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The Guilty

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Chapter One

June 6th, 2018.

10:00 am

A new semester had just begun in The Webb schools in California. Mr. Brown walked into the grade 10 class with a new student.

“Good day class!” He gave an enthusiastic grin.

“Hey, Mr. Brown!”

“Nice hat!”

“Who’ve you got there?”

Clearing his throat to keep them quiet, he replied. “This is Elizabeth Gonzales and she’d be joining you this semester.”

Elizabeth gave a slight bow as she was shown to her seat. Then the students started giving quiet murmurs.

“Wow, she’s hot.”

“Or not.” One of the sassy-looking girls added.

As Elizabeth took her seat, someone whispered.


She turned to look and pointed her index finger at herself. “Me?”

“Yes.” The girl smiled. “I’m Anabel.”


“Elizabeth.” The girl nodded. “I heard.”

“Oh, I…”

“Elizabeth!” Mr. Brown called. “This is no time to start getting acquainted with people.”

“But I’m not people…” Anabel started.

“Yes, yes.” Mr. Brown nodded. “You’re our best student but…”

Elizabeth arched an eyebrow at Anabel. She sure just made a great company.


11: 00 am

Emily and Matthew Gonzales seemed to be having a great time at Whitney middle school in Texas. Children seemed to always have more fun with new friends, showing them their hideouts, their paintings and a lot more.

“Everyone back to your seat!”

“Good morning, Mrs. Martins.”

She grinned as she glanced through the class. “I see you have new members.”

“Yes, twins!”

“Exciting, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mrs. Martins.”

“Very well, then.” She smiled in their direction. “What are your names?”

“I’m Emily, and this is my brother Matthew.”

Emily seemed to be more vibrant than her twin brother who just nodded, answered questions directed at him as he quietly observed his new environment.


12: 00pm

“You are pretty.” Anabel commented right after class.

“Or not.” The sassy girl walked past.

Elizabeth arched her brow at her. “Who is she?”


“Everyone likes her but stays away.” A blonde-haired boy took a seat.

“And you are?” Elizabeth asked.

“Jude.” He grinned. “The nerdy boy.”

“Just that he isn’t.” A dark- skinned girl joined them.

“That’s so cheeky of you, Stacy.”

“She’s doing you a favor.” Another student said.

“He’s hitting on the hot girl.”

“Who doesn’t love Brunettes?”

“I love mine Blonde.”

Soon, Elizabeth’s seat was crowded with boys and girls trying to make friends with her.

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