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How one evening changed my life

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My best friend

I look at my phone to look at the time, 2:17 pm another 20 minutes before I will be landing. To pass the time I watch my series. When my episode is almost done, I hear: “Dear travelers, we will land in a minute at the Roma-Fiumicino airport. Please turn off your mobile phones and put on your seat belts. Thank you in advance for flying with United Airlines.”

The plane safely landed and everyone started clapping for the pilots. I just want to get out of here so fast as possible. I can’t wait to see my best friend and to finally hug her again after months apart. I try to be the first person to get off the plane but people are standing in the way. They are all trying to get their hand luggage from the lockers above their seats. I really hate that. When I can finally pass, I try to go as fast as I can. Now I’m just hoping that they didn’t lose my luggage. But there it is, my neon yellow suitcase. That’s why I chose the color, you can see it from afar.

Once I had my luggage I went on to search for the exit. I’m searching for Aurora but I can’t find her. I call her, but she doesn’t pick up the phone. I have been standing here for 20 minutes now, outside waiting. My adrenaline has dropped a lot already. I feel the hot sun shining on my face. ‘TUUT TUUT!’ a black Range Rover comes my way. That has to be Aurora. ‘Hey loser, are you going to get in the car or are you going to stand there the rest of the day?’ I get in the car as fast as I can, and Aurora puts the music on the highest volume. We sing along as loud as we can. I look at the screen of the GPS and see that the car ride is going to be 1 hour and 5 minutes long. But time will pass fast when we have fun.

I look outside and it’s beautiful, the lovely houses and the nice little stores. After a while we get to a really rich neighbourhood. The houses only get bigger and bigger. I look at the GPS and I see that we are supposed to be almost there. Aurora blazes through the streets. Until we get to a big shiny black gate. With one press on a button in the car, she opens the gate. We drive on a winding driveway towards her house. She has a gigantic garden, the fence doesn’t seem to stop. The pool looks so tempting in this hot weather. We get out of the car and get my luggage out of the trunk. “So welcome to my house!” I look stunned “Why didn’t I know that your house is so big. I mean, I knew it was big, but this big? I didn’t expect this.” “Well, my dad worked hard for it”, she says. “Go and put on your bathing suit so we can go swim in the pool. And then after that we could go out. I can’t wait for it”, Aurora says full of enthusiasm. “What? Pool? Now?” “Yes, I saw you look at the pool. After a long flight and with the hot weather here in Italy. It looks tempting doesn’t it?” Its indeed really hot here. I heard on the news that there was a heatwave coming here. I look at my phone to see the temperature, its 40°C outside right now. I walk fast behind Aurora, because if I don’t then I will definitely get lost. The gigantic glass door makes my mouth fall open. It’s stunning. I want my house to look like this. Once inside it was so much cooler than outside. I see my reflection in the beautiful marble floor. I look up and see that the very high ceiling is made of mirrors. I’m still so stunned.

We get ready and go for a quick cool swim in the beautiful clear water. After a while Aurora gets a bit bored. So she goes inside and after 10 more minutes I follow her. Gustav, Aurora’s dad, is in the kitchen and says: “Aurora is in her room. I will show you the way.” After a couple of stairs and long hallways I see a beautiful white door with ‘Aurora’s Room’ written on it. ‘I will go back downstairs. Just yell if you guys need something’, Gustav says. He disappears in one of the many rooms of the house. The room gives me a weird vibe, but I don’t pay much attention to it because Aurora drags me to her enormous room. We talk happily about everything that happened in our lives while we were apart. Aurora comes with an idea, a really good idea. She says that we could go out to the club il raggio di sole, it just opened in the middle of Rome. We start to get ready for a nice evening out. I start with my make-up, a very natural look. Aurora is the opposite of me. She loves a lot of bling. She puts on a chic glittery dress, that she got out of her huge walk in closet. After she put the dress on she starts the make-up. A little glitter on her eyes and some in her hair. She literally shines. I just put on a black dress.

It’s an hour later and we are finally ready to go. Gustav suggests to bring us to the club. We were in the car for about 15 minutes before we got there. Gustav drops us off a little further. Because there were a lot of people, so he couldn’t find a parking spot. In front of the entrance there stood 2 muscular bodyguards. They let the people in. We go stand in line. After 5 minutes we are already inside. There are a lot of people here, more than I have ever seen in a club in the United States. Aurora clearly knows the way, because she drags me to the bar. There are at least 5 bartenders, working really fast to get the drinks ready for all the people. “Due cosmopoliti per noi, per favor!”, yells Aurora to one of the bartenders. She has lived here for a while now and she got really good at her Italian. She really speaks with passion for the Italian language.

We drink our cocktails, and they are really good. We immediately buy a second round. After a couple of drinks we leave the bar for the dancefloor. We stand in the middle of the room and dance like it would be our last time. The music, the lights, the feeling. Everything is right. After a while we go back to the bar for some more drinks. Dancing that hard is exhausting and you get really thirsty from it. 2 men give us tequila shots. After my 5th shot everything went black.

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