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Hound that chewed me

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Sarah Mathews becomes a part of an organization, post which she solves new mysteries in her life. As the new lifestyle takes over her mental health, she meets two new people who lead her into an eternity. Her struggle to know a truth amuses her but the life begins after.

Mystery / Fantasy
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The night out

18 December 2016

The Giggle Inn

“Finally!“, Sarah said to herself as the food was served. “Never ever think of that dude!“, she mocked her brother as he pretended to take one in her portion. Eating and being happy were all the three of them wanted then. It was not like before when they had a little control over their time to have all the pretty talks. Despite, they work at different hours and have it impossible to find one’s own time.

That night Sarah and her brother were accompanied by their father who made the perfect crew for dining. To her, the men made her feel like a princess, guarded by the king and the prince. The real purpose she wanted out was to escape from the typical Indian talks of the women at home. Being a girl in India, was not a piece of cake to her. After a long time, the crew had a pretty talk at the dinner.

“I love the food here,” she said walking along the parking lot. When the men were bringing out their bikes, she noticed something strange. She sensed something warm in her right palm. That was huge for a blood drop. She was sure it fell from her forehead. As the two approached her, she blinked.

“What’s wrong sweetie? “asked her dad and her brother added “Is the chicken cursing or the quail that’s rolling in?“.

“No! it’s the son of the chicken” said Sarah and not to scare them “Look how pretty my palms are!”

Her brother shook his head in admiration. ‘Did they notice, the blood?’ she rubbed the blood which just vanished leaving no marks. ‘There must be some words if they’ve seen it’.

Sarah loves riding with her dad on the seat of the bike where she feels safe anytime. It was not wrong for the mother nature to shower them the chill on a fine winter night. To her surprise, Sarah did not shiver that night which she mandatorily does every ride in the night. The pictures of that one drop of her blood kept her brain engaged. It had no source around there and also from her body to bleed. It was also not thick as blood.

“Did I actually see it or was I hallucinating?. But that felt real!” she explained herself.

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