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Imagine losing your mother at birth and living on the streets, having dreams of a world destroyed by war nightly or writing a letter and cussing God out, then being in a hostage situation only to be violated by one of the gunman. Imagine waking up in the same coffee shop only to find out you have been married to a woman for 7 years then it all turns into a living hell. Confused? So is Isla Atsuko. All the answers are in this book, but I must warn you, the journey you are about to embark on is dark….twisted…..mindbending. So keep this in mind, Assume Nothing Question Everything. Most importantly, Welcome to the Spectre Universe.

Mystery / Thriller
Age Rating:


Trigger warning. Trigger warning. My Spectre Series contains mature content. If you have battled self harm, drugs, alcohol, sex addiction and or are a sex abuse survivor please read with caution. In no way am I glorifying these circumstances. I use these circumstances strictly for character build purposes only with growth throughout the series. With that said please enjoy the series and my future works.

About me:

I'm a proud father to a beautiful baby girl and married to my forever girl. I'm a twin and the oldest of five kids. Overall, I am all about family. I have a motto.....you can always recover money, but you can't recover time lost with family. Cherish the moments because you only got one shot.


I pull from personal experience when writing. Below is a list of battles I face daily. Anyone in crisis can DM me......I'm here for you.




Have battled suicide

Know someone who deals with schizophrenia

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Twitter @genjitsushujin

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Website: "PJA Creative" with this link: https://genjitsushujin22.wixsite.com/pjacreative

I'll be going in depth on characters and giving behind the scenes exclusive on building the story lines as well as talking about my upcoming works.


Please feel free to hit those stars and leave comments where you see the circle with plus in the middle. Most importantly if you enjoy this book, please share with others. I have more books coming in this series and plan on writing a new series.....maybe some short stories.

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