vase. I put them on the table, out of reach of the baby.

Ryke lifted a block up to his mom, showing her it

"Ellow" he said

"YELLow" Julie repeated back to him.

He looked at it again, put it down and lifted another block.

"Birdie" he said.

"Yes, that's a bird. Good job!" Miranda said with praise.

"Eat" he said looking at his chair.

I started to laugh as the boy loved food. He knew if he sat down in that chair that he would get food. So I was putting him in the chair which was a hard task. My belly got in the way and I could not see where his baby fat legs were going. The more I tried, the more I failed and all three of us women were laughing so hard that Callum came out to see what was so funny. He watched me struggle one more time then came to my rescue. He effortlessly got Ryke into his chair while I excused myself to use the waster. I was barely finished when Miranda was at the door needed it as well.

I just sat on the seating when Comfort entered our unit. She gave Callum, Ryke and I a kiss on the cheek. She got my plate and handed it to me and then served Miranda who just sat down next to me. We all ate, joked and laughed. We told each other of our day and what we have all been up to. We discussed getting ready for the babies about to enter. Tomorrow Miranda would be moved into her new unit and we would have a new one as well. Accommodating a new family means needing a new and bigger place. We thankfully would also be closer to Julie and her son.

"Well we have an announcement" Callum stated as he stood up.

Dr.Jones smiled knowingly but Miranda and Julie were intrigued at the sudden statement.

"As you know, our good doctor Dr.Jones is my actual grandmother.. or err.. great great.. whatever, you know. So she will be moving in with us tomorrow. The Council was able to construct a unit big enough to accommodate us all." he said excitedly.

"Wooooot" Miranda cheered.

"I'm not done, I'm not done! Once the babies are born, so yours too Miranda.. we will be planning a wedding. We discussed it fully and plan on doing it in Quarter 4, so be prepared to travel ladies!" he gushed out.

"Oh! I am so happy for you!" Julie said as she hugged me tight and then hugged Callum.

Dr.Jones looked at us with pride and happiness in her eyes but Miranda just sat there, silent, I looked at her and said,

"Are you okay Miranda?"

"I'm your sister! Your TWIN! And you couldn't tell me before anyone else? Really?!" she said with anger.

I was taken aback by her hostility and went to placate her when Callum jumped in.

"Miranda, its not like we talked about this for weeks and held it back from you. We literally talked about it a night ago, I then asked Granny how soon after you BOTH have babies was it safe to travel and how would that work with the babies coming with us. If I could, I would not have told her any sooner that you. Don't be mad at your sister, she couldn't wait to tell you and I begged her to wait til tonight so we could tell all of you. You are all FAMILY!"

Miranda crossed her arms, frowning but thinking of what Callum said to her. I wanted to cry but was scared to make a move. We all sat there in silence until Ryke cried to be let out of his chair. Julie washed him up quickly and let him down. He toddled over to Miranda and hugged her belly. Her anger melted pretty quickly after that.

"Fine but I'm the Maid of Honor!" she called dibs.

We all started to laugh a bit because that position was always hers anyways and she knew it.

"Wait til you meet the best man, you'll be swept off your feet" Callum wisecracked.

"Not if he's anything like you!" Miranda retorted with ease.

Julie picked up Ryke and said her goodbyes with a mix of congratulations to us again. She left and Dr.Jones followed shortly after her to get ready for the move. Miranda stayed with us for a coffee and we chit chatted about the upcoming nuptials since only the location was planned thus far. We still had time and she got excited to help plan it with me. She and I did a side hug and she left for her own unit.

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