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A Betrayal Cause

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This story is about a friendship group of 4. Anastasia, Beatrice,Bloom and Cora. One day Bloom is found in the schools swimming pool dead. It's up to the to the other 3 girls to find out what happened but when they realise that some one is sabotaging their evidence they are left with so many questions Why is this person sabotaging them? Who are they? How many people are included in this? Read on and this mysterious secret will come to light

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1 - Anastasia

I told her he was not to be trusted but what did she do nothing! Although she is top set for everything that does not explain why she lacks in basic common sense. Ugh got to go Hudy. Rat is calling for my once again.

‘I told her he was not to be trusted but what did she do nothing! Although she is top set for everything that does not explain why she lacks in basic common sense. Ugh got to go Hudy. Rat is calling for my once again.

‘Yes rat’

‘Anastacia take a seat please’

‘I told you to call me Anna’

Ever since mum and dad got divorced nothing has been the same the only good thing that has come out of this is seeing my dad happy

‘What do you want’

‘Your dad will be away on a trip to Malawi’

Ugh forget about what I said a seeing my dad happy I will not even be seeing him.


‘His brother is sick, and he also must visit Grandma’

Since when dad have a brother and why is this blonde chick talking about my grandma like she has seen her before. The audacity.

‘Is that it’

‘Yeah, and dinner will be ready soon’

‘K rat’

‘Will you show me some respect I am a part of your family

‘That do not mean your special

‘Whatever you say Anastacia’

I walked towards my room with questions buzzing in and out of my head Who is his brother? Why has not he told me about him yet? What is his name?

I instantly forgot about it when I went back to call Hudy again, but he did not answer

Weird he always texts me back to tell me if he can’t call

Anyways instead of talking to him, my friends call me, I wonder what they want

Bloom: yooo

Cora: What I am study

Beatrice: Cora is its everyday bro

Me: innit Cora take a break

Cora: yall be talking now but when yall fail the test yall be crying

Bloom: What test

Me: We have an end of year test on Tuesday

Beatrice: Damn I need to study then

Bloom: LOL, I will tell Sir I was on Holiday

Cora: Not going to work he told us to start revising last week

Bloom: Nahh he is taking the mick

Me: Bloom what do you want I want to get to studying

Bloom: so, we need to have a meet-up

Cora: Why

Bloom: Cause Summer is starting

Cora: Okay what is the plan

Me: I say we do swimming or go to the beach

Beatrice: Yess that is going to be litttt

Cora: I say NONE

Bloom: Why you always got to be the Party-Pooper

Cora: You know my parents will not let me out anyways

Me: Could never be me my dad’s not even here

Cora: Where is he

Me: In Malawi

Cora: Nice why are not with him

Me: He went to visit Grandma and his unknown brother

Cora: Awah bless your grandma

The summer before my grandma came and gave us a surprise visit and gifted us with souvenirs. She gave me and everyone else bracelets, my favourite yogurt pictures, and statues I still do not understand what it is though.

Bloom: Cora, Anastacia, you guys forgot we are here too you know

Beatrice: innit like helloooo

Me: Yall die for the spotlight like is it every day broo

Bloom: Not as much as you though

One thing that I love about my friendship group is that no one gets

Offended with anything we say, I think. Cause that is our humour

Cora: Anyways guys you know Jason

Beatrice: Yes, obviously the infamous Jason

Bloom: I still don’t understand how your parents allow you to have a boyfriend, but you can’t go out

Cora: My parents know and talked to Jason well before I even knew him, and he was always nice to them

Beatrice: Nice carry on

Cora: So ironic we were just praising him, and Anastacia finds out he has been cheating on me

Me: Your welcome let me send the group chat the proof, but we can’t see her face though but cause she brunette and Cora is Blonde you know it is not Cora

Sends the Photo

Bloom: I understand why he cheated on you her Nyash is Nyashingggg

Cora: Shut up you cannot chat with your flat chest you need to put a filter for them stalkers to be able to see something

Me: Damn Cora got you good

Beatrice: for real

Cora: Anyways who got more tea, No one Okay now I have to go bye babess

Cora leaves the call

Me: Guys I have to go and eat bye amigoss

Beatrice and Bloom: we might as well go too bye lovess

Ends Call

Let me try and call Hudy again, he is online he should pick up then

That is so weird he declined my call what did I do oh well. I hate to admit it but Rats food hitss

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