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The Mysterious Robbery

By Vera Demchukov All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Action


This is a thrilling mystery. It's about a girl who tries to find out the solution to a mystery. This mystery is covering her and her mother. They both face the danger of losing each other. As they go through these hard times both of them figure out that obedience and love will guide them through.

Chapter 1

The sun was slowly going down the horizon casting long, black shadows. Its ray’s sending last, splendid light into the world. Lucy was slowly walking down May Glock street, enjoying the last few days of summer. Her thoughts kept trailing back to the talk she and her friend had a day ago. Her friend kept bragging about how awesome her dad was. She kept saying that her dad could do anything for her, but Lucy just kept quiet. She couldn’t say anything. The last time when she remembered seeing her dad was after the accident.

When he called her up and told her, “Lucy do you promise me that you will obey your mother?”

Lucy remembered taking her father’s hand and hugging it to her chest, and saying threw her tears, “Yes, daddy I will always listen to my mom.”

Then her dad smiled his last smile and closed his eyes forever. Lucy remembered putting his hand back down, dropping on her knees and crying. That was the way her mother found her asleep by her father’s side. Since then two years have passed without any changes. Well maybe just one change, Lucy became older by two years. She was now a young lady, according to her teachers saying.

Lucy soon turned to Market street and awoke from her thoughts. As she looked at the small stores and markets she thought about how important this street was for her. This is where her mother worked, were her childhood went by, and were she and her mom lived.

She was about to open the door to her mother’s store when she heard a soft cry, “Who’s there?” said Lucy, as she reached over to turn on the front light. She scanned the porch of the store, but found no one. Then she heard the cry again. This time it was louder as if someone was getting closer. Then she saw it. It was a dark black shadow peeking around the corner. Lucy felt her heart beating rapidly, as she slowly took a step back. Just as Lucy was about to open the door the shadow moved away from the wall, and disappeared into the chilly, pitch black night.

As soon as the shadow was gone Lucy cautiously opened the door and ran into the store. Her eyes were alarmed as she looked around for her mother. Before Mrs.Gray could say something her daughter began.

“Mother! Mother!” cried Lucy.

“Yes dear” said Mrs. Gray as she softly touched her daughter’s hand, but Lucy raised her worried eyes toward her mother and said, “Oh mother! I have something important to tell you!”

“Come on Lucy go ahead and tell me, I am listening.” said Mrs. Gray as she settled down by her daughter.

Lucy began by telling how she was about to open the door when she saw the shadow. She also told her everything else that she happened to see. Mrs.Gray slowly picked up her eyebrows and looked at her daughter. Her face looked worried and confused. She slowly walked up to the door and then back to her chair.

Then she suddenly turned around and walked up to her daughter and said, “ I have an idea Luce.”

“What is it mom?” said Lucy coming up to her mother.

“We have to think of a plan, and I think I have one.” said Mrs.Gray taking a big breath.

“What kind?” said Lucy as tilted her head.

Her mom didn’t say anything until Lucy was paying her full attention.

“I think that the best plan is for us to stay together. Also I think we should pay attention to what is happening around us. Your job Lucy is to pay full attention to the people that come in and out of the store. Do you understand?” said Mrs.Gray as she looked out the window. Then she looked at her watch and added, “Alright honey we better lock the store and head upstairs to get dinner ready.”

Lucy obeyed, she stood up and headed for the open sign. As soon as she switched it to closed. her mom locked the door and closed the blinds. Everything was done and ready for tomorrow. So Mrs.Gray and her daughter headed upstairs to their beloved house.

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