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The Anonymous

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Is our main heroine gonna be saved? Or is she gonna be murdered? If she is murdered who could the murderer be? If she is saved who the mystery person?

Mystery / Drama
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There lived two besties namely Trixie and Scarlet. They’ve known each other since birth because their moms were close friends. Right from their birth Trixie’s mom adored Scarlet.

Scarlet was a genius and Trixie was good at sports. Once, Trixie and Scarlet fought and later Trixie apologized. There was a running race conducted in their college and Trixie was in it. On the day of the competition, when they were running someone poured oil in Trixie’s track and she slipped. Luckily, nothing happened to her but she immediately blamed Scarlet for it. She screamed “You! You are the one who poured oil on my tracks”. “NO, why would I even do that?” Replied Scarlet. Cause we fought and you were jealous, told Trixie. The entire crowd heard their conversation and were gossiping. Scarlet ran out of there and went to her home crying. When she was home, she received a text from “Anonymous” saying that “This is for the best” “Do not trust”. Scarlet was confused and texted back saying “WDYM?, Who the hell are you?“. But before she could read what he replied, the doorbell rang. Scarlet went and peered through the peephole to see who it was and was shocked to see it was Trixie. She opened the door and Trixie immediately said “Before you can say anything just listen. I’m really sorry for blaming you. I was impulsive. I got to know that it’s not you who did it”. “Then who did it?” asked Scarlet. Let’s discuss this in the room, said Trixie and they went to the room. Scarlet was opening the windows turning back. Trixie pulled out a knife from her pocket and was about to stab her when a person held Trixie back with his strong arms so that she couldn’t stab Scarlet. Scarlet turned around to see that Trixie was holding a knife. WHY? Why were you trying to kill me? Scarlet asked furiously. “Cause you’re a witch who stole my mom. She was always praising you and comparing me with you so that she never noticed MY talents. If you were never born things would have been different for me. I want to kill you, so that I can finally have my mom to myself. And the one who spilled oil on the track was me”, replied Trixie. WHAT?! I never thought you would...but before Scarlet could say anything the person who was wearing a hoodie saying “anonymous” and Trixie disappeared into thin air. What in the world is happening she mumbled to herself. She then got another text message saying “I told you, do not trust.” “Who in the world are you?” Texted back Scarlet. “I was the one who saved you, you potato head.” read the msg she got back. She just realized that that person didn’t have a freaking face! She didn’t get any texts from him again. She was once walking in an alley when she felt like someone was following her. She walked fast and she could hear the footsteps behind her. She then received a text, “Five steps ahead and the right” from anonymous. She followed it and there were cops there and she told the cops that she felt someone was following her. The cops then dropped her at her house. Who is this anonymous guy? Why is he helping Scarlet? How does he know if Scarlet is in danger? The story goes on and on...“Okay sweetheart it’s time to go to bed” Says a mother to her child. I’ll continue the next chapter of the story tomorrow . Saying that she tucked her sweety into bed and kissed her goodnight. Little did that child know that Anonymous was watching her from the windows....

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