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​Our planet is dying. Mt. St. Helens has erupted, and toxic gases and ash are moving across the planet at an alarming rate. Our only hope of survival are the astronauts on the international space station. But, there is a stowaway on the station. Convicted serial killer Andrew Melfort has found a way onto the station, and he is already recruiting astronauts to his side on the promise that he will make sure that their country will be spared. Unless the uncorrupted members of the crew can defeat the serial killer and his followers, earth will almost certainly perish.

Mystery / Thriller
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No one could have expected it. One minute, Mount St. Helens was a dormant and peaceful mountain. The next, the world descended into terror because of its ashes. Monstrous clouds of smoke billowed out of the volcano, blocking out the sun while it spewed red-hot chunks of ash down onto the surrounding landscape, burying everyone and everything in the mountain's surroundings. Only 3 people in the entire area lived to see another day. The eruption didn't stop there. The mountain continued to spew ash out of its caldera, burying the landscape even more. That was when the lava came. Witnesses say that it looked like the world was ending. The lava came flying out of the volcano. When it came down, it burnt the trees to a crisp and scorched the rocks and dried up the streams. It was a living hell. No one could describe it as anything else. The cloud of ash continued to spread and cover even more distance than it already had, reaching the nearest town of castle rock, the damage was catastrophic. 10 story buildings were buried under all of the ash raining down from the sky. Then, the ground started to rumble, as if there was an earthquake. With a boom, the side of the volcano was blown apart. The pressure had been too great for the mountain to hold. The ground opened up to form fissures that spit out even more lava. Homes fell under the pressure of the ground shaking, and people ran out of their homes to avoid being crushed. By this time, people were running as far away from the volcano and the ash and the lava as fast as they could. But their fastest wasn't fast enough. More fissures opened up, and it seemed like the lava and ash were chasing the escapees like a demon from the center of the earth. Some tried to climb trees to avoid being buried by the ash, but the trees caught fire under the immense heat, and most were forced to jump to the ground. The ash cloud continued to grow, and it quickly caught up with the townspeople fleeing from the eruption. They ran as fast as they could, but this day would be their last.

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