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Chantal was a normal teen at the top of her class, but like all people, she had her share of problems. Her father walked out on his family when she was just a baby leaving her mother, brothers, and her without anything. The hardship of the divorce left one of her siblings dead and the other in jail, causing her mother to take on three jobs until she was old enough to work. During this time, she made sure to focus on her work being the best in her small-town school graduating at the top of her class only for it to end that very night. A graduation party that took her mortal life in exchange for a new more permanent existence and Ambrose was 138-year-old vampire was the cause of it all. Find out what happens when he accidentally made her into his mate or so he thought.

Mystery / Horror
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I walked down the steps of the school and out the double door that led to the outside. A weird feeling hit me thinking how this was my last day of school. I was finally finished, and graduation was tonight! A high school graduate at the top of my class! To top it off in three months I was about to be free of this town, state, and the people in it. No, I didn’t like the fact of leaving my mom, but I was the only one of her three children to finish school and go to college. I wanted to do something with my life and give my mom the life that she deserved.

Yes, I said what she deserved since my sorry ass deadbeat of a father took it all from us. The bastard just up and left one day leaving his family with nothing. He knew what he was doing but didn’t care leaving my mom to get three jobs until my older brothers were old enough to decide to drop out of school and help. Although she begged them not to both saw fit to help our mom until one ended up dead and the other in prison for thirty years. Leaving my mom and me again on our own until I was older enough to get a job.

The only difference with me was mama stayed on my ass. She made sure that I worked a real job and yelled in my ear every chance she got and told me that I would never end up like my brothers. Selling drugs was not the answer it was the reason Terrell was dead and Andre was in jail. Each day she would tell me this and not to forget. ‘Girl you are gonna finish school! Do you hear me?!’ Were her words.

So, I pushed myself to work hard, doing my schoolwork and focusing on the bigger prize of getting a scholarship and graduating, which I did both. I couldn’t be more proud of myself and the way my mom was smiling right now made me even prouder. I did something right I made my mother proud something most could not say in my small town.

“Chantal, baby I have something for you, before you say I shouldn’t have. I’ve been saving up my money. I wasn’t about to let my baby girl walk across that stage tonight in something from Goodwill…” She paused and my eyes widen as she left the room coming back with a black bag and a shoebox. I didn’t know what to say so I started to cry watching her open the bag to a knee-length black dress with matching heels.

“What’s wrong?” She stopped seeing me hold my side.

“Just the same thing at is always wrong with me for the past few months. I don’t know how I keep falling and getting this bruise. It’s just sore.” I spoke as my mom examined it. She slowly ran her fingers over the mark humming to herself before shrugging her shoulders.

“I don’t know. You just need to learn to be careful, here look at it. I promise you will like it.”

“Mama, you did not have to spend your hard earn money on me….”

“Cha what did I say, girl! I told you wasn’t about to let you walk across that damn stage with hand-me-downs on. Trust me it makes me happy to do this for you sweetheart. I did right by you, my only girl is a graduate and about to be off to college in three months. Leaving me alone but for the good.” She cried so I cried as we both hugged each other. My mom was my rock and if I ever lost her I wouldn’t know what to do.


“He said he would see what he could do. If he didn’t have to work late… in other words, if that bitch he’s been lying up with lets him come. Don’t worry about him, Cha. I will be there, your grandmother on his side and your aunt. Even know neither of the bitches do a damn thing for you, and Dre sends his love. He said he hates that he can’t be here to see you, but he loves you.”

I sighed I know I shouldn’t care but the man was my dad and I loved him. I knew he loved me back, but it was her. Zonnique Phillips the woman that inhabited all of Grant Allen’s time, making sure he only had the time for her and their child and the hell with the rest. To her, I didn’t exist, and he wasn’t entitled to help my mom with a damn thing that had anything to do with me. She was the reason he left his family taking everything we had leaving mama with shit. As I said I should hate him, but I can’t because he was my father and I loved him either way.

“I will call him. I want him there mama… Oh before I forget I was invited to a party after graduation. Is it okay that I go?” My mom stood there staring. It wasn’t like I always ask to go places all the time because normally it was just work and school, but all the seniors were going to be there, and I was invited.

“Chantal, I really don’t know why you are asking me. You are eighteen and in a few months, you in be nineteen and in another state thousands of miles away from me. Are you going to call me then and ask can you go out?”

“MOM! Oh, my goodness, it is called respect. I’m still living under your roof.” She laughed nodding her head as my cell phone rang… My dad. I hoped he wasn’t calling to cancel on my graduation, but something told me that he was.


‘My baby girl! I am so proud of you sweetie….’

“But you can’t come.” He let out a breath and at that moment I knew. Letting a tear slip down my face. Why was this woman like this? I was his child too but to her I was nothing. “Daddy….”

‘Zo, I can’t do this to her… not today of all days. My daughter is graduating....’

‘So, that little bitch more important than this dinner with my family? Have you forgotten that I am your fiancée!’

“Dad it’s okay I will make sure that Mama sends you some pictures. Tell Zonnique she doesn’t have to worry about me interfering with you and your family again….”


Before he could finish I hung up. Without saying a word, I when into the bathroom to shower from there I made my way into my room to dress. My mom knew the deal, so she didn’t ask what was wrong as she help me with my makeup. After we both made our way out to her car and back to the school.

On stage I was anxious. I was one of the first few people to receive their diploma given that my last name started with an A. I was happy and scared at the same time and when my name was called I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was no mistaking hearing my mom scream ’That’s my Baby Girl!’ and my smile grew seeing my dad holding my baby sister screaming as well.

I knew he and Zonnique had it out. Did I care? The answer to that had to be a no. I was just a happy soul that my father did something right in his life. He came to my graduation even if he had to bring her and what looked to be Zonnique’s mother who was cheering right along with my dad. At least she was happy for me, but her daughter needed an attitude adjustment. Something that I knew would never change I was just happy my dad grew some balls and stood up for what he thought was right for a change.

A step up from a deadbeat to the dad I knew he always could be. Throughout the whole graduation, I thought about how proud I was of myself and my family that I didn’t even realize it was over until everyone stood and cheered along with the crowd. Quickly I stood doing the same then ran off the stage right into my dad’s arms. I was aiming for my mom, but he quickly gave the baby to Zonnique pulling me into a hug.

I’m happy for you Baby Girl. I don’t care how mad she is right now, but I knew I couldn’t miss this. I have been absent for so long, tonight I know you needed me. Your Daddy is one proud man right now and I know your mama is over the hill.” I smiled as he kissed my cheek and then allowed me to hug my mom.

“Chantal we have something for you.” I turned to Zonnique as she handed me a black box. I carefully took it and open it to a beautiful diamond necklace with class of 2022 engraved on it. “Despite what you believe I do care for you and I’m happy you make it this far. Just do not disappoint us and drop out of college.” My mouth hung open watching the woman walk away and at my dad holding back my mom.

“Control your bitch Grant! The nerve of that woman… Fuck that you can leave now Chantal is about to go to a party. Thank you for not disappointing our daughter. She needed you today and you came through. I’m proud of you Grant.”

“Shanice you know I love my children.” My mom nodded leaving as one of my classmates walked up with a smile.

“You in Cha?” I nodded. “Great you can ride with me. We are about to get fucked up tonight!” She spoke pulling me away until my dad grabbed my upper arm.

“Chantal if you need a ride home you call your mom or me. Do not get into a car with an intoxicated person, and do not try to drive if you are intoxicated. Do you understand me?” He spoke sternly making me nod.

“Yes, sir.”

Later on, that night I found myself at one of the richest teen houses in school. They lived a long way out and her parents were strict on not leaving if any of us had been drinking and had to drive. Both of them told us they had plenty of rooms and if needed we could sleep there. Pamela didn’t seem like she mind. Although she was rich she was one of the kindest people in the school. Always aiming to help.

I watched as all of my classmates danced and had a fun time as I sat back in a corner. Yes, I wanted to go but I wasn’t the type that liked to party with a large group of people. Tonight, I tried to although a part of me wanted to leave. I pushed all those thoughts to the back of my head and tried to enjoy myself as I slipped from my red cup.


“OH MY GOD DO NOT SCARE ME LIKE THAT!” I yelled holding my chest looking back at the girl that just scared the shit out of me. Lacey Thorne my best friend and headache from kindergarten to now.

“Why are you over here by yourself. I had to search the whole house just to find you here. Come let’s party.” I gave her an appointed look and she smiled as she started to leave. “Okay, I will come back and check on you. Don’t drink too much. Love ya boo!”

“Love ya back!” I said as she left. Once more I was alone in my corner until a teenager that I have never seen at our school came to sit by me. For the longest, he sat there staring not saying a word which creeped me out. Slowly I stood to force myself to leave.

‘Sit.’ It was like I couldn’t control myself as my legs pushed me back down into my seat. I stared over at the boy in disbelief but he wasn’t even looking in my direction. Just like me, he was looking into the crowd at the other teens, but my staring caught his attention.

“Hey there beautiful, you know that it is not safe for you to be sitting all alone as you are. There are a lot of creeps at this party.”

“Like you?” He laughed causing me to scoff and shake my head. I didn’t see a fucking thing funny, but he did. To me, he was threatening me about sitting alone as if he was going to do something to my drink or whatever his mind was on.

“No not like me. I don’t have to drug my girls they always come to me begging and if I see one that I like it’s the same.”

“I see you have a lot of fucking confidence, but I’m not interested. Plus, I don’t know you….”

“Ambrose and I know you very well Chantal Allen. The smartest girl in the school. No, you don’t know me because I’m homeschooled and graduated the year before. You could say I don’t like being around others, but tonight is different. Tell me why is a beautiful girl such as yourself is in this corner all alone? As I said it isn’t safe especially when you have people like them watching you.” I followed his finger to the group of thugs across from us. All of them were smiling in my direction while making their way over.

“Cha, whatcha doing with this ghost-like motherfucker? Come chill with us bae I know you miss me.”

“Trey I told you after the last time we were done…”

“You want this joke? Bitch I will beat this fuckers ass fuck with me!” Ambrose laughed at Trey’s words making him step closer and gripping the boy’s shirt beside me. All of them had gotten out of control that quickly. And for what? Not a damn thing.

“TREY STOP AND LEAVE!” I yelled as I stood.

“WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE YELLING AT BITCH!” Trey yelled as his hand swiped across my face causing me to fall and hit my head. After that, all I heard was screaming and people running. I didn’t know why because everything went dark, but this was the reason I stopped fucking with Trey. He was abusing me, and I was hiding it from my parents. I knew if my dad found out. He would be in a cell right along with my brother for murder.

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