The Dunne's Secret: The Innocent

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Something about the house did not seem right to Emily. When they arrived she felt as if there was something hiding inside the house that did not want to be found.

Mystery / Drama
Julia McCoy
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Chapter 1: Moving In

September 2010

Emily stopped in the middle of her step when she heard voices in her head. They repeated her name over and over again and did not stop. She wondered if they shouldn’t have moved to New York. Something about the house did not seem right to Emily. When they arrived she felt as if there was something hiding inside the house that did not want to be found.

The house they move into was the biggest house they have ever moved into. It probably had at least a hundred rooms. There were several floors and a huge front and backyard. Even though it was a huge house, there was only one kitchen on the first floor. Emily found that strange, but she pushed the thought away since they were a family of three and only needed one kitchen. However even though they were a small family, she questioned why they were moving into a big house.

Anna fumbled with the key and placed it in the keyhole. It was a small golden key with two letters on it: ND. She wondered what they stood for. When the door opened Anna and Sam walked inside and did not bother to wait for Emily. Emily was always a worrier. She never stopped worrying. Her mom had said that, that was her greatest quality about her. Although it was also her worst. It stopped her from doing things she wanted to do. In fact it was Emily’s idea in the first place to move to the mansion they were about to settle into.

Emily sucked in her breath and said, “This might be a bad idea to move into this house.”

Anna turned around and tilted her head to the side. The two girls were very confused about why Emily thought this. Emily’s sister, Sam rolled her eyes and said, “Emily’s worrying again. She’ll be fine after we have stayed in this house for a week.”

Emily shook her head, objecting the comment Sam made. Sam and Emily used to be very close until Sam entered high school. They used to do everything together. Then Sam made new friends and began ditching Emily so that she could go to parties.

Anna gave Sam a warning look and said, “I thought you like the idea of moving into a mansion.”

Emily shuffled side to side on her feet and glanced down at the floor. She stuffed her hands in her jean pockets and avoided eye contact with her family. There was just something that did not feel right. She felt a tug that made her want to move back to California. She did not like the voices inside her head. It did seem like an adventure at first to move into a huge house, but now that they were there she thought otherwise.

“Well… I’m just going to miss my friend,” said Emily.

Emily only had one friend in California. Since she was different from the others in her class no one wanted to be friends with her. Although one person always backed her up when she would get in trouble for something she did not do. He was always there for and she would miss him a lot.

“Yeah right Emily. I’m sure there is another reason why you don’t want to move here,” said Sam.

Emily glared at Sam and said, “That’s the only reason why Sam. Why don’t you believe me?”

“Girls! That is enough!” said Anna.

Emily and Sam glared at each other while Anna was talking. Emily hated not being close with Sam anymore. She hated how high school did this to her.

“We’ll stay here for a week and if Emily still wants to move we will,” said Anna.

Emily nodded in agreement. Sam scoffed, spun around on her heels and walked inside. Emily blushed and followed Sam inside. They used to do everything with each other. She wondered why high school changed her. She heard high school changed everyone and she did not like that.

When Emily walked inside the voices came back. She stopped walking and looked around, wondering who said her name. Anna walked into the kitchen while Sam walked upstairs, probably choosing a room. Emily was frightened. She did not like hearing the voices in her head. She wanted to move, but she had to stay there for a week. The only reason why they moved was because Anna got a book deal and had to meet with her agent in New York. If she wouldn’t have got that book deal, then they would have stayed in California.

When Emily walked into the kitchen, Anna said, “Why don’t you find a room and unpack.”

Emily nodded and walked upstairs. She could never argue with her mom. No matter how much she wanted to move, she couldn’t yell at her. Anna’s child like features made impossible for people to hate her. Her mom had a small nose, round brown eyes and curly brown hair. She had long piano fingers and had a small body. Emily looked exactly like her mother while Sam inherited her looks from their father. She had blond hair, blue eyes and olive skin. Although she had curly hair and was small like her mother.

Emily watched Sam as she threw open a door and walked in a room. Sam looked around and took in every detail of the room. Emily followed Sam inside and noticed that everywhere she stepped the floors creaked. The room definitely needed a make over. From the rain the wood was damp and she saw mold on the walls. It smelled old and looked that way too. The bed was in the back left corner of the room and it had only one window at the far end of the room. There were cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling, which scared Emily. The floors were made of brown wood and the walls were painted dark purple.

The bed sheets were a boring brown color and the pillowcases were white. However they were not a clean white, they were dirty and covered with stains.

“I think I’ll have this bedroom,” said Sam.

Emily did not like the room. It was moldy and unsanitary. She thought that Sam should look around a bit more before deciding on what room she should have. Plus someone could get sick from the mold.

“What do you think Emily?” asked Sam.

Emily gave a small smiled and walked out of the room. When she exited the room she heard the voices again. She followed the voices, which lead her up multiple staircases and down narrow hallways. The hallways held black and white pictures of couples, each from a different generation. She wondered if they all lived in the mansion. As she walked she thought she heard the voices say her name. She wondered how they knew her name and why they were repeating over and over again.

It seemed like an eternity had passed until the voices stopped and she realized that she was on the top floor of the house. Emily saw a string hanging down on the ceiling and pulled on it. A latter fell from the ceiling and she gasped when it came down with a loud bang. She looked around before deciding to climb up and see what was in the room.

When she entered Emily found a light switch hanging on the ceiling and tugged on it. When the lights came on she screamed when she saw a bat fly out of a corner. Just like Sam’s bedroom there were cobwebs and mold everywhere. There were spiders hiding in the corner and eating flies. There were shelves everywhere with books in them and there were also at least ten vanities.

One vanity stood out to her though. It was the simplest one out of the others she saw. It was a brown colored one with only four drawers and a rectangle mirror. She walked over to it and sat down on the wiggly bench. She looked at one of the drawers and decided to open it. Inside she saw a small brown package and picked it up. She wondered if she would get in trouble for opening something she found that was not hers.

Emily’s head lifted up when she heard Anna call them down for dinner. She hid the package under her shirt and ran back downstairs. As she ran past Sam’s bedroom she bumped into her. Emily looked up at Sam and said, “Sorry.”

“What’s up with you?” asked Sam.

Emily shrugged her shoulders and they both walked downstairs. When they entered the kitchen they smelled the delicious smell of fresh baked pizza. They both smiled at each other and raced to the table. Sam got to the table first and sat down next to their mother. Emily sat across from Sam. Anna smiled and said, “Dig in.”

Sam took a slice of pizza and so did Emily. She ate a bite of the pizza and closed her eyes, inhaling the smell and enjoying the taste. Anna let out a breath and said, “Sam and Emily. Tomorrow will be your first day of school. Sam I want you to behave yourself. You have been getting into trouble lately at school when we were in California. This is your last year in high school so please be the best person you can be.”

Emily wondered what trouble she had gotten into at her old school. She thought Sam loved her school. She was very popular and had two closest friends. Everyone admired her and wanted to be like her. She was probably the leader of the popular group at her school. Why would she be getting into trouble?

Sam nodded and had another bite of her pizza. For the rest of dinner she avoided eye contact with anyone. Emily on the other hand did not like middle school. Her teachers hated her for some reason. She was the student who got in trouble the most for not doing anything. She would get detention and would have to do extra homework and she did not know why. Perhaps it was because of her dyslexia. People made fun of her because of that and her teachers wanted her to fail school so they made it extra hard for to pass. Emily wondered why they hated her because of her dyslexia though. She hated feeling different and wished she was just normal. Aside from moving into a strange home, she was glad to be moving into a new school.

Sam set her pizza down, got up from the table and walked up stairs. Emily frowned and looked at her mom. Anna looked like she was going to cry. Ever since their dad left them, it had been very hard to get a job and to keep Sam happy. Sam was very close to their dad and when he left one night after someone died in California, she became depressed and stayed in her room. She did not eat or sleep and would only come out for school. At school she did her best to hide her depression and when she came home she stayed in her room.

Both Emily and Sam missed their father. However he was not a very good husband to Anna. He had hit her once in the past and went out to bars every night. This all happened in the year 2008. Since then things have been different.

Emily sighed and said, “May I be excused?”

Anna nodded and said, “Yes you may. Be ready for school tomorrow.”

“Okay mom.”

Emily kissed her mom and went upstairs. She decided to live in the room next to Sam’s. Since it was a big house she did not want to be alone. Emily walked inside, turned on the light and closed the door behind her. It was exactly like Sam’s room except a picture hang above the bed. It was a picture of a six year old girl playing with her toys. She wore a cute dress and her hair was curled and hanging over her shoulders. She had a huge smile on her face she played with her dolls. Emily noticed that when she turned on the light it was red rather than yellow. She wondered why it was red.

She walked over to the bed and saw a small shape carved in the wood of the bed. It was a David Star. She wondered why there was a David Star at the foot of the bed. Emily shivered and walked out of the room. Why did they have to leave California? At first it was a good idea, but then she thought differently.

Emily stood in front of Sam’s room and hesitated before deciding to walk in. She wanted to be with Sam that night and see if she was okay. She looked guilty downstairs and Emily wanted to make sure if she was okay.

Sam looked at Emily and said, “I should put a sign that says: No Freshman Allowed.”

Sam sat up from her bed and dangled her legs over the edge. She smiled at Emily and gestured for her to come sit next to her on the bed. Even though it seemed like she hated Emily, Emily knew deep down inside that Sam loved her. Emily wished it were like fourteen years ago when Sam and her were really close. Sam would take good care of her sister and would protect from any harm. Now she allowed Emily to do whatever she liked and did not mind one bit.

Emily leaned against Sam and said, “What if people don’t like me?”

Sam looked at Emily and shook her head. “They will like you. Do not tell yourself that.”

“Everyone hated me at my old school,” argued Emily.

“That was your old school and it sucked. Trust me people will like you. You are a likable person if they give you a chance.”

Emily smiled and looked down at the ground. Sam sighed and said, “Would you like to sleep with me tonight?”

Emily nodded and they lay down next to each other on the bed. Emily curled up in Sam’s arms to get herself warm. Sam let out a breath and said, “Tomorrow will be a new day.”

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