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Life is a journey with lots of twists and turns.Truth or a fragment of his imagination.This and sucide or murder is just some of the dilemmas facing the Bloodhound when he try to help his childhood friend.When you think you are invisible and on top of the world ,it gives you a sucker-punch …………..

Mystery / Action
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The single-shot reverberates through the twilight silence. Koos Swart sits dazed upright. He wipes the sleep from his eyes. It’s the same dream again. It is now that he has lost count of the consecutive nights that the gunshot wakes him. A soft hand on his chest calms him down. His wife could often calm him down with a mere soft touch. The same dream has been plaguing him sporadically since childhood. It’s just as if it’s been occurring more and more frequently over the last few weeks. The problem is he can’t remember the dream. All he can remember is the single pistol shot that wakes him up every time. Far in the background, a dog or two begins to bark. Another day, a few more hours to live.

Trieng Trieeeng, the sound of the alarm clock drives out the last nebulae of sleep. Sounds of a city awakening can be heard from everywhere. In the Railway Camp where Koos and Santie live, the men begin to stir early in the day. Here from about four o clock, the lights begin to go on in one house after another. Everywhere, workers are getting ready for another day of labor. The morning routine of getting up, washing and dressing are like a daily ritual. When he stopped fully dressed from the bathroom, Santie had his cup of coffee ready. On the table, his sandwiches are already lying waiting

You have to go see someone in connection with these dreams of your saying she came out of the bathroom.

Vlooi, (Koos’s pet name for his wife) you know what I think of that idea of yours. I’m not crazy and I have no desire to go see a head doctor. No, my husband I know you’re not crazy answer Vlooi and I don’t mean a head doctor. Just some people you can talk to and will listen to you. With a baai we’ll see the 5.30 Express waiting for no one, everything in one sentence rambled down he’s out the front door. The few blocks to the station to catch the 5.30 Express jogging walk Koos down quickly.

Be patient and wait. Around him, the multitude of workers all on their way to the city began to gather. A hefty hand touched his shoulder and a deep voice bulged here at his ear. “My magic is not this Kiewiet Kiewiet Swart”. For a moment, he was dumbstruck .

Kiewiet and Bulldog like fennel and coriander could always be found together with Santie somewhere near the two. If one was in some trouble, the other was always at hand. The children’s home is not an easy place to survive. Growing up years had his sour as well as sweet memories. He remembers growing up together and going to school together..............

For a moment he was gone. Pieter Bulldog Diedericks where do you fall from the sky , he asks in amazement.

Before Bulldog could even answer, the 5.30 Express stormed into the station. The shifting of feet pushes Koos forward into the inside of the train. In a dream, people looked around him. Did he really see Bulldog or was it just his imagination? Then he sees Bulldog . His friend’s six-foot stalled tower above the other commuters on the train.

Now what are you doing here in the Cape, Koos asks when he and the Bulldog get back together. Sodom and Gomorrah are your current hunting fields. Work what else grins Bulldog . The Bloodhound as the press named Piet Diedericks repeatedly made headlines whenever some villain encountered his Moses. The famed detective’s ability to sniff out culprits was known everywhere. Koos has closely followed his childhood friend’s acts over the years. You see the Bulldog whispering that guy up there, the one with the cap pulled low over the eyes. Yes, the one with the green checkered jacket. Wait, you should not look directly at him. I’ve been following him for two weeks now. From Johannesburg to Durban and now here to the Cape.Enough of me. Last time I greeted you, you were on your way to Jockey’s School.

Koos Swart! Fielie ag I mean Mr Ferreira wants to see you right away. One of the boys came to call Koos and he rushed him to the office. In front of the office, he hesitated for a moment. There is nothing he knows about what he or Bulldog have done wrong again. He knocked on the door. Inside, the voice calls from inside the office. Santie stood behind him gently. What have you done again, she whispers in his ear. Not far from them stands Bulldog , News in the children’s home spreads quickly, Nothing but nothing I know of, he whispers back. Coming inside commands Mr. Fereira’s voice. I tell you later, Koos opens the main door and walks in. Slowly, Koos drags his feet to the head master’s desk. The headmaster smiled broadly. Your dream has come true. Here in my hand is your “Get out of jail free” ticket Your ’ticket out of jail as you bunch of mostly call the place behind my back. I got you a place at the Jockey School in Milnerton. This is what you wanted...

The jerk of the train brings Koos back to the present. No, he says as you can see it didn’t work out. The “good old Railway″ has produced another, and he points to the conductor’s uniform he is wearing. Piet digs into his jacket pocket and pulls a business card. Here’s my address and all my phone numbers. I have to go now. Call me to arrange lunch or some drinks. We have a lot to catch up on. The train barely stopped or the Bloodhound was already right behind his prey.

Tired, he returns home. It’s been a long day on the tracks . Increasingly, the criminal elements seem to be causing chaos on the trains. The passengers are also becoming increasingly rebellious. It’s just his job to check their tickets, not to sort them out. He’s just working for the railway, he doesn’t own it. Vlooi you will never be able to guess who I came across on the station today. Just out of the blue, what has it been for over ten fifteen years.

Santie, who had already dished up to the food, was smiling. She’s already used to his way of doing things. She knows that this again is one of his Guessing Games. Let me think she answers. Ten years ago, it must be someone from the Orphanage So I’m guessing you came across the famed BloodHound. Oh no man that’s not fair. We can talk later, come and eat the food that gets cold, Santie replies. Later after dinner and the dishes washed and packed away, Vlooi sits her tightly against her Kiewiet.Tell me now she’s inviting.

He was just there, he said. He identified me among all the people. It’s the same old Bulldog just as we knew him. He invited us for something to eat or drink. I have to call him at some point to make arrangements. Santie got up to make coffee. She was barely in the kitchen or Koos was away in dreamland………….

My name is not Koos Swart .My name is Francois Alexander de Villiers the third.The little boy’s eyes are filled with tears. He doesn’t really know where he is. Everyone around him is strange. The strange man looked at him. Look, I don’t know who you think you are, he says badly. Your name is Koos Swart. It was with a letter asking us to look after you and take care of you. It says you’re Koos Swart and Koos Swart you’ll stay. You don’t have to pay too much attention to the name Koos Swart because you’re going to get a different name. Everyone has a different name. Even for me, they call me Fielies even if it’s just behind my back. The days became weeks and before long he was ingrained as Koos Swart.One of the children came to get acquainted. Hello my name is Pieter ,Pieter Diedericks or sommer Piet Bulldog or just Bulldog as everyone calls me. Don’t let Fielies bother you too much. Just don’t make him angry. Once he’s angry, he’s going to be all over every single one of us. Come on, I’m going to show you where it’s all. Piet looks at Koos and says Koos. I believe I’m going to call you Kiewiet. Those thin legs of yours look just like the kiewiete on my Uncle Ben’s farm. So Koos became Kiewiet and the name Kiewiet came to stay.The two became inseparable. Bulldog and Kiewiet Where one went, the other was always somewhere nearby. Piet was the only one with whom Kiewiet shared his secrets. When the dreams began to plague him, the Bulldog listened patiently. When Kiewiet continued to say that his name was Francois Alexander De Villiers , Bulldog listened patiently. Sometimes he wondered where Kiewiet came by the name he was saying he was.Then one day she was just there. The shy little girl with the two pony tails. Her name is Santie Santie Viljoen, she replied shyly. She always followed in the footsteps of the two little boys who made her feel so welcome. Vlooi was baptized because she was sort of a little pest for two” men. It’s almost like a Vlooi on a dog’s back. The two-man team obtained a third member. The years have passed. The dreams and memories faded. Even the name Francois Alexander De Villiers slowly disappeared into the nebulae of oblivion.

Come on Kiewiet, let’s go to sleep. Koos comes up with a contrite attitude. What’s wrong with me, you’re dreaming again Santie asks worriedly.” Yes Vlooi ” sighed Koos. Over the past few weeks, I have had the same dream. Who is the damn Francois Alexander De Villiers who has been messing up my life for so many years? Come, my husband and Santie take Koos by the hand like a little boy. Go for a shower and then get into bed.I’m going to make our last coffee for the day.

Santie stood with the BloodHound’s phone numbersin her hand. She found the card with the numbers in Koos’ shirt’s pocket. He had already forgotten to empty his bags before throwing his laundry into the laundry basket. For a moment she wonders if she should call but it’s as if something is forcing her and she’s phoning the cell phone number. After a few rings, the ringing goes over to a voicemail requesting to leave a message. She then dials the house’s number and after a few rings a friendly voice answered Dr Diedericks good morning. For the moment Santie is dumbfounded then she says . I don’t know if I called the right number. I’m actually looking for Piet Bulldog, I mean Mr Piet Diedericks. The voice on the other side laughed softly. You are looking for my husband. He’s out,but mentioned coming home for lunch. Do you want to talk to yourself or is there anything I can help with? My name is Santie Swart I am Koos Swart’s wife. I mean my husband was in the children’s home with your husband. You mean you’re Kiewiet’s wife. Pietie talks about him so much and just last night he told me that he had come across him again after all these years. Wait for me to give you your no then I’ll call you back in such a while. We just have to meet today. It was strange now, thinks Santie.Ou Bulldog actually took a wife and not just any woman, a doctor off all to choose from I wonder how she... And before she could even wonder too much, her phone rang. This is not a known number and she answers carefully. Santie hello. Hey it’s Doctor Diederick I mean Simone, are you free for lunch? They chatted for a few minutes and soon everything was arranged.

Santie hopes that the dress she was wearing is good enough for the grand place Dr Diedericks invited her to. She walked into the restaurant. She looked around carefully . She didn’t know who or what to expect.Dr Diedericks was already sitting and waiting. Why she invited Santie instead of having lunch with her husband she doesn’t know. She just knew she had to do it. She forgot to ask Sanie what she looked like or to tell her what she looked like, so she was watching everyone coming in. Santie lets her eyes wander over all the single ladies in the restaurant. On her right side sits someone who looks like she has just stepped out of the latest fashion magazine. A model or something like that. It won’t be her. Perhaps the chubby brunette there at the very back. The only other single lady is the aunt with the gray short cropped hair, it is definitely not her. She looks at her watch quickly, maybe she’s a little early. The model in the front winks at her and slowly Santie approaches. You’re Santie asks Simone and indicates to Santie to sit down.

Simone looked at Santie in amazement. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you’re Vlooi Viljoen. You look exactly like Pietie,my husband described you. You’re just a lot more attractive than he wanted to pretend. What I’m not, answers Santie . Next to you, I look like the ugliest duckling. Simone laughs just wait until I’ve taken you for a real makeover.Santie laughed softly . No more Vlooi Viljoen but Vlooi Swart. Kiewiet and I actually got married. It wasn’t long before the two chatted like old friends. Two hours later, Simone looked at her watch in amazement. But as time has flown by, I’ll have to run. Here is our address and my phone numbers. Surprised, Santie looked at the card in her hand. You are a psychologist, a ‘head doctor’ as Kiewiet would say. Yes I’ve been called it a few times says Simone with a laugh in her voice. Why do you ask? No answer Santie, it is a long story so it will have to wait for another opportunity. Simone recognizes the anxiety in Santie’s voice .Give me your address then I come and visit you and then we can have a good chat. No, I mean our cottage isn’t exactly suitable for visitors, says Santie shyly. Nonsense it won’t bother me the least where you live. For now, I’m just going to tell Pietie that Kiewiet’s wife called and that I invited you to visit us this weekend.

Santie spoke her heart out and Simone listened. Dr Diedericks, will you please be able to help me with my Kiewiet. I will be so, so very happy. I’ll do anything to pay you because I know your doctors aren’t cheap. Not Dr Diedericks my name is Simone. You are Pietie’s family that he never had , now you are mine too and I hope we will become great friends .What can I do to help and what do you want me to do? I don’t know Simone. All I do know is that things can’t go on like this. I don’t know who my husband is these days.I want my old Kiewiet back. Give me some time to think answers Simone.I have an idea but it will involve fine planning and some homework for me. Call you later and Simone leaves Santie alone with her reflections................

Hello who you are. The little girl watches the two mud-tainted creatures rising from the mud pool here in front of her. Hello my name is Santie she replies embarrassed. I’m Piet Bulldog and he’s Kiewiet.Santie came here to sit between us. She longs for her mommy and daddy. Why did they just abandon her here , just leave her?. Kiewiet and Bulldog were just as surprised. Hey where do you come from ask Kiewiet I haven’t seen you around. I was left behind. Don’t cry, come sit here with us. Here between me and Bulldog , we will take good care of you. What! must I really do that with you... Santie was gone for a moment. She still felt the mud between her toes. She saw her as full of mud as the other two. She recalls the first huddle in the mud pool and the close bond between the three of them forged that day in the same mud pool. The sound of the phone brings Santie back to the present with a shock. The number is not known to her and she answers cautiously. Hello, it’s Santie. Hey Santie it’s Simone, listen carefully I have a plan... .........

They stop in front of the imposing gates. Are you sure we’re at the right place? These are rich people who live here, asked Koos. Yip is the right place according to the address on Simone’s indications. Look at the side , someone is wanting.Looks like some kind of security.The gate slowly opens and the person walks closer. Identification please he asks and looks at their Volla as if he were not used to such vehicles coming to visit . Koos and Santie and before Koos can say anything more, the man motions. Just follow the right-hand road to the house. Sir and Dr Diedericks are already waiting for you. Santie gazes at the well-groomed garden and lawns. In front of the three-story house, Koos brings his Volksie to a standstill. Koos could only stare at the splendor figure who appeared next to him like a ghost. Welcome Kiewiet. I am Simone, Bulldog’s wife. Welcome to our house Pietie is busy down there at the lapa and she points to the side of the house. Santie laughed softly; she on purpose did not tell her husband what Simone looked like. As if in a trance Koos climbs out and follows Simone.

Smiling Santie follows. It’s not often she sees her husband without words. Without him knowing what to say. Standing closer, a voice called from the lapa. Come and join us This time, however, it was Simone’s turn to see her husband’s response. Vlooi it’s not you. You, you and Kiewiet and he look from one to the other. Jip Vlooi replies that the “kys” held even though Kiewiet was so far away. We are now old and married. Santie walks to Bulldog, hurls her arms around his body and hugs him tightly. Almost like back then, he whispered in her ear. So they always did when they wanted to wake up Kiewiet when he disappeared into his own dream world. I hope you don’t mind, but we’ve invited a few other friends as well. Simone indicates to the others in the lapa who watched the encounter. The ‘brunch’ was quite sociable and when everyone finished eating and sat with something to drink in hand, Piet suddenly announced. As you all know by now, my little lady is a very shy” head doctor ” as Kiewiet will call her. What you do not know, however, is that she is a much better hypnotist. One of her specialist’s fields is hypnosis. Under great provocation and much pleading, she agreed to a free demonstration. Without Kiewiet’s knowledge, the visitors were selected with great care.Dr Paul de Weer was a colleague of Simone and his wife, Quinton Roux, a high-court judge and his wife as well as Bertus van Wyk one of the BloodHound’s many contacts and his girlfriend.

Simone stood up under great laughter and asked for volunteers. The next half hour, just about everyone becomes wanton in Simone’s hands. Santie crouches like a chicken , one miaow like a kitten and another barks like a hound. Pietie becomes grandfather Piet who struggles, walking with his cane walking. Kiewiet, now it’s your turn. What will I do with you,I know you will become a little boy. At first, Koos wants to know nothing about it but succumb to the collective onslaught of all the women. You had a good laugh at us, Santie said,now it’s our turn. Silence please ask Simone. The guests have already been informed before and know what will happen next.

Simone’s voice is calm and gentle. Koos you are three years old. Everyone sits quietly except Koos who begins to move around and fidget noticeably. What’s your name, Simone asks? The little child’s voice answers without hesitation. My name is Francois Alexander De Villiers junior. Junior asks Simone.Yes because grandpa is senior and my daddy is also Francois Alexander De Villiers. Francois, where are you now asking Simone? Not Francois daddy calls me Div. Now Div Simone asks where are you now and what do you do. I hide in the closet. What closet does Simone ask.The closet in my father’s office. Why do you hide in the closet? Ore and I want to surprise him.” Today is his birthday. Where is your Daddy and who is Ore asks Simone. My dad is in the big house. Grandpa called him and Ore is my buddy. He was grandpa’s at first, then my Dad’s and now he’s mine. Ore and I go everywhere together. Ore are and the voice whisper is my dog with the long cloth ears. I put Ore on Daddy’s table so he knew I was somewhere nearby. What is the big house Simone asks carefully. The big house is where Grandpa lives and we live in the other house. Who are we, Simone asks again? Me and daddy and I and oh yes, Uncle J. Uncle J is daddy’s brother and ever since dear Jesus came to get mommy he stays with us in the house. Grandpa said he wanted to see Uncle J also

Slowly of all the waiting, little Div falls asleep. He didn’t see his father come in and sit down at his desk. He also doesn’t see his Dad with the documents open in front of him, nor how his father, sitting down in the chair with his eyes closed, tries to recall what just happened......... Alex I have to talk to you and after that to J as well said his dad at breakfast this morning,still today. So when you have a chance, come see me please. Francois wonders what’s wrong his Dad only calls him Alex if there are any issues he wants to discuss. He will leave a message for his Brother who seems to be still sleeping. I’ll go see what Dad wants.

Come in Alex Close the door behind you and come sit down. I should have told you a long time ago but I didn’t have the courage. Today is my sixtieth birthday and because I am still alive, the clause in your grandmother’s will takes effect immediately. But wait let me begin. A long time later, his father sat back tired. Now you know everything. These documents are copies. The originals are you know where all our documents are kept. As of today, you are the new owner of Bergsig Ltd with everything included. Jacques,we adopted when he was only a few months old. We didn’t think we would have our own children, and then you came. The farm was your mother’s inheritance. I inherited the farm until my death or sixtieth birthday after which it became yours. Bergsig Ltd is a big business today and the farm is big enough to be divided . However, you are also thirty years old today and have little Div to think about. There is more than enough funds provided for Jacques.I’m going to have to tell him the truth now. You have to look after him. I’m worried about the friends he’s hanging around with these days.

Francios walked back home. He and J will have to chat. Everything will be ok, they are brothers. He doesn’t see J standing in front of the office door with shock and anger clearly written across his face, nor when J gently closes his father’s office behind him....,

Slowly he opens his eyes and sits upright. I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to split Bergsig in two and send J to that Wine Show in Bordeaux, France. That’s what I’m going to do, he said out loud. Where is that invitation to the wine fair? Let me fill in his name.........

The office door is slammed open with a loud bang. Horrified, he looked up. So here you are your double crosser. Surprised Francois looked up. What’s wrong you ask, don’t be hypocritical.I’m sure our so-called dad had already told you that, I’m the pick-up child, that one... Boeta J don’t worry I will and want to share everything with you. Bergsig Ltd is big enough for all of us.

Downstairs in the closet, little Div woke up a while back. He heard his father talking to himself and just wanted to wait a while. Now he sits and listens to the angry taunting of his uncle J. Watching his father allows it. He knew how he would feel if he were in his brother’s place. Little Div’s could not believe his eyes. What is uncle J doing? , why is uncle J wearing cloves.Why did he have his father’s pistol? Div sees how his Dad can only look. As if he can’t believe what’s happening. He heard his uncle laughing.” I made it very clear that you will not inherit Bergsig Ltd. Bergsig is mine and mine alone.

Div sees his uncle pressing the pistol against his Dad’s head . He heard his dad crying. Butt J, you can’t and his uncle’s staggering answer. I can and have already. The old man was just as surprised as you are now. Begged me and promised to change the will, not that he could exactly. It was easy, just one shot like now. Div sees his uncle pressing the pistol against his father’s head and pulling the trigger. The single shot reverberates through the office.

That’s enough for now.Slowly Simone brought Kiewiet back . Everyone present was shocked into a dead silence. Bloodhound Diedericks was shocked to his toes. Then Kiewiet’s story was true. All these years, he was telling the truth. His story is true . He is and always has been Francois Alexander De Villiers. Koos looked around and saw all the shocked faces. What’s going on now, he wants to know. You all seem to have just received notification of death. What happened? Santie walks up to her husband throwing her arms around his body and holding him tightly. She just doesn’t want to let him go and with tears streaming down her cheeks she just says. I am so sorry over and over again.

Can someone tell me what’s going on , Koos’s voice is annoyingly asking. Please someone. Kiewiet, Bulldog’s voice was firm. We and he point to all the others, we owe you an apology as well as an explanation. Simone hypnotized you. You were back in your parents’ house. Even before the children’s home days. Santie and I am so sorry, so very sorry that we didn’t believe you, didn’t really believe you. What did you not believe, ask Koos and look at his wife who does not want to leave him at all. Bulldog stood before his friend. Your name is Francois Alexander De Villiers.You are not Koos Swart. Whoever it is, I’ll find out that I promise you. Santie’s tears are still streaming, and she leaves her husband for no moment. I’m so sorry Kiewiet ,Simone and I decided together that we needed to know the truth. Your dreams were destroying you. I just had to get help and then Simone was sent on our way. Slowly unfolding the last hour or so of events. Kiewiet or should I say now Francois I think you and Vlooi are staying here with us for the rest of the weekend. We have a lot to talk about. Later when everything is calm and our other guests have left, we can continue to chat. Pietie sits down with our guests in the sunroom. Santie and I are going shopping. Come Vlooi and Simone takes her by the hand , shopping is just the right medicine for you. I can’t, I mean we can’t. Kiewiet and I didn’t bring anything , we can’t stay here . Nonsense answers Simone. What you don’t have we will buy .But we didn’t plan anything like that. She still doesn’t want to leave Kiewiet. Only when he tells her he’s OK does she reluctantly go with Santie. With a I take the Prada, Simone is out the door leading Vlooi by the hand. The shops are not very far off. Simone, we really don’t have the money to just go and buy new stuff said Santie softly.Simone laughed . It’s good that Pietie and I have more than enough of it. My parents left me with enough money that I won’t be able to use it up in two life times. Pietie was already well-off when we got married. This place where we now live as well as a few others similar to it belongs to him. We don’t have a child or a crow. You two are all family we have now.

Not only did Pietie find his lost brother and sister again, I also got a sister for the first time in my life. So today you’re going to “shop til you drop.” I don’t want to hear anything about it being too expensive or we don’t have any money. First Santie was shy and hesitant but when the shopping bug bites she is just as keen as Simone”. Now for my promise of a makeover. Simone takes Santie from one salon to another and slowly turns the Vlooi into a beautiful swan.

Where and how did you meet your doctor, Kiewiet asked when they sat down quietly with something to drink in hand. The late afternoon sun threw a golden track through the room. Believe it if you want ,during one of the cases I investigated. I don’t know if you know, but Simone comes from a wealthy family of bankers. There were a number of bank robberies in and around London in a short time. Three of them used to belong to her father.

He hired me to keep an eye on his daughter. So for two weeks I followed her. Where she went, I was her proverbial shadow. Without her knowing about me, of course. I think I’ve then already fallen in love with her. One of her friends was the main suspect. He used her to gather information, until he and his fellow robbers could plan another robbery. During this robbery, Simone was in the bank. She went to visit her father. Her so-called friend was there and she wanted to introduce him innocently to her Father. To her surprise, however, she was held hostage. During a quarrel between the gang members, she was wounded. I rescued her and arrested her friend and his partners. After that, it was a frantic rush to the hospital. The emergency operation was successful. The first sight she saw after waking up under the anesthesia of the operation was this ugly face of mine. The “rest” is as they say “history”. Between the do you remember and the I wonder what became of him or her the time flew by. I can’t believe Kiewiet says your dream of becoming a policeman has come true. You always wanted to be a police officer. No more policemen answered Bulldog but P.I. You know as in Magnum P.I.Private Investigator with the red Ferrari and all. I wonder where the two stayed so long Kiewiet asked.Bulldog laughs, as I know my wife those two are buying the shops empty today.Let me show you my toys.

Kiewiet can’t believe his eyes. The garage is full of vehicles. Probably nine or ten, he counts quickly. Here’s my P.I. image. Bulldog points to the crimson red Ferrari.Then there is the Porsche and the pair of Alfa Romeos. The white Lamborghini snatched his breath away. On the far side of the “garage, ” two or three cheaper sedan cars and two four - wheel drive vehicles stand. Work vehicles explain Pietie and laughs . This one and he points to the blue car standing next to a white Audi. This is my wife’s pride and joy. The Mazda Rx 7 was her 21st birthday present. She is very holy on this gift from her parents. She never drives with her anymore, but she doesn’t want to get rid of it as well. Wait, I hear something. Yes, here they are. The white Prada stops in front of the house and two princesses slowly climb out. Pietie is already used to his “model looking” wife but the other creature who climbs out of the Prada with her however, he doesn’t know. Vlooi is it really you ask Kiewiet surprised. Oh man it’s just a hairdo and a new dress answers Santie shyly. No more Vlooi but Princess. Because that’s what you are my Cinderella from the Cape.Why now Kiewiet you shouldn’t stand and pretend that I never dress up for you, but Kiewiet can only continue to stare. Pietie caught his wife’s eye and nodded gratefully. Come on he said let us carry in the food and the parcels.

The moon casts bright rays over the lawns and garden around the large house in Tamboerskloof.Under the trees, Bulldog and Kiewiet sit quietly listening to the night sounds that were gently brought closer by the evening wind. The women were busy making salads and buns in the house. Here under the trees it was quiet

Who would have thought that tonight I would be sitting around a braai fire with the famous detective the BloodHound of Johannesburg, says Kiewiet . Old life is funny. More unfair than funny says Vlooi.She and Simone came to join them unnoticed. Princess starts Kiewiet . No Kiewiet Vlooi you baptized me so long ago in the children’s home, so Vlooi I will be.Just as you will remain my Kiewiet and Pietie our Bulldog. But what do we do now that we know the truth? Simone looked at her husband. You are the expert.

First things first answer the Bloodhound. First we need to find out if Kiewiet’s uncle is still alive. We have to go back and look again at the events surrounding that horrible day. Then we’ll take the trail from there. There will be a mistake somewhere. There is always somewhere the one clue that will lead to the solution .We will just have to find it . Before I forget we took your entire hypnosis session on video. Before we can use it for prosecution purposes, I need your permission. Kiewiet nodded in agreement. It had to be on video please. We can pay attention to it tomorrow. Now I am going to sleep. Vlooi Simone will show you where you can sleep. Yip says Vlooi sleeps well. My husband, let’s go to sleep too.

In their room, Santie couldn’t speak enough about her “shop til you drop” outing earlier. She shows him almost every item she bought and gives him his sleeping clothes. With a you shower first, I will pack our shopping away ,and she disappears into the dressing room. Kiewiet showers quickly and jumps under the new duvet. He felt like a king with the new luxuries. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Santie hurried past , skipping to the bathroom. In the background, he heard the sound of the shower. Slowly his eyes closed. I see, if you’re so tired, I’ll probably have to put on something else. His eyes flew open when he heard his wife’s voice. In the bathroom door stands Vlooi , a new Vlooi with the smallest negligee in which he has ever seen her. Not so tired. I’m not tired said Kiewiet , not tired at all and keeping the duvet open. Vlooi came lying tight against him and whispered something in his ear. Later, he got up to drink water. Also bring me a cold drink ask Santie.Kiewiet turned to his wife in amazement. Where am I going to get a cold drink in Bulldogs castle?Santie laughed softly and pointed at the wall in the corner of the room. Slowly the panel moved away. The built-in bar has everything they need. With a “your wish, is my command my queen” he brings her cold drink to bed.

Simone surprises them the next morning with coffee in bed. I hope you slept well. And she asked Santie with a conspiring smile,did it work . Santie’s glittering eyes reveal everything without her having to tell Simone anything. I wonder what our future children will say if one day we tell them that we were served with coffee in bed by the famous Dr. Simone Diedericks interrupts Kiewiet laughing.

Ok your late sleepers breakfast is already ready. Pietie has all his morning run.He wanted to shake you out of bed before his run . Fortunately, I was able to buy you some time. After breakfast, Santie whispers in Vlooi ‘s ear that she wants to show her something. In the same garage as Kiewiet was yesterday, Santie came to a stop with a shock. Surprised, she looked at the bunch of luxury cars. It’s just earthly stuff. Simone pointed at the vehicles with a swing of her arm. But here she points to the blue car as Pietie will say is my “pride and joy”. Pixie meets Vlooi .Vlooi this is Pixie Blue.Stunned Vlooi could only watch. Blue as the sky in the middle of the summer. Slowly, she walked closer to the blue car and peered through the window. Get in, said Simone and open the door. The interior was predominantly white. The soft leather claddings white like soft snowflakes. Oh she’s so beautiful sobbing Santie. It’s no wonder she’s your pride and joy. Don’t get me wrong Simone said , the Audi and Lamborghini are beautiful too but Pixie is “special”. It was my “pride and joy’. I spent many hours with her. A lot of it without going somewhere. I’d like to be with her when I’m feeling lonely. What do you mean was ask Santie carefully? Vlooi, because Pixie is yours from today. Mine really, just mine. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Did Simone just give Pixie to her. No, I can’t...

You can and you’re going to answer Simone definitely . Pietie is now busy giving Kiewiet the Prada we drove with yesterday. Many times we have wondered what has become of the two of you. After the children’s home, you disappeared without a trace. Pietie and I talked because we have no one to share this and indicate everything around them. Just like I told you. We have no children, we will never be able to. We thought we would grow old alone. Yes, there are a bunch of working friends, and so on but no real friends. You have crossed our path again. Pietie is so happy that he got his Kiewiet and Vlooi back again. The cherry on the cake is that you were married to each other. The whole time I was in the hospital, he told me all about the three of you. The hard times but also some of the bits of” finger-licking nice” in between. Dumbly beaten, Vlooi can only nod and whisper softly.” Thank you so much. I will take good care of her. And if one day we have to have a daughter, it will become hers.

At first, Kiewiet didn’t want to know anything about taking the Prada’s keys. Pleading from Vlooi didn’t help either. It was only when Pietie threatened to park the Prada in front of Kiewiet’s house with the keys inside and if it was stolen that it would rest on his conscience did he give his head and accept the offer.

The Volla, in turn,would give him to the first pedestrian they met walking with a child with him or her . Maria Khumalo could not believe her eyes.A complete stranger had just given her a car . Kiewiet and Vlooi handed over the Volla’s key to the overjoyed Mary. Her prayers had been answered so quickly.

Two weeks later, the preliminary investigation began to take shape. Not only was the case old and cold, investigator Sergeant Willemse was also retired and went to live somewhere by the sea. The bloodhound found him in Hermanus. Also, it was found that Kiewiet’s uncle was indeed still alive.

Yes, man sighs Sergeant Willemse.It was one of the most interesting cases of my career. Not just the murder, but then the suicide. So you guys were beyond - all doubt sure that it was suicide. Annoyed Sergeant Willemse asks ,who you are, and what do you have to do with this old case? On the phone, you didn’t say much. Pieter smiled. Sorry I didn’t fully introduce myself. My name is Captain or ex Captain Pieter Diedericks also known as the BloodHound, nowadays P.I.For a moment Stefaans Willemse is silent. You mean you’re that , that guy we read so much about in the press. You really are the bloodhound. You don’t play the fool with me or pull my leg. No jokes sergeant “guilty as charged”. Stefaans jumps up and shakes Pieter’s hand.An honor captain truly an honor to receive you in my humble residence. Just what I can help you with. First, forget the captain and just call me Piet or Pietie as my wife calls me. Now do you have a DVD player? Here’s something I want you to look at. Please the material you are about to see is highly sensitive and extremely confidential. Before we start,do I have your word of the strictest secrecy. Ok, then we can get started. The Bloodhound presses the control button.

My........... the swear word escapes Stefaans’ lips. Who could have ever imagined this? I’m waiting now. That and he pointed to the TV made me remember a lot. Before we start, I have to tell you that if the story is true and after what I have just seen, I believe it is ,you have bigger problems because you see uncle J is now Jacques De Villiers deputy minister of Public Relations. The time it is the BloodHound who gently utters the power words. We’ll have to tread fine. We ask Stefaans. Yes we answer the Bloodhound.From this moment you are part of the team. This is to be said if you will. Work with you , you mean I Sergeant Stefaans Willemse is going to work with the famous BloodHound. Jislaaik what a privilege it will be. Now tell me everything you know about the case On or off the record. I want to know about everything you can remember, everything you saw or thought you had seen. Do not leave anything out. How stupid or unimportant it may be to you or sound. Don’t let anything out tell me everything you can remember. Well, Stefaans started it was about three o’clock in the afternoon when the call came in , the housekeeper made the gruesome discovery and let the police come. On the table was the typed letter. “I am so sorry I killed my stepfather in anger. I don’t see any chance for the future.now I’m going to put an end to everything.........″or something like that. No reason not to believe it. Brother J was apparently in Paris, France on his way to the wine fair near Bordeaux. No one else saw or heard anything.

A private pilot had flown Brother J to France the day before with the farm’s Learjet.The pilot you can remember who it was, asks Pieter.Yes he had such a funny name. I remember Bester, Bester Du Toit. The young pilot just finished training with the air force. One of Brother J’s friends if I have my facts right. Stefaans Willemse did not want to know that the BloodHound had to drive back to the city and persuaded him to stay the night . Not only has he been alone in the big house for the last few years now after the passing of his wife, but there has also been the odd chance that he will be able to remember more. Alas, he could not add anything further and the BloodHound made the way home with a heavy mind. One case the BloodHound realized would be one of the rarest and most perplexing cases he had ever undertaken.

Simone could read her Pietie like a book, and knew she had to leave him alone. In his study, the Bloodhound walked up and down. Occasionally, something is written on one of the hundreds of Stick it papers and pasted on the white board on the wall. Slowly but surely the plan took shape in his head and the Bloodhound was ready for action.

Gen Tjaart Viljoen was very surprised when the BloodHound appeared in his office door. The last time he saw him was at the farewell reception they had arranged for the BloodHound. My magic old Piet where did you come from and what are you doing here? Here at my office. The Bloodhound looks his former detective chief in the eye. Business general business , big business and I need your help. Piet, if you come to ask me for help, it must surely be massively intriguing.Can I order some coffee .Strong, black with two spoons of sugar if I remember correctly. Piet is by no means surprised. The general was widely notorious for his legendary memory. Few people believed that the general could remember so many facts, dates and events. Not only untenable but also within moments can conjure up as if it happened yesterday. With the coffee and “chit chat” behind them the Bloodhound begins to tell its story. The general listens without interrupting the BloodHound once. When the BloodHound stopped talking, the general said. Piet , I remember that case. I was the station head of Kleinspruit at the time and the case, if I remember correctly, was given to Stefaans Willemse to investigate. It was a proverbial “open and shut case” with all the evidence neatly left on the desk. Almost too neat to my liking . Piet I tell you what ,leave it with me for a day or two so I can pull the original case’s documents. I’d like to say that there were a few unanswered questions. Facts that botheres me,but due to lack of any facts, the murder and suicide theory was subsequently widely accepted. Do you know what happened to that little boy? Apparently, he just disappeared. Not just disappeared. The Bloodhound can hardly keep the anger out of his voice. This is the very Koos Swart or Fracois Alexander De Villiers the 3th.Please first watch this.For the second time this week, the same DVD was released. General should look at this please and then we chat again in a few days and the BloodHound leaves the general’s office.

Johnny Fingers Paxton’s first thoughts were to hide or to run. The loud knock on his front door means only one thing. Police!. Although he is no longer actively involved these days, he still keeps his ear to the ground. However, the fright is still just as big and he slowly opens the door. Surprised, he stared at the large stature at his door. Recognition comes knocking slowly at the door of his memory. My “magtig” Bulldog Diedericks aka the Bloodhound. Good evening Fingers ,a word or two please and the Bloodhound walks in and closes the door behind him. No cappy no more Fingers, just “good old ” Johnny ,Johnny Paxton . What can I do today for the great and accoladed Captain Bloodhound Diedericks. I have a job for someone with your very special talents. No, wait “Cappy” you know I’m clean these days. Didn’t even do one” job in the last few years. Johnny protested loudly.You know you owe me Johnny, but this one’s not for me.This one is for Kiewiet. You’re still on the lookout for Kiewiet.We are checking his past and have come across some interesting facts. I desperately need your help and many special talents.

Still keeping up the story. My name is not Swart, my name is what was it again?. Francois Alexander De Villiers answers Bulldog . Yes and yes. Yes he still persists with that and yes I think we got the evidence that he is, and that is why with this case we need your help.

For the third time, Kiewiet’s story is told. Fingers remain silent for a moment and then gently say “The Fixler” so that’s where his money comes from. Who asked Bulldog in amazement. Our honorable minister Jacques De Villiers alias” The Fixler” as he is known in my former world.” The one that can fix anything, make any problem disappear. Were it not for you, I might have “disappeared” forever, yes I owe you. Bulldog nodded his head . It seems to me the case is getting more and more twisted. We will have to keep a close, very good eye on the dear minister. Listen, this is what I want you to do...

Minister Jacques de Villiers is very concerned. Someone is snooping around in his past. It’s something he can’t allow under any circumstances. His informants confirmed that questions were being asked in certain circles of the police. Not only in his past but also his current private affairs were placed under the magnifying glass. It was time to have the chat with his attorney again. Wait even better, he’ll call him now and call him to his house on Friday night so they have a little quiet chat again. It cannot be allowed under any circumstances that it is scratched where it does not itch.

Johnny Vingers Paxton has no trouble accessing the minister’s home. It’s Friday night and the weekly party is in full swing. To obtain an invitation to the easy . Following the minister to his study room is for someone of Vinger’s caliber child’s games. The mister himself showed him where the walk-in safe was hidden as well as the secret button that turned the alarm on and off. The minister was so sure of his own safety that he even left the safe’s keys without worrying in his desk drawer. Not that it would be any problem for Fingers at all. The BloodHound knew that there were only a few safes in the world that Fingers could not open.Even in the orphanage he was the one that regularly used his talents when they were hungry. He could worm himself in and hide in plain sight anywhere.

The contents of the vault are thoroughly searched and each item is photographed. The chore kept him busy and after about an hour Fingers rejoined the minister’s guests.

I see where the name “The Fixler ″ comes from, although the Bloedhond.In his hands he has the evidence of the total contents of the minister’s vault. Very interesting indeed. Without the banknotes crackling in stacks, fresh and brand new two shelves full, the vault produced very interesting documents. The minister was very thorough and every transaction he entered into and also future beneficial deals were carefully monitored. In the safe, fingers also hit the “Jackpot” Hidden deep in the back of the safe, he found a cardboard box marked “private and confidential.” Inside were birth certificates of Francois Alexander De Villiers and Jacobus Swart.There were also the adopting documents of the same Jacobus Swart. The best was the will of Francois Alexander de Villiers.According to the will is his son Francois Alexander De Villiers junior his only heir. There was also several evidence of payments made to and from the minister over the years. The only item that didn’t belong there was the toy dog with the long white cloth ears.

However, it appeared that there was a dark spot or stain on one of the ears. As usual, Fingers did a thorough job. Each photo was documented, numbered and documented. He developed the photos himself in his dark room. Fingers were still old school and didn’t have much faith in modern digital technology. His faithful Ricoh did thorough work, and the pictures were crystal clear. He handed over all the photos and negatives to the BloodHound. To the BloodHound’s surprise, that’s not all Fingers had for him. The best he left for last. The tape recording of the conversation between the minister and his lawyer Mr John Baxter was indeed a gold mine of new information. John Baxter also known as “The Backster” the right-hand man of The Fixler was one of the country’s most prominent advocates. That’s if you could afford it. In the underworld, he is considered one of the most cunning in the industry. From the conversation it was very clear that the advocate knew far more about the minister’s life and past than was good for his health. Just the fact that he had taken precautions that if he were to leave life untimely and that the minister was well aware of it, was also the reason why he had not yet disappeared permanently. After discussing some of the most intimate matters of the Fixler and agreeing on future agendas, the advocate left the minister. The minister himself rejoined his guests.

In the Swart house, things continued as usual. Kiewiet took the 5.30 Express to town every morning and went to work. Santie stayed at home and played housewife, She could get away every now and then and climb into Pixie to visit Simone. Like true sisters, the two became very attached to each other. Every now and then when Kiewiet was off for a weekend, they would visit the Diedericks. The BloodHound also realized that although they had gathered much evidence, everything was still circumstantial.

Evidence that could be strongly questioned, especially the acquisition of it would certainly not be accepted. On the contrary, it could be used against them. They needed the minister’s own confession. Simone, however, will have to put Kiewiet under hypnosis again. He will leave it to his wife and Vlooi to deal with Kiewiet.

To properly persuade Kiewiet for this, they waited for the next weekend that Kiewiet was off. This was a lot easier than they thought. When Bulldog explained the importance of the matter to him, he immediately agreed. This time, hypnosis took place with its full cooperation. Simone took him back to his first arrival at the children’s home.

In front of the large building, his uncle J stopped. They had been on their way for almost two days. He said, “It’s going to be your new home from now on. Just look at the many windows so there must be plenty of rooms to play in. The little boy doesn’t understand why his uncle J suddenly calls him Kosie. His name is Francois or Div as his father calls him. I’m hungry and thirsty Uncle J says he with a soft voice. His uncle answered right away You’re waiting for me here under the tree, and I’ll go and buy us something to eat and drink. The boy stoods with asking eyes, staring at the rear lights of the car that disappeared . Tears rolled down his cheeks. That was the last time he saw his uncle. After a while he sat down on the lower step and began to cry harrowingly. He doesn’t understand where his father is, nor why did his uncle J bring him to this place. He doesn’t want to live here. He wants to live at his house, with his father.

The front door behind him opens gently. Jan Fielies Fereira looks at the crying little person on the downstairs staircase. Another of them, he gently preys and sits down next to him on the staircase. Horrified, the boy looked up. Fielies folds him tightly and picks him up in his arms. Come on, let’s go inside. Matrone Hanekom quickly approached when she spotted Mr Ferreira with the crying person in his arms. It is also she who noticed the note against the worn-out suitcase. His name is Koos Swart. I can’t take care of him anymore, so I brought him to you. Take a good look at him. Come On Kosie says the matron come I’m going to show you where you can sleep. My name is not Kosie My name is Francois Alexander De Villiers. I don’t know anything about any KosieCome on, Fielies says , the ticket says your name is Koos Swart so we’ll call you Kosie for now. You will soon get your own name. With those thin bones of yours, I wouldn’t be surprised if they dip your Kiewiet. Slowly, Simone brings Kiewiet back to the present. However, the hypnosis session did not leave them much wiser. All they know now is that Kiewiet’s uncle dropped him off at the children’s home in person. They had no concrete evidence yet. Now was the time for drastic action.

Half bored, Kiewiet looks through the photos taken by Fingers. Suddenly, he sits upright. He pointed to one of the pictures. It’s mine he calls out. What’s yours? asks Bulldog who comes to watch with the others. This and he points to the photo of the rag dog taken in the minister’s safe. That was what I meant, it was mine. Vlooi and Bulldog looked at him in amazement. You mean.........

The boy confusedly opens his eyes. Where am I asking with a whimpered voice? Where is Ore.? He looks around him. The room and bed are not his. His room has only one bed and there are many beds in this very very big room. The morning silence is disturbed by the loud ringing of the bell. The bell that although he didn’t know it then would completely control his life for the next couple of years. Suddenly, the lights went on in the room. He sees that all around him, boys are getting up.

He doesn’t know any of them and wonders where they came from. It is time to get up. Inspection in 10 minutes. Inspection what is it he asks out loud. All around him, the boys begin to get up and make up their beds. They’re pretty much all done when he’s still stuck on his bed. I have to go looking for Ore. I’m sure I left him on my dad’s table. Ore I want my Ore, he cried sad. Matrone Hanekom came to sit next to the crying little boy, Kosie. There are many buddies to play with. Unfortunately, we cannot keep animals here. So you just have to forget about Ore, because here we don’t keep dogs. Stand up the clock wait for no one. Hello my name is Pieter or Pietie but everyone calls me Bulldog’s, said the friendly voice next to him. Shyly, the boy looked up. Hullo my name is Francois but they say it’s Koos Swart or Kietie or something like that. Not Kietie Kiewiet so we heard Fielies called you last night. Tell me Bulldog asks who is this Ore you were looking for, I heard you. Look at my bed right here. Kiewiet replies Kiewiet is or was my toy dog. He has such long cloth ears that his name is Ore.He always sits up on my bed and goes everywhere with me. He has a leather band around his neck and if you look closely my name on it. Ore are already very old and now he’s gone and alone. I’m sure I left him on my father’s table.

Are you dead sure. It is the Bulldog who asks the question . Yes I’m sure I answered Kiewiet.This is my Ore in that photo. He was my father’s first, no first Grandpa’s dog then my Dad’s and now or was mine. I left him behind and let him go. I promised my father to take good care of him. Dad said that if I looked after Ore would look after me too. I had to promise my father to take good care of Ore and one day if I had children to give Ore to our first son. Francois Alexander De Villiers the fourth. Bulldog looks at Simone . It means you’ll have to hypnotize Kiewiet again. We will have to find out why Ore is so important and how it came into the minister’s possession. Do you think it’s safe? After thinking a little bit, Simone says it will be OK, as long as we stay in one environment of his memory and don’t play too much. For the second time, Kiewiet voluntarily submits to Simone’s hypnosis. Kiewiet and Simone’s soft voice takes him back to where he last saw Ore. I see my uncle J. He wiped his hand on Ore’s ear. He drops Ears to the ground and walks out the door. Listen to Kiewiet and Simone’s voice whispering kindly. Go back to just before your uncle Ore picks up what happened then. Uncle J taps something on dad’s machine. He picks up the knive that opens the letters. He cuts his hand and says words I can’t say . He took Ore and wiped his hand on Ore’s ear. Kiewiet now you should try to remember carefully. Simone looks at what Bulldog hastily scratched on paper. Can you remember what your father said the day he gave you Ore? Dad said Div Ore is now yours. You have to look after him very carefully. It is very important that you never give him away or lose him. If you look after him carefully, he will always take care of you when you need him most.

Slowly, Simone brings him back from the deep hypnosis. He looks tired and his eyes are filled with tears. She knows without asking that he saw his father’s body on the desk. Wordlessly, Vlooi walks up to her husband and hugs him tightly. Kiewiet turned to the venturous faces around him. Play it back to me, he asks gently. Bulldog gets up and does what is necessary. I know that my uncle J killed my father. He looks hopefully at the BloodHound.What we know and what we can prove are two different things. What is clear is that Ore is far more important than we initially thought. The sound of the house phone’s ringing interrupts him. For your Simone, and point to her husband. This is Detective Sergeant Willemse. The Bloodhound patiently nodded his head once or twice and said, “Thank you sergeant, it was very well done. It will certainly help a lot.“” He turns back to the others and continues to emphasize how important Ore has become to the investigation. Sergeant Willemse maintained that there was something that bothered him at the time. What happened to the dog he found at the scene? At the time, he assumed that forensics had given it to the housekeeper. After all, there was the little boy who was also living in the house. It’s only now that he’s had a chance to think carefully about everything that he’s kept the rag dog up again.

It was something none of them could do. The Bloodhound dials Fingers’ number, and asks him to visit the minister’s safe one more time. This time, fingers get only one command. Find out what the secret of Ore is. Late Friday night, there’s a hard knock on the Diedericks residence door. Old habits in mind, the BloodHound opens the door on a fraction without turning on the outside lights.Fingers slips through the narrow opening. I don’t know if anyone followed me from the Fixler’s house. After ten minutes of quietly standing in the darkness watching through the window, he was sure that no one had followed him.

On the face of it, Fingers says Ore is just the usual cloth dog, but my electronic detector showed that there was something electronically hidden inside the leather strap around Ore’s neck. That’s what I found tucked away under Ore’s neck strap, and he handed the bloodhound the minute memory disk. The Bloodhound pulls his laptop closer and enters the memory slide. With the click of the mouse appears; A number of documents. Birth certificates from the entire De Villiers family coupled with blood test results for grandfather, father and grandson all Francois Alexander de Villiers. There are adoption documents for Jacobus Swart also with the records of blood tests taken upon adoption. There is also the will of Francois Alexander de Villiers senior and the letter that states that if he died under unnatural causes, the contents of all the documents had to be made public immediately.

The Bloodhound under the impression that he has enough information returns to his former chief again. However, the general was not yet entirely satisfied. Blood tests will still have to be taken from Kiewiet to determine for the courts’ confirmation of who he was. With just one call, the general arranged for Kiewiet to be picked and the necessary tests carried out. The results were a copy of the document found in Ore’s neck strap . This confirms that Kiewiet is indeed Francois Alexander De Villiers the third and he is by no means family or can be of Jacobus Swart. The results of the blood test make it impossible.

The invitation to have cocktails with Dr Mclaren from the Mclaren Bank group (Simone’s maiden surname) and invited guests is hand-delivered to Minister De Villiers’ house. The minister knows that the Mclaren group has for a long time been keen to invest and expand into South Africa . What he did not know was that there were any Mclarens from this group residing in his country. Under the list of invitees were, General Viljoen the chief of the Cape Detective Branch as well as numerous high-ranking economic officers. Always open to new contacts, the minister accepts the invitation.

Every vehicle in the Diedericksers’ garage was parked at the front of the house. When the minister arrived he looked in amazement at the number of luxury vehicles already parked. The minister’s private vehicle stops soundlessly in front of the imposante residence. Immediately, there was a porter on hand to open the door. The minister is warmly welcomed to the Diedericks residence. The front door opens and he is welcomed by General Tjaart Viljoen. Good evening Jacques ,come in. The general was dressed in the latest fashion suit with matching shirt, tie and all the necessary accessories. The hostess asked me to meet you and accompany you to the large library where all the action will take place this evening. Here are already some of the invited guests as you can see and the general points to the Lamborghini, Ferrari and other luxury vehicles. The minister looks at where the general points and speaks softly to himself. If I play my cards right I can deftly pull some donations here for the upcoming election. Quickly, he followed the general to the doors granting access to the large library. The doors are moved open soundlessly. Impressively, the minister thinks when he sees the armed guards either side of the doors. He walked into the big room. In the middle of the room stands one of the largest board tables of solid oaks filled with eats and drinks the minister has ever seen. The surrounding walls are shelves full of books. Behind him,the door silently closed. The minister sees that the guards followed him and took a stand on the inside. What’s going on, said the minister in amazement? . Good evening Uncle J.The voice comes from deeper in the great room or should I say his noble minister. Who do you think you are, the minister asked an annoyed. Not someone moving in your circles. I’m just the boy you so many years ago on the children’s home in Johannesburg’s verandah. Kosie is that you. The minister was over the worst shock. You know I had no other choice. I protected you. You know the stigma and everything that clings to the child of sucider is not easy. So I took you out and went there. You had to get into a new environment where no one knew you.

The bloodhound speaks for the first time. Mr. Minister my name is Pieter Diedericks also known as the BloodHound. Upon hearing the name, the minister fades noticeably. He sat in the nearest chair. Allow me to introduce to you the BloodHound continues our guest of honor of the evening Francois Alexander De Villiers. The minister responded harroughly.The person who calls himself Francois Alexander de Villiers was my adopted stepbrother. The coward killed my father and then killed himself and he pointed his thumb and pointed finger at his head, just one shot and it was all over. The Bloodhound nodded to the two guards. They came to take a position on either side of the minister. General Viljoen walks up to the minister and says.” Jacques de Villiers or Jacobus Swart I arrest you for the murder of Francois Alexander De Villiers senior as well as the murder of Francois Alexander De Villiers the second. Anything you say may be held against you in the court of the law. Bah you’re joking , you’re a bigger fool if you think if I’ll fall for that joke.............. Oh yes, I was at the wine show in Bordeaux if I remember correctly during the tragedy in my family’s life.

I almost said General Viljoen and took a letter from the inner pocket of his jacket. This reached my office a few days ago. He unfolded the paper and began to read. I declare this as follows. My name is Bester du Toit. I was born on June 12, 1967. I am dying and I need to confess. On the morning of January 20, 1988, I flew to France on the orders of Mr Jacque De Villiers. I went to the wine fair in Bordeaux on his behalf.I had to use his name. For the chore, I received the amount of fifty thousand dollars. He lied that son of a bitch I only gave him thirty thousand dollars......... interrupt the minister the general and immediately realize too late what he has just said. Before anyone could say or do anything, the minister pulled out a pistol. Furiously, he waved the pistol around and pointed it at the general and shouted. No one is going to take me to jail. The Bloodhound stood next to the general. Wordlessly, the general hands over the letter. Surprised, the BloodHound stares at the sheet of paper where not even one single word is written. He chuckled softly and put the sheet of paper in his pocket. Life is so unpredictable . Some days things go well for long periods of time. The next moment, you just get a sucker-punch from life. The minister dropped his head weeping and before somebody could do anything further or say he pressed the pistol in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The single shot reverberates through the night’s silence.

Life is a journey with lots of twists and turns.Truth or a fragment of his imagination.This and sucide or murder is just some of the dilemmas facing the Bloodhound when he try to help his childhood friend.When you think you are invisible and on top of the world ,it gives you a sucker-punch …………..


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