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The Depth of Darkness

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Strange shadow figures , eerie sounds , is it a figment of my imagination? Could magic really exist ? Or is it something deeper and darker that lurks ....

Mystery / Romance
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The Move

Leaving the buzzing life of Manhattan to move to a small town in the middle of shitville my mum chose to move us to a dingy "never heard of before" town called walkerville!!

I am fuckin 16! These supposed to be the best years of my life, but it's new beginnings, new school , new friends (If those exist) and new neighbors that I'm certain will piss me off !

My name is Alexia Gray. My mum worked as a lawyers assistant. She witnessed a murder and testified against a mob boss. That's when shit got outta hand and we had to move due to our lives being threatened. I'll admit it was a bit scary, but I'm sure they would eventually give up threatening us right? Well my mum didn't think so , and it's like she Googled the creepiest town to live in and said "that's where we moving to!"

Walkerville had a total of 11 streets, a green grocer , medical facility , few quaint antique shops , a diner and a few other not so important to mention stores. I was surprised that it had a cinema as well! The population was all of 143 people. I have to admit though the town had the most amazing brook, it was surrounded by a lush forest and it was breathtakingly beautiful during the day, I wondered if it provided the same serenity at nightfall...

My first day in Senior High was torturous, not because everyone ignored me it was because everyone was being overly friendly and it drove me insane!! The teachers were kind and friendly and even the Dean popped in to say Hi! I was adamant on being a loner here so as soon as the final bell rang through the hallways I bolted out of there before anyone could ask me another question. I practically ran home, which is crazy as exercising was never one of my strong points. I threw my bag onto the living room floor and slammed my bedroom door shut. As I made my way toward the bed, I heard some shuffling outside the door behind me , I turned to look and I noticed someone's shadow from under the door. My mum was supposed to be at work and I was alone at home, well that's what I thought....

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