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Hayford , an innocent man who was trying to catch a thief was killed Went to the land of the dead After pleading was allowed to come back to earth but has only 5 days to live again Would he fade away on the last day or still live to the fullest ?

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I chased🏃 the thief who stole from the book shop

He was fast 💨though but I tried not to lose him

In the end I got killed


....I'm Hayford

Lived in Chicago in the United States of America

I wasn't that poor or rich

I could be classified as a second class

I died an unfair death .

it was as if I slept for days .

Woke up and saw Soo many people around but everywhere was quite 🤷

The floor was decorated with flowers and the sun shined soo bright 🌞 I could barely look up

I walked to one of the old women 🧓 who sat and was reading a book 📖

I asked her where I was and she said " my dear, you in the land of the dead "

I was kinda shocked 😲

Then I remember that I was killed when trying to stop the thief who stole from the book shop .

I wanted to go back because I haven't lived my life to the fullest 😩

So....I went on and asked her " how do I go back "

The old lady pointed a man who sat under a tree .

I walked to the man🚶🚶🚶

I really need to go back...I said 😒😩

He didn't want to say anything😐😶

Then I told him everything about me....

He introduced me to another man

We are twins he said.....and we have to power to bring people n send people back .....

so....can u send me back?? I asked

They excused themselves and went to talk

After some minutes , they came back and told me they can send me back😏 but...... I have only 5 days to live .


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