Book 1: The Cursed Girl Meets the Ghost Hunters

By Victoria Gonzales All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Adventure


Summer Greenwood seems like a normal girl with a fascination with ghosts but she has a secret that few people know about. She has a curse on her as well as her family. She is certain to find her sister alone until Leon Hall comes along and hires her in his company of Ghost Hunters along with a priest, a monk, a shrine maiden, and medium. Summer gets help from them and realizes something which make her have another secret to keep even though the group knows about the curse on her and her family which are now ghosts that help her they do not know the secret Leon, Summer and Lin knows as well as the whole family. What will happen to them? Will they leave Summer as many others have or stay?

Chapter 1

“My turn now. There was once a girl that had a family curse. She was born with tattoos on her entire body, since the day that she was born. She hide her curse well, until she was a freshman in highschool. One day she went into the classroom of the old school house, and heard a strange noise like a thud, but more like something was hitting something inside her head, because when she asked her friends if they could hear the noise, they said they didn’t hear anything, and asked if she was ok, which she said she was. Then she heard a male’s voice says in a whisper, ‘Can I give you peace. Don’t you want that?’ ‘Yes,’ The girl said, then the class heard a high pitch scream from her, and saw that her eyes turned blood red as she was killed by the male who had the voice.” Summer said, her voice was low, and monotone.

“AH!” The two other girls screamed.

“Geez Summer we hate it when you use that creepy voice,” Mary said .

Summer turned off her light, and that left Jane, and her story with Summer sensing no ghost, or spirits besides, Victoria Ogden, the one she brought with her for protection.

“Ok, here goes there was a suicide in the abandoned school house by a beloved teacher that when the children saw the figure of him a month later in a classroom at the old school building, so the students went to check it out, and saw no one in the building, then they all heard the door creak close, and they turned to see the teacher. When the principal went to the old schoolhouse to check on them he found all of them dead,” said Jane, then she turned off her light.

Summer Greenwood, is a blind female freshmen, in Lakewood High School in the country of Waterland-Earthland-Airland-Fireland, but most just call it the Land of Lands, or Land of Elements for short, since the people of ancient times would control said element of that country. It is acontainate continent in the middle of the Blood Red triangle, which is three times the three times the size of the United States of America, Russia, and Canada combined. With the Land of Elements being the size of the United States of America, Russia, and Canada combined. With the Land of Elements the size of the United States of America, Russia, and Canada all in one. It is the largest continent with many “Allied countries” living in “harmony,” because of the Great War, that lasted for millenniums, and some say into today, since no one knows who truly won., The only reason it stopped was, because almost almost everyone forgot what the fight was even about, and the people who remember why will not tell why the fight started. The people who know what the fighting was about will not say anything about the war. Summer has a curse on her that was placed on her family from, eight hundred million years ago, and she hides it well, because if she showed her friends, Mary and Jane, they would freak out, and it could end badly for her, since she knows the reason why the wars began was, because of one of her family members, and the terror he caused all to try, and kill him along with the family he was apart of. The three girls do this every day after school, they tell ghost stories. It is said that each of the people present have a flashlight plus an extra, and when the person is done you turn the light off, and there’s one left. That is supposed to be for a supernatural guest, a ghost also called a spirit, which Summer can see but doesn’t brag about it, because her whole family are ghosts besides her.

“Ok, one,” Mary said.

“Two,” Jane said.

“Three,” Summer said.

“Four.” A male’s voice came out in the darkness.

“AH!” The girls screamed.

The lights flashed on, and standing their is a male about the ages of the girls.

“Please tell me that was you just now,” Mary and June said, “Oh Summer your eye color changed.”

“No, it hasn’t and you know that depending on the light my eyes can look blood red,” Summer said blankly calming herself down.

“Yes, it was sorry if I startled you,” Leon said smoothly.

“Oh, no problem,” Mary said as both her, and Jane ran over to Leon leaving Summer alone.

“So how old are you?” Mary and June asked infatuated with Leon.

“I’m seventeen this year,” Leon said.

‘What usually someone would say that their a senior,’ Summer thought.

“So why are you here?” Summer asked putting her guard up.

“I just came to pick up some things,” Leon said.

Leon moved to the teacher’s desk, and Mary and Jane followed him.

“What’s your name?” Mary asked near fainting.

“Leon Hall,” Leon said.

“Cool,” Jane and Mary said with Summer staring at Leon.

“I once knew someone with that exact name it seems,” Summer said, “I don’t remember much about those days.”

“What were you doing just now?” Leon asked looking back Summer.

“Telling ghost stories,” Jane said answering the question clearly meant for Summer.

“Really would you mind if I join you sometime,” Leon said with a smile that was fake, and Summer somehow knew it, but didn’t know how she knew.

“Sure,” Both girls squealed .

‘His aura isn’t happy, or excited in the slightest, but negative,’ Summer thought confused, and tired, ‘I wonder why.’

“Well I am going to head home first, I do have chores to do after all, so I will see you two later,” Summer said.

“Ok see you Summer,” Mary said.

“Oh, sorry Summer we forgot you can’t see him, huh?” Jane asked, getting an angry scowl from Summer.

Summer grabbed her bag, and her first family members totem, a hitogata (hito-kata) doll to be precise, fell out, and hit the ground sliding across the floor right in front of Leon. He looked down at it, and Mary and June saw the surprise in his eyes, because their was literally nothing written on it which was the custom for a hitogata doll, and when he tried to pick it up Summer’s friends stopped him, and shook their heads. Their gaze fell on Summer which made her take a deep breath, and reach for the hitogata doll, and the others saw that she was getting small bolts of electricity on her right side. Summer closed her left eye, and they saw her right eye turn blood red, and when she opened her left eye they saw the huge difference from a deep, soil like, brown eye and the blood red eye, but just as sudden as it had appeared the blood red eye changed back to the brown.

“Well I’ll see you tomorrow,” Summer said, and quickly left.

“Ok,” They all said still in shock.

Summer got out of the classroom, and out of hearing range.

“Realy Victoria?” Summer asked her voice full of anger.

Victoria appeared from the doll, and smiled though she was there the whole time only a few people in the school claimed to seen her at all only, because she let them see her. Mostly in the old school house.

“I wanted to zap him but your friends already knew what my plan was it seemed,” Victoria said holding the doll, “He makes me mad somehow. Maybe a family thing from long ago.”

“Do you want to go back in their?” Summer asked regretting the question as soon as she asked it.

“Sure,” Victoria said giving nothing of her emotions away.

Summer lead the way back to the hall even though she didn’t have too, since Victoria knew the school’s layout by heart, and after following Summer’s slow pace for a minute, Victoria ran ahead making Summer run to keep up.

“Victoria! Don’t run in the hall!” Summer screamed in fear.

Before Summer caught up to Victoria, she opened the door to see Leon there looking shocked.

“Well hi there,” Victoria said waving the hitogata doll in her hand.

“V...Vic...Victoria!” The girls yelled, and jumped back leaving Leon in a confused state.

Just then Summer came into the room out of breath.

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