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The Guilty

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Three suspects. One murder. What happens when the Gonzales lose their daughter before Christmas, months after they move into the United States? Will they be able to unveil the culprit? Will justice be served?

Mystery / Romance
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December 24th, 2018

11:00 pm

She ran as fast as she could, clutching her travel bag. All she wanted was to reunite with her family before Christmas.

She had already placed a call through to them, hours ago and they were expecting her arrival.

“Elizabeth, I said stop!”

But she didn’t.


I’m sorry, Gonzales.” She whispered her last words before dropping dead to the cold floor.


11:59 pm

Ding! Dong!! The doorbell chimed in the Gonzales’ home.

“That must be Lily.”

“Get the door.”

“Set the table.”

“M-mother…” Ten-year-old Emily stuttered at the door.

Matilda rushed to the door. “Good day, Officers.”

“Are you Mrs. Gonzales?”

Matilda stuttered. “D-id we do something wrong?”

“I’m Nick and this is my partner – Joe.”

“We’re here to talk about your late daughter – Elizabeth.”

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