The Riddle of Us

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The Ashborne's and Price's had hated each other since the beginning of time. At least that's what Vera Ashborne's mother had told her. With no explanations, no lengthy tales, Vera could only wonder if the Price's were as evil as the images in her head, or bad enough to be hated forever. Following a tragic accident, she journeys to the place where it all began to find out the mystery of their clan. There, she will uncover the answer to these questions; How soon can you love? How long can you hate?

Mystery / Romance
Yuriko Hime
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Hello to the readers of this book. My name is Yuriko Hime. I'm new to Inkitt. I write lesbian stories and have 3 best-sellers in Amazon if you want to check them out. Their titles are; To Be A Lesbian, Starstruck, and Love Disorder. Two of my books had also been turned to mobile games. Please follow me on Instagram, "Yurikohimeko" to find out more.

The copyrights for my books are all mine, and they cannot be reproduced, translated, or twisted into any form or work of art without my consent. As it is, I have already had a number of people banned in different sites, including Amazon for copyright infringement. I do hope you do not follow their footsteps. With that said, please enjoy this story. I'll be updating it constantly, so be on the lookout.
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