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Lost Piece of Me

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when you been lost physically and emotionally , one day is not promised that you will find what you have lost all your life but anything can happen when you have faith and believe that it will ...

Mystery / Drama
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I lie on the cold floor which just makes my skin itchy as hell as I have no control over the weather. I’m sleeping underneath the bridge hopeless, I shield myself with bin plastics trying to keep warm but with little I can survive .Everyday is the same as though time has seized up .I am still to young to understand how the earth works .I’m seeking what seems to be called life cause I can’t tell if what I’m living is life ,to young to be on street alone , to young to be parentless and to young to be in a position my life is where right now .Famishing strikes everyday can’t do anything because I don’t even know what to do, I see food anywhere anyhow I grab it ,I search for it the moment I found it I shove it all down my throat it doesn’t matter if it rotten or covered in ants ,aslong as there is something to feed on my stomach. I’m a girl that all I know about myself through people calling me a small girl here in the street and I don’t have anyone to call my friend or my family. I had people close to me whom I spend my day with ,people who we hustle with, but some of them left us in this world all hopeless and surprised but it was their time and we had to be strong and move on.This kind of life never made me understand anything happening in this world because all I see everyday is people moving just don’t get what they are doing and why.One night I found myself in a place I have never been ,I don’t know how I got there but I just think my stomach was leading me to a smell of ambrosia food,it was a place where you can ask for food and be given free but I think that was just in my head as I see people giving notes,first of which I have nothing in this world to give, but my heart and stomach led me inside the room full of eating people I felt lost right there at that spot as I see the view of a place ,it was so beautiful, well designed ,very simple and freshly painted with attractive colors .People are now staring at me as I’m just admiring the beauty of the room ,staring at me like a hobo mad young girl who is wearing a rag floral dirty dress and I’m just looking so sad face because I don’t know how I’m going to get the food im craving for , so I went to the nearest family table that was seated a family you can tell they were a happy family, how I wish I had one .I begged for food to them as my eyes were written ‘ Please’ with sympathy they gave me food ,on that second I never waited I sat on the floor and ate pushing food down my throat forcefully out of hunger ,at that moment they ask for my name but I just stared at them and stood up .I felt that what they asking is to much to bare so I just howl in front of them and ran of that place immediately ,I ran as fast as my feet could take me and as I stopped in a nowhere area. I was losing my breath, feeling dizzy, felt my head heavy and can’t control myself, things seem blur and dark so that moment I hit my head in the ground.

Woke up in an unfamiliar place I have never seen, it warm and feels so comfortable in my delicate skin as it feels like I’m on top of the bed of a stranger. When I looked around the room was much of a antiquated way of which I kind of like because it so beautiful and simple, I can tell it a place of a person who loves herself because the view and the structure of the room is feminine .Door opening shuts me out of the admiring of the room as a female stare at me while standing on the doorway. I was confused of what was the stare is all about ,I know I look so dirty and hobo, there was no need for her look or she is amazed that I have awaken up on my half dead sleep. She came close to the bed and sat on it next to me ,she is so beautiful can’t even describe the smell of her cologne smells Peaceful, great like red Roses .

Her:Are you okay ?

I did understand simple English that I hear on the street people communicating with ,I have never attended school like other the normal kids .

Me: I’m….I’m….I’m

Her : No need to panic ,I just wanted to know if you are fine that all …im not gonna bite ( smiles )

She had the beautiful smile I have ever seen in a human being with white bright beautiful teeth and round face with deep dimples. She looks young and friendly.

Me: I’m fine ( with scratch voice )

Her ( smiling) Good to hear that ,so what is your name ?

As she ask that question I wanted to vanish out of the blue because this is the same question that led me here ,so I just stared at her and I felt so teary that moment my cheeks went wet.

Her: Have I said something wrong…I mean I’m sorry please don’t cry please ( panicking voice ) I hate to see someone crying please I’m really sorry if I said something that hurt you please I’m sorry

She was so panicking cause she never knew the reason for my howling that way.It was bad to see her so sad and it was wrong of me to put her in that position while she was just trying to be nice to me .It’s just that I can’t help the pain in me ,it keep hunting me and I just release it through my weeping but weeping won’t help me anyway cause I weep all day but still nothing has changed and it just feels worse as I grow up ,I wish I was never born because I don’t find the reason for me to be alive.

Her: Do you know how much you hurting me right now with your tears ….I just can’t help it please can you stop crying and tell me what is wrong

I wanted to talk to her so badly ,but I don’t know where to start if I talk ,because the story of my life is miserable, feel like I’m living under a rock, my life feels heavy and sad and lonely and dark .

Me: please, don’t bother about me I’m going to be fine as I have always been

As I said that trying to take some baby steps but she hold me back to the bed.

Her: You can’t be fine while you are crying and please don’t tell me not to bother cause I’m crazy right now, you causing me to cry too ( sobbing) why ,please talk to me let me help you…please because you probably need help .I just wanted to know how come you ended on the side of the road lifeless that way ,you scared me.

Her: sorry if I’m bothering you so much ,but please let me help you

Me: you can’t, it not as easy as you think it complicated

Her: Let me help you ,make me understand the nature of you ,who are you ? Where you come from? Everything about yourself Please

Me: Can you tell me first what is your name ?

Her: Ohh! Sorry for not introducing myself first for jumping into you I’m sorry My Name is Melissa Worttswill from here in Cape Town grew up in here with my parents and I moved out to find a better living on my own here in town and I found a place not that far from home…..( smirk) I know that crazy but I can’t be staying so far from my parents I love them so much because I’m the person I am today because of them ….I’m a Teacher I teach L.O and English language in High School…Ohh actually this is the apartment I found so this is my place and ask me anything if you want to …

Me : nice to meet you properly Melissa

Mellz: Ok Thanks my pleasure meeting you too,ain’t you going to introduce yourself to me…

Me : I really want to…but I can’t

Mellz: what wrong , why you can’t

Me: Nothing wrong it just that I don’t know what to say

Mellz: say anything, starting with your name first

Me: ( sniffs) I don’t know ….I don’t know ,I don’t have any name I’m just a girl ,I don’t know who I am , I don’t know anything in this world, I have learn to talk through the kids I grew with on street. All I know is that I’m a street kid and nobody loves me cause even my parents don’t even know where am I and they don’t even search for me….I don’t understand why people don’t love me I have done no harm to the world or don’t I deserve to be loved…( sniffs) All I wish for is to find love of my parents if they do love me as your parents did love you….is that to much to ask(crying)

Mellz: (sniffs) how did you end up being a street kid

Me: ( trying to control her tears) since I was about 7 years old and as long as I remember

Mellz: ( trying to act strong ) sorry ,you are so young to experience such pain please don’t cry…God will look out for you please stop crying….please ( sniffing) Don’t lose hope you will find your parents just don’t put a curse on yourself just because you don’t know your parents and you didn’t grew under a roof and wear cloths to make you feel warm when under cold weather, food to consume when you famished, light when you can’t see in the dark but please you will have that from now on …God brought you to me for a purpose…please stop crying ,it will be fine.

She holds me onto her chest as I howl releasing the pain I feel, everyday when I open my eyes only to find they were all just a dream. I just can’t help it my life is hell hole I fee, like I can no longer breath cause it makes no sense .she holds me tight as I was in that moment of moaning. She was just my pillow of strength of that moment I needed comfort….I let the tear drops out of my eyes balls until I felt like I’m out of breath….she brought water for me and I drank as she was holding pills in her other hand and I was confused of what was they for because i probably know that I’m not sick

She gave me the pocket of pills

Mellz: Take one and drink ,it will help you for a better sleep and for headache too

Me : ( smirk) thank you

Mellz: ( smiling) no need to thank me darling just drink those pills and get some sleep …I’m here for you no worries ok

So I drank the pills as instructed, minutes passed and I was all asleep right that moment I was just having a small confabulation with Mellz .I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard footsteps coming close to my room entrance …I knew who could that be so I acted to be sleeping so I can see what was she going to do in my room( rolling eyes) it my room now because I live here so whatever ‘ it my room ’ .

Mellz : ( shouting happily) Good m- o – r - n- i- n- g

I yawned fakely

Mellz: Stop it …I know you faking just wake up already and let go have breakfast and don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Me : You disturbing my sleep…what time is it ? ….brush my teeth? With what ?

Mellz : get up and shut up …. It morning and for that question you will brush with your tongue if you don’t get yourself out of that bed now !

Me : ( unctuous) okay miss I’m getting up ‘ now ’

She led me to the bathroom and she showed me everything on how it is used and there were new stuff on top of my bed ,it was surprising on how she bought that ,what I mean is on how she went to the shop because she was here the whole day yesterday so I’m surprised, so I brushed my teeth and washed my body using the shower and body shampoo that is so delicate in my skin ,as I came out of the bathroom I found my bed with a flower laced dress it was not long neither short it was my type in black and white in colour it was beautiful .

Me : (talking all alone) how she knows my size…she is weird…maybe I’m just starting to know her

She snaps out of the blue

Mellz : well I guess so and learning is an everyday experience and I love it

Me: Yeah I hope I’m not that difficult to learn right ( smirk)

Mellz:Well not that bad but I’m not expecting anything ok ,just be yourself I will love you for who you really are

Me: I guess that the best way to go ‘ Be Me ’ I like how I learn everyday because it helps me grow you know

Mellz: Good to hear that ,so please get yourself dressed and come let gave breakfast

Me: what is Breakfast?!

Mellz: You will see get dressed first …

Mellz: Ohh by the way you have a beautiful smile

I smiled back at her, she didn’t even answer me properly ,anyway I’ll just get dressed and go to see is she talking about that sounds interesting. I got dressed and went downstairs ,I didn’t even realise I was upstairs cause I got in this room half dead the other day ,so here comes me in the table full of delicious, mouthwatering food you can tell by the smell of it ,I sat myself down while my eyes are on the food can’t tell if maybe it a dream that I’m about to eat this delicious meal in front of me.

Mellz: (Looking at me so weirdly) what is wrong,what’s on your mind?

Me:Nothing just amazed…

Mellz:By what?

Me: By this, you know it’s not normal for me it feels like a dream …

Mellz: (smiles) Well it shouldn’t because this is your new life and you should get used to it because we will be together from now on …so it better get normal for you starting today.

Me: Thank you very much ,I don’t know how can I thank you for this it means a lot because I am just a foreign person to you but you ake me as your child thank you…

At that moment I am holding myself not to cry because I feel the tears in my eyes.

Mellz: Its fine no need to thank me,we should thank God that he brought you to a person like me…

Me:Can’t wait to meet God so I can thank Him by myself for bringing me here

Mellz: let’s say Grace

She closes her eyes and am looking at her.She was talking and saying something like she’s thankful for the food that is provided infront of us and I was so lost of how is she thanking someone I don’t see and why because she cooked the food or she didn’t, she asked someone

Mellz: well we may eat now

Me: Why now?

Mellz: Because I have prayed for it

Me: Ok…although I don’t get you but I say ‘Thank you to you for the food’

So we ate our meal so quietly and I really enjoyed my food because it was cooked with love.When we were finished with eating she asked me to go and wash the dishes, actually she was right next to me teaching me on how to wash them and the kitchen was clean after all that learning and teaching it was fun working with water and liquid dish washing soap

Mellz: Can I…

Me: What? Spill it out

Mellz: Well I have been thinking of giving you a name because this isn’t normal that a human being doesn’t have a name to be called by…

Me: Okay… that sounds great,I will be so grateful to have a name too like you

Mellz: So how about I call you Emily

Me: (excited) I really love it! Thank you

Mellz: My pleasure Emily (smiles)

Emmy: It suits me ,doesn’t it?

Mellz: (laughing) that’s silly, probably it does

Emmy: (laughing too) I know I said it and asked, I just wanted an assurance from you

Mellz: No it’s fine no need to explain

I spent that day watching tv and Mellz was out for shopping and I was home alone, being around Melissa made me love being me and I thank whosoever called God for bringing me to someone like Mellisa it means a lot.

Emmy: Thank you Lord

I am really grateful to God I wish I can meet Him soon and thank Him because I really think I’m not dreaming It’s just happening ‘ It Real ’ and even gets me talking to myself this is hilarious.

Mellz: I’m BACK, Emmy come and help me get this stuff out of the car

Emmy: Ok M-O-M…

Ohh did I really say that my tongue just put me on talking things I don’t really know or mean but anyway it doesn’t matter she didn’t hear me .

Mellz: Help me put these things in the house

So I helped her and we were done in just not more than ten minutes and I helped in packing and some plastics had groceries and the others had my clothes and I acted like I don’t see them until she told me she had bought me some new clothes.

Two months pass by and we were good together and growing some strong bond between us. Mellz has even got me a school and guess what? I got a friend and her is Bianca we got to you know because we got something in common. Emily and Bianca meeting at the park just to chill.

Bianca: Hey you … my everyday crush

Emmy:OMG!!!so now am your crush …wow

Bianca: (laughing) yeeeeeahh

Emmy: (laughing) oh wow…and so what is Chris Brown going to be ?just a ‘fan or’

Bianca: (laughing) oh girl please

Emmy: just asking no offense I guess..

Bianca: you know Chris Brown is my every second crush… so please girl don’t make me feel bad for crushing on everyone I crush

Emmy: (laughing) sorry friend…I just didn’t know there were second crushes or day crushes but as from today I have learnt that…thank you.

Bianca: You are such a something I won’t say

Emmy: great I know that ( laughing)

We laughed and confabulated and I enjoyed being with Bianca.It was just awesome.Me and her we are great together as a pair like partners in crime we got that vibe that sauce you know .Me and Bee we were at my home having some dinner with Melissa, just we call it a girls dinner .

Mellz : so guyz how is school going

Bianca: well mom it going good….still trying

Emmy: Yeah, we just trying…but it becoming hard sometimes though

Bianca: But it not that bad emmy you just like whining

Mellz: Okay guys fine I know it will get hard sometimes but you have to face it and work hard ...I trust you guys you can do it come on

Emmy & Bee : Yess …we got this ( laughing)

Mellz: That my girls… ( high five )

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