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My Diet Takes Guts

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A woman who is always ill seeks a remedy for her health problems

Mystery / Romance
Rich Lewis Jr
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My Diet Takes Guts

Another visit to another doctor with the same results. Only this time the doctor prescribed me a new medication and told me that this should ease my symptoms. Every time I feel ill, I call a doctor anticipating one of them, any one of them, will help me solve my health problems. That’s what doctors do right, help people like me get well? Or do they?

Hi, my name is Jane, and I’m sitting at my desk and the room is spinning and I’m about to vomit. This is my daily grind. Get up, feel ill, take a pill or two, eat my breakfast and head to the office, feel ill and deal with it. You know what, I’m tired of dealing with it. I’m in the ultimate health rat trap and I’m about to lose my mind.

Every time I see a doctor, I have the same results of not feeling any better and not healing from whatever is going on inside my little body. I think this makes five doctors that I have seen in the past two months. Now, when I go in for a visit, I get white coat hypertension, my blood pressure spikes. After the nurse takes and reads my blood pressure, they notify me that I’m hypertensive and the doctor writes me a prescription for hypertension, ignoring my symptoms for the reason for my visit. Here we go…again.

Now, I have a new prescription for hypertension and I’m still having nausea, the room is spinning, I can’t eat, and I’m going to be late getting back to my desk. I’m about to lose it, oops, I just lost my breakfast. This is a typical day in my life only today is mild. My typical day is usually accompanied with diarrhea, runny nose, congestion, headaches and body aches. My face will sometimes break out, my hair is thinning, and on some days, I have a hard time hearing. I feel like I’m underwater.

After losing my breakfast, my breath wreaks of stomach acid and fluids. My issue now is that I have a face to face with my new boss. Now I‘m stuck explaining my most recent health problems or explaining the foul odor coming from my mouth. I need to get a grip and focus.

Of all the days to forget to bring my toothbrush, today is that day. You’d think I’d have one tied around my neck with all this going on but no, Jane forgot her toothbrush on a day when she really needs it. This morning… has gone from bad to stinky and I…

Stay tuned for the next chapter of My Diet Takes Guts.

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