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The Precious Trio

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The Precious Trio is a story of 3 kids who were initially forced to solve a mystery but later they enjoyed doing so. The book will take you to a tour of Jungle, natural beauty, and your own childhood.

Mystery / Children
Jahanvi Trivedi
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Chapter 1 The unknown girl

The unknown girl:

Three children of age around 11 to 12 years old are roaming between 100-150 feet tall trees and green weeds perhaps searching for something.

“The trees are sooo tall that your elder brother cannot reach even lowest branch!” Said the eldest child named Raghu who is 12 to Krina who is 11.

“Why? Is my brother a monkey who always keep jumping?” answered Krina.

“No, in fact Raghu’s brother need jumping practice daily these days as he has got job in Royal Circus as a monkey!” laughed the third one who is Lucky, again ageing 11 years.

The 3 naughtiest children of the school, have lost here at 3 p.m. on a winter afternoon of 15th December 2019, in a not so dangerous but dense jungle near a resort.

“All thanks to your stupid idea of exploring the jungle” said Krina to Raghu.

“But you had also agreed to come with us. You girls are always spoilsports!” replied Lucky making faces to Krina.

“No, I am not the spoilsport, but I am the bravest of all three of us” Krina was spontaneous in answering. “anybody home, anybody home, anybody home?” she shouted so loud that echo effect in this lonely jungle was thrice instead of twice.

“Guys, please don’t fight. Lets find the way to resort”, said Raghu always thinking himself as if he is the only grown up kid among three of them. But krina and Lucky are still busy cracking jokes and doing mischief. Lucky was showing Krina how Raghu’s brother must be jumping all the time for job practice!!

Suddenly a sweet voice said, “Hi”. A very soft sound got heard from behind just like whispering of a girl. The 3 children turned to the direction of sound. They got scared at once. Ghost!

But they got relaxed as they saw a normal city girl aged about 22 to 23 years, dressed in casual pink colored plain T-Shirt and blue Jeans. Her hair were long but neatly combed and tied in a ponytail. She was not wearing any makeup still she looked charming. She was not a very beautiful woman but an average looking girl.

Children found one more victim for a mischievous prank. The 3 children built up a quick plan.

“Didi, did you clear your geography subject in grade 5?” asked Krina

“Yes of course, but why are you asking me this question?” said Didi.

“Then you must be knowing the way out of this jungle” this time it was Lucky.

“This jungle was not there in my syllabus” Didi was also smart.

“Then how will you go out of this jungle?” asked Raghu thinking he is more smart then Didi.

“Hmm, good question. I will not go anywhere because I stay here.” Googly ball! Raghu had heard of this word in cricket but googly dialogue? Now what? This girl is the only hope and help to find their way to resort.

Few days ago:

Its 1st December and one of the most pleasant winter has just started in the city of Mumbai. Who says winters are not there in Mumbai? Its very much there in its mini form, for fifteen days. And people live their whole season in these few days. This winter also, people all over the city were ready to welcome the season. Most of the city locals enjoy small or big picnics to nearby locations or faraway place. The Christmas vacation is a time when almost all nearby tourist places, picnic spots, hotels and resorts remain occupied because of the pleasant winter season.

How can the schools and colleges remain behind when the entire city is enjoying picnics? Sir Joseph school of Mumbai, decided to plan a picnic too.

The class 6th children of Sir Joseph School were very excited today as teacher announced a picnic to the nearby resort “Suhana resort” for 1 day.

As soon as the announcement was made, the 3 children Raghu, Krina and Lucky started jumping in the class. Teacher could not control this noise and left the classroom. The 3 children started discussing their plans about the picnic.

”I will take my cricket kit and we will play cricket” said Raghu.

“No I will carry badminton kit and we will play badminton there.” Krina said.

“You must take a doll with you!” suggested Raghu to Krina.

“Oh, you want to play with dolls?” asked Krina. “Sure, I will take one for you, don’t worry.”

Lucky did not have any preference as such but he preferred to support Krina as she was the youngest of all. “I will play badminton with Krina while Raghu will play with Krina’s doll.” Giggled Lucky.

“And yes, my protective mom will definitely pack my sweater, dark glasses, 3 caps, 4 handkerchiefs, 5 tissues,” said Lucky. “All you guys will not need to carry any of these stuff. We will share.”

“But Mam said, there is a swimming pool and we need to carry swimming suit and an extra pair of clothes, I don’t think we will get any time to play any games. We can enjoy swimming whole day!” said Raghu and the children finally agreed to carry the stuff used for swimming and some extra safety things that everyone’s mom will pack.

The children were best friends since their diaper and milk bottle days as they were from the same residential society “Shivdham society”. They had taken admission in the same school. Today their friendship has grown much closer and stronger with their age. They had named their group as “Precious Trio”. And their parents had given them a name “Naughty trio”. All 3 children’s parents had equally good relations with each other. These relations helped the kids in all their activities, which they do jointly. Be it any game, sport, contest or picnic. So today, it was a unanimous “yes” from parents for the picnic.

The Precious Trio discussed for 15 continuous days about the picnic whenever and wherever they met. The picnic was scheduled on 15th December, the birthday of Krina too.

“I will carry a bag of chocolates for distribution”, said Krina while playing cricket in the society playground with the group.

“A bag will not be enough for Raghu. Krina, you will need to carry a box full of 5 bags for this chocolate boy.” Said Lucky teasing Raghu.

No, I don’t think that’s a good idea, you can distribute sweets in the class itself, as there will be lots of children who may not join the picnic. They will miss your sweets” Raghu, the mature boy said ignoring Lucky’s jokes, which he usually does. Moreover, the children were also taught importance of equality in the class so Krina happily accepted the suggestion of Raghu.

Then, finally after a long wait, the previous night of the big day arrived! The Precious trio became extremely busy in packing the stuff that they wanted to carry to the picnic. Their moms had 100 of instructions to give but who listens!

“Don’t go far away in the forest”, Krina’s mom had said that night but she didn’t care.

“Always be with your teachers and friends”, Raghu’s mom had said this but Raghu is busy in packing his swimming suit and other board games which can be played if time permits.

Lucky’s mom wrote a note of instructions and put inside his bag because she knew that her child is neither in the mood of listening to any of her instructions nor will he remember any of them.

Finally, the kids went for sleeping but who sleeps on the previous night of the exciting day? None of them was able to sleep. In fact no child of that class was sleeping that night. There was utmost excitement in their minds for the next day picnic. 100s of plans and 100s of activities to do. Which child in the world remains calm on such occasions? Do grown-ups remain calm on previous night of the exciting day ahead?

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