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Vampire Queen's Prophecy

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Book 1- The evil's prophecy In a world where vampires and humans coexist peacefully. Veronika Linwood, the strongest vampire the world has ever witnessed, the first female heir to the throne of the Vampire Kingdom after the first vampire of the world. She's the renowned CEO and founder of Linwood constructions with a calm and collected exterior. A ruthless and powerful warrior who wins every battle, be it physical or silent. Zara Hart , a child prodigy. A young Cardiothoracic surgeon at the age of 28. The owner of Hart cancer memorial. She's a compassionate person who loves adventures, be it professional or traveling. With Veronika at the age of 25 and still waiting for her soulmate and Zara, a studious doctor with a traumatic past. What will happen when these two very different people with way too different lifestyle get mated to each other only to bring the past secrets to the light along with the trauma of a past life that they didn't even knew existed??

Mystery / Romance
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Author's note

Just a few things before you start reading:

1 ) This is a story where the two main characters are women who are in a lesbian relationship. There will be a lot of woman on woman action involved in this book. If it's not for you or you are not comfortable reading something like this then this not a book for you.

This a place where people whether they belong to the lgbt community or not can read freely and say their views without the fear of anyone.

2 ) Constructive criticism and a healthy discussion is always welcomed but hate to the story or characters is not, that's a very big NO.

3 ) Homophobic slurs and comments are strictly prohibited not only towards the character but towards anyone reading this book.

4 ) Non-Consensual sex or touch of any form or type is wrong ❌.

5 ) Gay fetishizing or lesbian fetishizing is not appropriate not only here but everywhere because you may hurt a person's feelings unknowingly.

6 ) Grammar Nazis are always welcomed to point out all my spelling mistakes and stupid errors. I will try to edit it as soon as possible because I know that a book with a lot of errors is not easy to read even if the book has a very good plot.

7 ) Any discrimination on the basis of gender, race, caste, creed, language, nationality and sexuality is not welcomed. Every life matters.

8 ) And lastly this my first time writing a novel, let alone publishing it. So please bear with my mistakes and support me in my journey of writing this book.

Every comment, vote and read means a lot to me. Thank you ❤ for taking your own time to read my work. A person's time is their most valuable treasure.


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