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A Glitch in the Mystical Order

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With great power comes great responsibility, this a famous saying that attached a sudden hold of power attainment or at least having it with you own effort without anyone's help . but society needs the stigmatization of righteousness and its every elements that are compose of it, to merge this righteous system with its values and costumes that are commonly agreed open by its society,in a way or another our protagonist was living a fringe life, but with the sudden possition of power, he refused to live a mediocer life under the disquise of a hero morality, he think if the word doesn’t give a damn when he is down than let the word be damned, there no real relationship nor real peoples, every thing is based in benefits . “so better the world yeald between my claws and become my own playground l, or get destroyed under my infinite rage”.

Mystery / Horror
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Blank Life

Past in despair, Emptiness in the present, Hope of the next day

Its all began when my cursed manager farming me of stealing money and PC gadget the other day, I tried to defend myself first for being innocent and that is a misunderstanding, however what comes next choked me to the core, it turned out that I have or had a fake company, beside laundering money and using my work here in this shitty groceries store as a frond for my operations witch of course not true, but apparently when they search my phone for further evidences, they stumble in various pictures of naked female employees that are still work with me and few other messages to blackmail he!!, her in particular because let’s face it guys, she is hotter that the sun in the summer sky, her face are cleaner shinier than the night of the full moon, it’s like when I see her, I feel my inside out shapeshifting and turning my peaceful harmless self to a werewolf in heat…..I remember the cops turned silence immediately when they saw those picture that I elegantly take, and one of them have a boner but cover it up with his hat, so yeah that hot.

In my way out of the store, Angelica slaps me in the face with an angry frown in her beautiful face, even then her cold smooth hand still feel wonderful to remember , although she turn around and left, making her perfectly round perky ass face me and those filthy cops, but I cant help than picture her naked when seeing her leave after I enjoy her nude pictures, although we never talked that much unless it is about work, I’m powerless of being a simp in frond of her, I know its unhealthy an all but I’m that kind of a guy who still fantasize about her while he is in a deeply particular situation that demand a full concentration and vigilance because facing those kind of accusations in the united state is in itself enough to burn your ass in the deepest part of hell, but well,normality and me is like two face of the same coin, Maan…. I hope that bastard of a cow who frame me got hit by a plane and die a painful death, especially with those hard to miss proofs that I did those stuff, They will for sure ask me the why I did it and who are my accomplishes, and how wears I was in my earlier years, the elliptical nerd who got bullied all the times, too afraid of fighting back, even in this situation, when my asshole of a manager frame me, i just stick with the three phrases, no I didn’t , believe me guys , I didn’t do it, and I don’t know, while my ears started buzzing and buzzing like an annoying bee but that not the weird part, im used to it when I get bullied or In a hard place, my mind just shutting down and my ears start to buss, so I started to try put my mind in itself in weird places full of silly thoughts to keep myself calm.

Ironically, I was that guy who will say sorry even if he doen’t do eny thing wrong, always trying to be nice and easygoing so I can sleap at night without any guilt, but reality give me a hard slap in the face, no in my enus to more accurate, because I feel so much wronged but I greeted my teeth and try to compose myself for what is coming.

They get me in their police car handcuffed obviously, one of them open the siren and I was holly shit, this is it!! I’m one of those who not so guilt ones in that will lives between all the so guilty ones in a closed community called jail.

When they put me in this dark room with so little light and leave me there for quite some times as a technical to maybe get me slip up and confess smoothly to my illegible crime or crimes, starting from peeping to my hot coworker and ending with being some kind of mafia lord…I mean I can understand all of this but hey, understand it is one thing, to be right somehow in anticipating the worse it show show vigilant you are in the same sense but reality is another whole thing together.

Two guys without their cop uniform enter the room, one of them is a women in her mid-thirties and the other is another woman in her earlier middle age year, one slim and sexy but she try to hide it with her professionalism facade and the other female with a cop of some kind of liquid having that annoying vibe about I don’t care about being feminine, with the its none of your business kind of look, funny enough the sexy one is that old hag and the other whatever her problem is, the young one comparing to her partner, who is definitely the boss for whatever reason it may be silly or not, I can just feel it in my guts.

While my life is at the mercy of those two detectives, in another place filled with the smell of sin and betrayal, our dear angelica’pussy filled with cam of her partner and her lovely juice still dipping down wetting the sheet in the processes, moaning like there is no tomorrow, like what happen earlier in the morning was none of her business, her eyes watery and full of seduction looking upward licking and sucking some dick pleasing the man in frond of her with all her power, that man who is obviously in the almost best of pleasure is the boss of our protagonist who basically ended his life, his name is maxuel reaper, a frightening name of a seemingly down to earth guy , with his glaces and smiley face and his bulging body with fats and a few muscle in his shoulders, that gives him a funny combination of manliness and goofiness.

Despite the fact that their flesh bonding together, experiencing the forbidding fruit of pleasure with poisonous flavor of betrayal and adultery, their heart and mind, souls is in deferent places, or maybe dimensions .

she was tired and sore but she didn’t care. She didn’t want to sleep, every time she close her eyes she can see his average face, that face that was painted with all wrongdoing of life, all sadness,disappointed, drowned with low esteem aura. I wanted the ache. I wanted that rod to penetrate me, to be tainted with his filth because I just ruin a life that only gives a genuine smile to me, he is man and naturally he thing like a man the same thing when he attracted by a women but he don’t see me as a trophy or an accomplishing target or just a fulfillment of his desire, he just want to be loved and live with someone that truly want him for all his flaws before anything else , but nerveless I ruined his life, because life is cruel and I have to be cruel to live better and fulfill my wishes and all my desire, all the time. While His weight on top of me. I wanted to squeeze him in further and further. Not of passion but to hide my true feelings I. I’d never done it before. I couldn’t really believe it; I was doing this. I was inventing something. I held him and put him in. He felt deeper in me. I’ll never forget it. I was in charge and he liked it. I held his hands down. He pretended he was trying to break free. I let my tits touch his face. He went mad; he bucked. He split me in two. I pushed down sucked him. He licked me. I made him come on my stomach. He sucked my toes. The whole room rocked and then I see him smiled at me in the morning, my eyes narrow a bit but its return to normal.

“Don’t look at me like that? I know what to do woman”. grinned Mr reaper while went naked step by step to the shower.

“I guess he know what I was thinking, and possibly know the reason why I put up with him all this time. However, if he thing of throwing me out as trash after being bored than think again”. a dangerous light couldn’t help seeping out of my eyes while angelica thought of this possibility.

Unknown to her, a chill run-down Ms. Reaper’s spine while showering, his lips moves upwards in understanding of who’s the one subconsciously cause, through his years of being the boss of one of the most notorious syndicate of human trafficking and money laundering, killing and raping and basically do what hi want, owning some of the most capable figures in various fields like police, FBI, CIA, and other political figures known for their honesty and charisma but in the inside there are rotten to the core so he can’t help but throw some spies here and there to tighten his hold of them.

He were a being in danger all the time, to be ruthless is number two but what comes first is trusting his instinct, because as he define himself, when he choose this path he become an animal inside out, only survival what it matter , anything else is only to take off some stress for fearing to slip up or crack his spirit under stress.

Therefore, it can be OK to feel some shills in somebody else spine, but not him, maybe he is one of those who believe in supernatural in a way or another mixed with instinctual animal feeling, but that what he is and always be, a guy that love to kill the wrong guy first until he kills the right one when he doesn’t know who the one betrayed him than looking around for the right guy wasting time in the process, and our protagonist is an escape goat for he get betrayed in a big way, his operation of laundering money get busted, but he can’t kill every single person of those guys upstairs so he need first some leeway, some time to breath, and this unfortunate little guy will be the one to achieve that.” a nobody like him should be happy of finding his purpose of being my stepping stone”. A smirk escaped Mr. Reaper’s mouth while cleaning himself in the shower.

In another place, in front of our protagonist two gorgeous women with different temperament, but both of them are deadly fatal, for hours and hours they question him, accusing him and threatening him, sometimes they gives him the stick metaphorically and the carrot in other time, quit the cliché, right? But it is what it is.

After what it seems like forever of sticking to may two word of ‘I don’t know and I’m innocent’, with none of my business painted on my face when I’m stuck and tired of their persistent, plus that good for nothing lawyer of mine whispering to take some kind of a deal and just suck it up, I was frustrated and desperate but no, I will never give up, not now, I’m fed up of being a coward and ruthless to my self by turning the other cheek around to take another slap, I know it’s not smart but so what, I’m tired of this life anyway, even if I miraculously survive my predicament, my life will be the same, in the outskirt of society, but it will deepen this time, all the media are talking about me, like some kind of a godfather of some notorious mafia, inside or outside jail, either way, I’m screwed.

In other room of what I presume of lay behind the mirror wall of this interrogation room that I’m in, those detectives and their superior, are in a heated argument, one of them is the younger detective that believe I’m innocent while the ambitious one want to close this case as soon as possible but of course she hide it with some ballshit in the process.

To feed those hungry wolfs of the media with the so called truth, they have to be quick and precise, although the evidence is clear but the way it appears is so easy that those cops still didn’t believe it, and to make it worse, whatever they question the suspect, however we make him angry, frustrated or stupefied with some nonsense that we come up with to make slip up a little, That motherfucker always say that none of his business or he is innocent, or get framed by his boss, so we talked to him but he is clean according to some report.

“Well, this is may be the last interrogation we going to do to him, hope we can get some useful information from him”. Thought the older but sexier detective out loud while smoking a cigarette under the no smoke sign before entering with her protégé who gives her a sarcastic look as if saying ‘like you care!!’ kind of gaze.

After their sit down in front of a perfectly daydreaming suspect, one of them couldn’t help but sigh at her misfortune of being here instead of enjoying her vacation with the overactive and hyper girlfriend of hers as she promises, “Man, she gonna be so pissed at me, dammit!”. Bang!!!, the sound of her hand hitting the steal table out of frustration make our anxious protagonist jump out of fear looking around dumbfounded with a silly look painted his blood drain face.

“What happen?”. He said choked in his own saliva.

“At least you are now sober”. A sort of a giggle escaped her mouth while trying to cover her mistake before feeling pain in her left leg that get a soft kick by her boss and teacher who said afterword trying to explain for the hundredth time his serious predicament.

“Look, money laundering alone, The maximum penalties are fines of up to $500,000 or double the amount of property involved, whichever is greater, for each violation, and for individuals, imprisonment of up to 20 years for each violation. 1.7 What is the statute of limitations for money laundering crimes? That statute of limitations is five years ».

“So try hard to convince us that you didn’t do it or face the consequences for your stupidity of being coat”

“but i..”. he tries to cut her saying he is innocent but she signed him by her hand to shut down, her aura scream authority.

“Yeah I know what you will say, but we only care about evidence, while your story sound bland without any useful information, we try hard to search for any angle that help your case but what’s done is done”.

“ You have a quite some of shell companies by your name and a lot of zeros hid behind number one if that’s not enough, in your phone , and under your bed we found multiple pictures and videos depict the private and sensual activities of your female colleague Angelica so it’s like this, sign your confession here and you I will tell the judge and jury about your co-operation with us and you may have sympathies with them that may push your time sentence down a bit, you choose”. Said the younger detective while showing that annoying but real sincere face of hers, I can know at least that after the abuse that was given from the people around me, when I get that job, for the first time I felt safe, all of them are nice to me, but well, it turns out they are criminal who hide in plain sight, looking nice at the surface but ugly as a rotten apple from the inside.

I looked at my hand that subconsciously lift it self and sign the paper while I was drawn with sorrow and defeat my head hurt like hell, it feels like it was crashed by hammer from inside out and the world turned around in front of my eyes like a pinwheel while my last remaining thought was like ‘this is it, this is how my life end?’. Miserable like a worm>?’. ‘No… no, I …..fucking… refuse!!!’.

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