Waltz around the Thames

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Two inspectors perform their investigative waltz to find out what had happened at the Wilson's house. You would think you know what’s went on, but, I guarantee, you don’t. No one is safe living inside a house in London, let alone walking down the streets. What happens in the shadows of the night is naught but the secret of a crime and the divine reward for scheming out your future.

Marc Esber
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Chapter 1

The river looked deep and inviting, its darkness invading profoundly with commitment and solitude. Frederic stepped on a wet cobblestone and peeked downward at the treacherous Thames. Admiration rose over his face accompanied with fear and incurable helplessness. He couldn’t see any other way out of his mess. Frederic made another uncertain step forward, another step towards his eternal dive. A tensed shout came from behind “Inspector!”

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