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Love story(the thoughts)

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It was more than a thought for him.

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Chapter 1 the one I loved

So I wanna start this out as a part where I tell you about how I met him.

First his name is Keirston and I've known him for 2 years. I've known him from 2 years bc I went to school with him. I really didn't talk to him but notice that he was a quiet kid. I can't explain how he is are who he is but as I begin to wonder about him,I begin talking to my friends about him and asked them do they no him. They would always say they never talked to him but would say he's so nice and he's a good kid. I thought and thought and thought the whole day of how and y is he so quiet and seem so sweet that he doesn't have any friends,are maybe it's just me, maybe he does have friends and maybe he is a bad kid with bad behavior. But who knows. The only way I would know is if I go talk to him. I was scared but I had to be brave and I had to take a chance. Soon as I was approaching toward him the bell ringed and I took a big deep breath and went the opposite way. We all lined up and the teachers got us quite,I looked at him and he was smiling. I didn't know what to think and I was so curious. I stopped and think why was I so curious about this one boy and why was I focused on him. I didn't know y but it was something about him I wanted to know. It was like a puzzle,I had to complete it. And it was now my job to complete. It was time for 7th hour and it was are last hour before we had to go home and I really wanted to talk to him. The whole 7th hour I couldn't get him off my mind and I couldn't stay focused on what I needed to be focused on. My friends try to talk to me but I was zoom in on him couldn't get him off my mind. I told myself to snap out of it and I did I began to listen to the teacher and all she had to say to teach us history about the religions. As we did work I kept looking at the time and it was only 3 minutes till we had to go. I was so excited and I put in much work as I could, then before I even put down one sentence all my paper the bell rong. I got my backpack and rushed to the door and I waited for the teacher to let us out. I ran under the pavilion with excitement and I saw him with a group of friends, laughing, playing,and listening to music on there phone's. It made me happy seeing him not in another wholed lose. I was glad I seen him with a smile on his face with that cute laugh. I started to feel dizzy and I couldn't breathe. I was having a anxiety attack but I knew I was going to be ok. I lined up to go on the bus and I was so hyper that my friend was having a good time bc i made them laugh and it was so fun just to see them that way. I got off the bus and waved them good bye,I went inside and hugged my mom,she asked me how was school and I told her it was amazing (excitement). I asked her how was her day and she told me it was good. I told my my that I'm hungry and I'm tired so imma go get me something to eat and imma watch a movie. I went in the kitchen and got me some noodles,then went in my room with a smile on my face and a thought I still had about him. I watched a movie and eat my noodles. I layed down and dozed off to sleep with a dream I had of him and me. It was something special. I dreamed of him coming up to me at school and hugging me and ask me to go to his house after school and do some homework and I smiled and said yes and I started 😊to blushed. I woke up by my alarm that I had beside me that goes BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, promise me,it was annoying but not as much as my mom in the morning. I went to the bathroom with my wild hair and I took a shower and began to brush my hair after, I threw out some clothes and put also makeup, and I got in this deep thought again, I can't stay dreaming that I will get to say hello to him, and maybe become friends, or maybe more than just friends then I laughed 😅 and said that would never happen, I'm to ugly for a hot boy that seems so sweet and so fun. My mom walked in my room and asked me what was I laughing about, I shook my head and rolled my eyes and looked at her and said I'm sorry it's nothing. She walked out the door and said okay with a smirk on her face. Before then my mom yelled"OLIVIA THE BUS IS OUTSIDE" I jumped up and put my shoes on got my backpack and ran out the door and screamed I love you mom, BYE. I ran to the bus and looked at the back of the bus to see if my friend was there, but then I saw him,I saw the boy Keirston. I had to go sit by my friend but I was shaking,and my heart was pounding,I was nauseous, and my head was spending, in my eyes couldn't stay open, I said what my friend and see that was just a crossed from him and I whispered to my friend but I wanted to talk to him but I was too scared to. My friend told me to just take a deep breath and just think your talking to your brother or something. I told her it's impossible, she said just follow me and then she pulled me out of the seat, she got up and sat with him with a smile on her face and a good poster. He looked at her and said well hello,she said hey there it's nice to meet you,this is Olivia and I'm Macy. He said oh well y'all are to beautiful, sweet, brave ladys. I started to blush and became already comfortable around him. He was obvious that I already started to like him and I was hoping that he would like me to. All I had to do was to be myself and to keep a smile on my face and try to make you happy. But I was only if you would let me

To the next chapter coming up soon! Just wait💖

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