Book 1: The Cursed Girl Meets the Ghost Hunters

By Victoria Gonzales All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Adventure

Chapter 5

Everyone was shocked at Summer who was sobbing on the floor uncontrollably.

“Does she ever do this?” Leon asked May.

“Not that I know of usually she just keeps it in, and stays quiet until she thinks something is important, and has to be said, but right now she is in a quivering mess which is what I don’t understand,” May said.

“Sweety, I do know how you feel, well most of it, I felt the same way about Victoria. She always was ahead of me, and everyone else so we all know, since we have all been angry about that, but you just see Victoria as someone you want to beat when she is the strongest the family has ever had in eight hundred million years, and yet you look at me, and just want me to see you when I thought that you were only trying to make Victoria look at you. That makes me so happy, and so mad at myself for not seeing it,” Lily said as she started to cry.

Summer grabbed a handkerchief, and dabbed at Lily’s eyes, and Everyone all saw that somehow Summer and Lily were talking to each other even though it was dead silent between the two.

“I accept your apology. Will you accept mine?” Lily said clutching Summer’s hand.

“Yeah,” Summer said.

Lily got up, and left without a word. Everyone all looked at Summer for an explanation.

“Sorry about that. I just let all my feelings out at once, and in front of you. I hope you can forgive me,” Summer said still on her knees.

“Why are you here May?” Leon asked turning his attention back to May.

“A ghost just attacked me,” May said, “downstairs third hallway. I felt my hair being pulled back with incredible force.”

“You said the third hallway upstairs?” Leon asked switching on the video that was on the downstair classroom, and it goes fuzzy.

“This tends to happen. Spirits don’t like mechanical devices,” Leon said.

“Wrong, because their is no spirits here,” Said a girl’s voice behind Summer.

Summer jumped behind Leon quickly away from the voice, but her eyes were narrowed to slits already angry about everything sneaking up behind her.

“Ghost?” Summer asked her voice raised filled with anger.

“Don’t worry she’s human,” Leon said.

‘Ok, so my whole family are ghosts now, but other than them I’ve never seen one,’ Summer thought letting go of him.

“Everyone, this is Anastasia Rose a professional median from the Union of Countries,” Leon said introducing everyone else to the girl.

“You’re the girl that is from the TV show,” Carrie said.

“So we meet before?” Rose asked Leon hopefully which made Summer mad for some reason.

“No, your reputation just becomes you,” Leon said.

“Oh,” Ross said her aura looked disappointed.

“Yes, their is!” May exclaimed making everyone turn towards her.

“With female medians they are usually are one hundred percent right, or one hundred percent wrong. Just because Mrs. Rose can’t sense the activity doesn’t mean that their isn’t any. It must mean that the spirits are attune to your soul’s residence,” Leon said putting the nail he was holding to his mouth.

‘Wouldn’t that make it our fault?’ Summer thought, ‘No, because than I would sense them, and I don’t sense one. I do sense something here though , and it’s coming from May.’

“Summer what’s wrong?’ Carrie and King asked.

“Nothing just a little worn out,” Summer said.

“Yes, that’s correct,” May said ignoring the others conversation.

“Fine I’ll go, and do a walk through to see if there’s any spirits,” Rose said.

Rose left and Leon looked in Summer’s direction to see her leaning on the door frame.

“I think you need to go home,” Leon said.

“No, it is just that when I came in contact with my family they have a habit of draining my energy, so all I have to do is be still until it comes back,” Summer said sinking down the door frame.

“Well isn’t that sweet. You look as you did when you were in trouble with those eyes,” Said one of Summer’s family members appearing.

“Nice to see you too pig,” Summer replied huffing for breath, “Are you having fun with the meal you’re getting from me?”

“Very happy, because you are just standing there, and you will usually blast me with your spirit,” the male said.

“Poor Victor you don’t realize that you are eating a trap that I have placed down,” Summer said looking like someone else entirely.

“S-Si-Sis is that you? What are you doing here?” Victor asked freaking out.

“Go home,” Summer said in Victoria’s voice.

“I don’t want to,” Victor winned his voice one like a child.

The others see Summer get up, and start to move towards Victor. As she moved forwards they saw Victor panic more, and more until she was nose to nose, and he tapped her head. Summer felt herself shrink.

“You bastard, you just had to do that,” Summer said sounding like herself when she was a little kid.

“You were so adorable at this age,” Victor said in a baby’s voice, “wait....when you were this age you couldn’t...uh oh.”

Everyone sees Summer punch Victor and he went flying.

“Victoria change me back,” Summer said.

“She can do that?” Leon said.

“Why not?” They here Victoria say.

“Thank goodness that you’re asleep right now,” Summer lied.

“Yep,” Victoria said.

They saw two hand touch Summer cheeks and she grew. Summer had different clothes on with her boobs, and butt looking bigger.

“Little bit too much Victoria,” Summer said.

“Sorry, couldn’t help it,” Victoria said changing Summer to the right look, “At least we know that you will have my looks.”

“Thanks for your help!” Summer yelled.

The others saw the hands disappear, and become the hitogata doll, and Summer caught it as it fell to the ground.

“Why do you have that on you?” Leon asked.

“Because it was Victoria’s first time making one, so all of our family members carry it when they’re alive, but if there’s one with a greater source of power they will give it to that person,” Summer said looking at the doll.

“So she’s an onmyouji?” Leon asked.

“What is an onmyouji?” Summer asked, “If it has anything to do with him and yang yes.”

“AH!” Rose yelled, and they looked at the screen just as she fell through the building.

“Rose!” They all yelled.

The ambulance came and took Rose away. Summer started to take off the bandages when Leon came back in.

“Well how is she?” Everyone asked.

“She is going to be fine,” Leon said.

“Summer what are you doing?’ King asked.

Everyone turned to Summer to see that she was taking cooking supplies out of her bag, and got no response from her.

“What are you doing?” Everyone but Leon yelled.

“Going to make some food what you want some? Their is going to be plenty to go around,” Summer said.

“Rose just fell from the second floor and your asking if we want some food....

“Leon said that she is going to be fine am I right?’ Summer asked cutting King off, “I fell from higher, and I’m still here.”

“Wait, can you even cook?” Leon asked.

“Yes, I can cook, and well if I do say so myself,” Summer said.

“I have a question about Victoria,” Leon said.

“Ok,” Summer said cautiously.

“What is her full name?” Leon asked.

They see Summer hesitate considering the question.

“That is something that you will have to ask her when she comes back,” Summer said at last.

Summer went to chopping the vegetables, and they noticed that she was using her left hand, and figured she was ambidextrous. Summer pulled her hand back just as the knife went across where it was on the vegetables. Summer put them in the pan, and added some wine which caught on fire, and tossed them up in the pan where they would flip. They saw that Summer’s hand worked at speeds too fast to look like one hand, but many. When the vegetables was done she took out some steak and bird.

“If you want to eat you have to stop hiding guys and gals,” Summer said, and heard all her family fall from the ceiling.

“How long did you know that we were here?” Tori asked.

“Since you been here. I do admit, since you guys are usually always here it was difficult to tell which room you were in,” Summer said.

“You know there’s a way to see them right?” Tori said.

“Yes, Tori I know, but I refuse to do that,” Summer said.

“Wait, do what?” Leon asked.

“Ah, so that what the scents are. It’s raven, crow, and a deep, freshly rained forest. Look through your memories, or your own eyes to be able to see what you look like,” Summer said still cooking, “So Tori there’s someone new at the shrine?”

“Yes, their is,” Tori said.

“Show me,” Summer said.

They see Tori put Summer’s right hand on his forehead, but thought nothing happened.

“I’d like to meet her soon,” Summer said.

Everyone see Tori catch Summer, and turn the burner off.

“You should learn to pace yourself, because it will leave you useless when the time counts, but I won’t change you, because it isn’t right. I love you how you are. Please take care of her,” Tori said referring the last sentence to everyone that was in the room.

“Ok, you got it,” Leon said.

“You remind me of someone boy, but I can’t place my finger on it. Your scent, and look somewhat the same,” Tori said.

Everyone watched Summer put her hand on Tori’s forehead, and he looked at each one of them.

“So you will look through my eyes, but not theirs to see if they are broken or anything?” Tori asked.

“No I’m trying to calm you down, because your soul is racing, and it isn’t like you to have your soul do that,” Summer said.

“Then go to sleep. You haven’t slept correctly in three months, and it has taken its toll on you,” Tori said.

“That isn’t fair,” Summer said falling into a trance.

“She will try to go on forever without sleeping if you let her, but it ends up bringing her abilities out faster, and her being unable to control them,” Tori said.

“Wait she said she didn’t have any,” Leon said.

“Summer lied to you about that, and how great her abilities are. We are all dead, and our souls are contracted by the one living that has been cursed in our family to do so. Think of it this is all of the family that has been cursed by the family curse, and she can give us enough energy to keep us out in the open even knocked out,” Tori said smiling as the living looked around to see every member of the family besides Summer was a spirit, “This is another reason we are called the Cursed Family.”

“So you’re all dead?” Leon asked, “What about Victoria?”

“She was the first to be in this state, but her’s is a bit of a bad fortune for herself,” Tori said looking cautiously at Summer.

“Why?” Leon asked.

Silence was what Leon received from all of the family members.

“Fine, what is Victoria’s full name?” Leon asked understanding that somethings just can’t be said or explained at this time.

“Victoria Elizabeth Ogden,” Tori said looking at his feet, “She is cursed, with the yin and yang, so she is both, good and evil, angel and devil, life and death which made her part of the other curse.”

“Thank you for answering my questions,” Leon said.

Tori nodded and the living saw the family start to fade, and go into the bag that Summer brought. When Summer woke up Leon was holding her head up.

“Hi, Naru,” Summer said as if nothing had happen.

Summer then remembered everything that happened and ricocheted up.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow,” Summer said laying back down, and clutch her right eye, “I can’t believe he pulled that trick on me.”

“What put you to sleep?’ Leon asked.

“No, if he did that he would have hit the back of my neck. He put me in a trance. It is something that only a few who has a high concentration can do, and I only know four people not including myself who can do it, two not being family members. It is something we use for more unruly spirits to calm them down, so we can help them,” Summer said looking up at Leon.

“How do you know Jackson?” Leon asked.

“Jackson?” Summer asked tilting her head to the side.

“You mumbled my name and Jackson’s when you were in the trance,” Leon said.

“Oh that. My uncle Tori had that name in his head ,and I was trying...

Summer stopped mid sentence, and everyone saw that her eyes were going back, and forth as if Summer was reading something in her head. Summer pushed Leon away and stood up.

“You need to be careful Naru of letting your mind be opened when I don’t even try to enter your head and memories,” Summer said holding her head.

‘I have to admit he hides it well, but his aura is something he can’t hide even though he tries ,and it is close to his body, but I can see it inside of him as well as his soul,’ Summer thought, ‘I’ll keep it to myself for now.’

Leon looked at Summer shocked, because she seriously didn’t know about him. And that her eye was blood red within the brown, and couldn’t tell, but Leon guess she was right. Leon didn’t even realize that Summer got in his head until she pushed him away, and felt that something has exited his own mind just like it was with Victoria.

“Ah, I knew she entered somebody’s mind, but I never expected it would be you, and she took out a lot of things, and put them in Tori’s head to give to me, so I can figure out the puzzle with only that. Do you want to know what you’re sent is?” Summer asked.

“Sure,” Leon said.

“Raven,” Summer said, “and your twin brother, Jackson has the scent of a crow. Both are sacred animal,s and are rare to have the sent not only that, but so strong a scent that it lingers after years of being separate from each other I still get a bit of his scent on you which made it difficult for me to decide which one it was until I separated both of them, and made a match.”

‘He reminds me of my childhood friend, but that can’t be him,’ Summer thought.

Everyone in the room all stared at Summer in shock, and she rubbed the back of her head.

“Wait, so your uncle put you in a trance?” King asked.

“Yep, and when I was in the trance I couldn’t move, talk, sense, feel, or hear anything. It’s difficult to fight back when that happens,” Summer said, “but I broke free.”

“So, how does it work?” Carrie asked.

“Oh, well, since all of you from what I can sense can’t do it yet I’ll tell you. You pretty much just put all your concentration to a person, and spirit, but when this is happening you can’t move very much. So I don’t use it very often, because it’s very dangerous for me, because I just learned how to do it yesterday,” Summer said.

“So you went home and train?” John asked.

“I train, study, and do my cores every day,” Summer said.

“Do you sleep?” King asked.

“Neeeeeee,” Summer said shrugging, moving her hand back and forth.

“You need sleep or you don’t give one hundred percent,” Leon said.

They all see Summer suddenly flare up, and look at them as if Leon just said that her whole family died at once.

“I need to change the bandages,” Summer said referring to her hand.

Summer grab her middle finger, and pulled and the bandages had two different sides on her finger, and everyone saw her throw her right hand up. The bandages unravel, and go into a neat pile in Summer’s left hand. When the bandages came off they reviled tattoos from the tip of Summer’s fingers to the base of her hand, and it looked like it didn’t stop their.

“What in the world is that?” John exclaimed.

“What?” Summer asked ,then realized, “Oh I had them since birth. The tattoos are part of my family curse. We are born with them already permeated our skin and even in our bones.”

“Why do you do that?” Carrie asked referring to throwing her arm up to unravel the bandages.

“It helps with my concentration ability when I do it like this,” Summer said.

“How?” Carrie asked.

“Helps strengthen it, since I need a constant concentration to bring the bandages lower, and lower on the body. The bandages were specially made to do this so they are super thin yet strong so more is needed to take off than the normal one, so they talk more concentration,” Summer said, “Also could help teach multi-tasking with my concentration since I most likely never be able to just put my entire concentration on one thing”

Everyone watched as Summer put her entire concentration into the bandages, and throw her hand up again, and the bandages unraveled until it went to her elbow, and Summer had to stop again.

“I’m getting better, because a few days ago I couldn’t even get to the end of my fingers,” Summer said.

“That is impressive how much do you have to do?” King asked.

Summer put her finger on the center of her body, and traced it up to the bottom of her chin, and to the end of her right foot referring to her tattoo’s, then Summer moved her hand from her left to her right referring to the bandages.

“And you do this every day?” Leon asked.

“Pretty much, but I usually do it before school, and before I have to go to bed,” Summer said and the bookshelf shook, “Sorry Leon I almost destroyed your cameras again.”

Summer grabbed the end of the bandages, and pulled them off. Everyone saw that Summer had the bandages to the base of her chin, and it stopped there. Everyone waited to see if there was another roll on her face. but Summer walked to her bag pulled out a bowl out of it with some holy water.

“This is what you smell like John,” Summer said holding up the bottle.

“Holly water,” John said.

They watched as Summer poured the water into the bowl, and it caught fire when she put the bandages in which everyone estimated would be about three miles each.

“Their four miles each,” Summer said, and explained why, “I have to have many layers on my body.”

“How?” Everyone asked.

“I’m still in that one’s mind,” Summer said bitterly, “and of course he hasn’t gotten out of Leon’s, so I’m trying to break his connection without having mine broken before his.”

“Oh,” Everyone said.

Summer waited until the fire stopped, and pulled the bandages out of the water, and wrapped herself back up. It was all across her body, but some how Summer did it without taking any of her clothes off.

“I’m sad about what happened to Rose. I hope that she is alright, because when I checked her she was very injured, and I couldn’t help myself. I healed all I could without passing out,” Summer said looking down at her fingers.

“So those bandages on her was yours?” Leon asked.

“Yeah, and she was the first person that I healed and I did it without asking her if I could,” Summer said close to tears.

‘I must stay strong. I’m sure that she would be happy to know that her recovery is split in ½ the time it would have been,’ Summer thought.

“Ok let’s get back to work,” Leon said not wanting to hear anymore.

“Was that chair always there?” Summer asked looking at the screen.

They all turn to see the chair in the middle of the screen just as Summer announced.

“I was the one to put the camera up and it wasn’t there I swear,” Summer said, “I even felt around after I set it up. Their was no chair in the room.”

Leon rewound the camera and as soon as the chalk board broke the chair moved to that spot.

“It isn’t from a poltergeist,” Leon said.

“Poltergeist?” Summer asked.

“It’s german word for noisy ghost, and more, than half of poltergeist come from girls from a young child to teen,” Leon said, and smiled for a second, then the smile were gone, “but guys can have it as well.”

“How do you know?” Summer asked.

“Well, when something is moved by a poltergeist, then it becomes warm to the touch,” Leon said switching the camera to thermography, “and it temperature hasn’t changed.”

“It’s my turn to try, and get rid of the spirits,” John said.

John walked to the downstair classroom with the chair, and started his ceremony by spraying holy water around the room.

“Hello father let thy be thy name. In the beginning there was one word and the word was god...

Summer suddenly heard the ceiling start to move, and ran down the stairs to the room.

“Watch out the ceiling is falling,” Summer said before she reached John’s side, and when Summer entered the room the ceiling collapsed.

“John!” Summer screamed using her abilities to protect where John was.

The others came running in when the ceiling collapsed to see Summer digging in the rubble, and tearing up both of her hands trying to get to John. Summer lost her patience, and started to panic calling for John. Getting no replying, until she got to the bottom of the pile, and he gasped for air, and everyone, especially Summer, felt a rush relief. Summer felt the relief more than to rest since her emotions were increased, due to the strength everyone else had with their emotions, and most likely didn’t know how powerful their emotions are.

“I think it is time to call it a day,” Leon said.

“I think that is a safe bet, since if it wasn’t for Summer here I would have been severely hurt, or died,” John said, putting a hand on Summer’s shoulder, and she got information from him.

“I think that is a good idea as well,” King and Carrie said leaving with John behind them.

“Leon are you coming?” Summer asked.

“I’m going to do some research,” Leon said picking up a piece of wood.

“Ok, please be careful,” Summer said tenderly.

Summer went home, and went straight to sleep deciding to skip practice, chores, and homework. After Leon got the research that he wanted done Leon decided to sleep in his vehicle. Leon open his eyes to see Summer, but not Summer, because it was someone completely different, but looked like her. She smiles at him, and he sees that she has a carefreeness in her face that he didn’t think she could have.

“You look good smiling, and carefree,” Leon said.

“Sleep again Leon, and I’ll see you soon,” Spring said but her lips didn’t move.

“Leon you’re not going to be comfortable like that,” Leon heard as he surfaced from sleep, as Summer is shaking him awake.

Leon woke to see Summer looking worried at him, but he wished, before he could stop himself that she would smile the smile that he saw in the dream.

“Thank goodness I thought you got hurt since I couldn’t wake you up or anything,” Summer said worried tacked on her face still.

“What are you doing here so early?” Leon asked.

“Early, it’s almost lunch time and I made you some food,” Summer said holding up a lunch box.

“So, you’re finally awake sleeping beauty,” King said, smiling wickedly.

“Yeah, more or less,” Leon replied starting to eat the food Summer gave him as she kept looking at him, “What?”

“What do you think of the food?” Summer asked.

“It’s good. I haven’t had a home cooked meal in a while,” Leon said.

“That’s so great! I worked all night on it,” Summer replied, and seeing the other’s faces she says, “After I got done sleeping of course.”

“Wait, you made that Summer?” King asked, his face white, “Impossible you’re just a blind duffus that can’t do anything.”

Leon knew that King should have kept his mouth shut somehow, and watched as Summer went after King to beat him up.

“So giving up already?” Carrie asked Leon, after Summer kicked the crap out of King.

“No, I’m done here. I solved the case last night,” Leon said

“You did?” King asked.

“Ground substance,” Leon said.

“Ground subsidence?” Everyone but Summer said because Summer said nothing.

“I checked the wells in the local area, and all are dried up, and there is a hollowing effect under the school,” Leon said.

Everyone walked in silence all the way to homebase, when Summer got the courage to speak.

“Well, I guess my dream is done now,” Summer said trailing her fingers on the wood on the wall by the chalkboard, “I mean here we are in an old school house that is so spooky that you just believe that it is haunted. It gave this place character, and everything made it have a story.”

Summer heard May walk into the room, “not only that, but my family has been in this school for generations, so this place means so much to me. I feel this is one of the few places I can feel them the most.”

“May, when did you get here?” Summer asked.

“When you said that you wished it was haunted, and it is, because their still here,” May said.

“No, their is no spirits here, and there never was,” Leon said.

Everyone heard cracking sound, then the glass shattering out toward May from the windows, and Summer rushed to her as the school started to shake.

“This is it everyone out now!” Leon yelled.

Everyone ran to the door but it was slamming open and shut. When they got out everyone saw that the building didn’t budge. Summer patched May up, and May stood there with the others who said that they were going home.

“Naru, you’re bleeding,” Summer said when the others were out of hearing range.

“It’s just a scratch,” Leon said looking at his hand.

Summer raped his hand up in the bandages, and healed it to the best she could, and felt his surprise as she did so.

“Are you going to be ok?” Summer asked.

“No! I’m so mad at myself right now I could throw up!” Leon said then left.

Summer looked back at May who stopped walking to look back at her, and walked her home, then to the shrine. Summer wondered what would happen with Leon, and she decided to do the chores to keep her mind from wandering to the past, because for some reason she has been doing that more often lately. Leon walked away from the school house in a bad mood, and went to his house. When Leon got their he went straight to bed.

“Leon, I have to show you something,” The Summer in his dream said.

“What’s with you?” Leon asked.

Spring only smiled, then they somehow ended up above a shrine looking down into it, and they both saw Summer busying herself with tasks around the place.

“How are you here when you are down there?” Leon asked looking around to see that Spring disappeared.

Leon looked back down at Summer to see that she was without her shirt, and the bandages on her body. Leon saw a pulsing blue ball on Summer’s back, and watched as Victoria came out of it.

“Who are you Summer, and why not tell anyone about this?” Leon asked.

Leon see Summer look up at the sky, but sense nothing, and a small smile come to her lips as a little child ran into the room, but what Leon could tell was that the child wasn’t really alive, because the outfit didn’t make sense. That and the fact that the little girl was floating. Summer walked up to the child and put her hand on the child’s, and when Summer lifted her hand away she looked tired, but she still had a forced playful smile on her face.

“See it’s harder than it seems that child just showed up, and so young of an age,” Spring said, the look of pity in her eyes.

Leon woke with a start, and found himself in his bedroom. He sat up on his bed thinking about the dream he had.

“I’m going to find more on that family,” Leon said getting his laptop.

Leon already told Lin about what he knew about the Greenwood family by what they have told him, when they spoke to him. Lin said to be careful, and that all would be right in the end, but Leon wasn’t sure, so he typed up Greenwood first in the family search, and found Summer’s family, and clicked on it to find that her brothers died suddenly in infancy first, then her sister in fifth grade, and no one knew how, because her body was never found. Then Summer’s father a month later so her mother moved them from their big home that they moved to after both of the families friends moved away, and to a temple. In middle school her mother died leaving her alone in the temple, but Summer never complained about it. It seemed that no one knew that Summer’s family was all dead, until a teacher took her in, and when Summer went to highschool she moved back to the shrine she lives in now, and the school gave her a scholarship, because it turned out that the teacher that she lived with told the school the details that she knew, and they understood. Leon then typed up Victoria Elizabeth Ogden, and found nothing, but their was something fishy with Victoria so Leon decided to do some digging, by searching up The Cursed Family, and found that Summer’s family had all have their eyes change blood red on one or both eyes. Most of the information given on the site seemed unreal and far-fetched,since no one ever tried to learn about the family before the Great War, so very little information is known about the family. Leon remembered in the dream the girl looking like Summer that guided his hand. Her tattoo’s were on her left side when Summer has her tattoo’s on her right side. Leon looked up Summer’s sister, and found that her sister name was Spring, and had tattoo’s on her left side, and unless you looked closely at them you will be unable to tell them apart besides the tattoos which they hide by the bandages on both of their arms. Leon did a huge search on Summer’s family before the Great War, and found that Victoria died along time ago, about eight hundred million years ago, but was the first one of the family to have the markings, and eye change. Victoria had both sides with the tattoos, and both of her eyes changing after her mother messed with an unknown source substance, which is still unknown to this day, and is most likely a good thing. Victoria was abandoned at a young age by a temple which she became a healer of after her mother’s death (unknown). Victoria showed great potential, and became one of the best healers at the age of thirteen, she then died suddenly three years later of unknown reasons, some believe that the curse of her family gotten to her, and a male was born with the same markings only on the right side when she was still alive with a twin sister with markings on the left then another one a few years later on both sides. Little is truly known about Victoria Odgen so she is considered a legend passed through the generation of shrine keepers to this day.

“It seems that it is an annual cycle that goes from full tattoos, to the right side, then the left side, but it stops after Lily, who had left marking, for about one hundred years, then you see it in Summer and Spring. I wonder what happened, because the family did still have children, but none of them seemed to be affected, and born with any abilities, so why did it appear in Spring and Summer. Her brothers didn’t have it either at least shown in these documents, and their names were Fall and Winter, because of their hair colors, Why had it suddenly popped back up? The curse when the family could have thought that it was finally gone, and could live in peace?” Leon asked himself stumped.

Leon looked outside his window, and found that it was night, and decided to make a call to Summer’s friends to ask about May.

“Where is Leon?” Summer asked reaching the old school.

“He’s a no show. He probably went home to lick his wounds, and cry that he was wrong,” King said.

Summer started to grab some things from the van, and put them in places that would need them to be their.

“Let me help,” John said.

“No, I got it after all I’m Leon’s assistant,” Summer said, “and I want to put these up in specific places.”

“So, I want to help, so let me help, please,” John insisted, and ended up helping Summer put the microphones where Sumer wanted them without finding any secret rooms, with King and Carrie helping as well.

“Thanks,” Summer said.

“Well it was kind of our fault that he ran, because we were all pretty mean to him,” King said and Carrie nodded.

Suddenly a huge amount of activity started, and King ran downstairs to find no one there.

“Their here,” May said suddenly from behind Summer who almost punched her but instead hit the wall behind May, “And their angry.”

“Everyone out!” King screamed.

May ran out first, and Summer ran out last, and as soon as Summer got by a bookshelf it fell on her. The was warm to the touch after that Summer lost consciousness.

“Summer, wake up,” Summer heard Leon’s voice, but the scent was strange, and when she opened my eyes Summer saw Leon, but his hair looked like the color of a crow when Leon said that it was the color of raven.

“Leon, I have something to tell...ow,” Summer said holding her head.

“Shh, go back to sleep,” Jackson said smiling.

“You know you’re even more handsome when you smile,” Summer said drifting back to sleep.

Summer heard the others calling her name over, and over then water on her face, and Summer opened her eyes to sense she was back in the old school house in one of the rooms in a secret hide out.

“Oh, thank God, you’re ok,” They said.

“Wha,” Summer said groggily.

“It’s three in the morning, and May went home which is probably a good idea,” King said, “For a short while it seemed as if you were conscious, since you walked back into the building but you were not conscious were you?”

“Yeah, I was not, since I don’t even remember getting up,” Summer said getting up.

“Are you going to be alright?” They asked.

“Yeah, I just need to sleep,” Summer said, “See you tomorrow.”

Summer waited until the others left the property after walking them out, and fell back asleep inside the building sensing no evil spirits, but something was here watching her nonetheless. She showed up to class the next morning, and was unable to get the thought of dream Leon out of her head. During class Summer, and May were called into the principal’s office, and everyone was...there even Rose.

“Ok, this is everyone that has been in the case so far except for this one’s family,” Leon said referring to Summer.

“We don’t have to worry about them. They went back to where they came from,” Summer said confidently not knowing that Leon knew about the family being all dead, “Even if someone wanted to they wouldn’t be able to get ahold of them.”

“That might be true after all your family is the weirdest I’ve ever encountered,” Leon said, “Ok everyone stare at the red light. Right in front of you Summer, since I decided that spot would be best for you to know the location of what you are looking at.”

“Why thank you,” Summer said her voice strained, “though it wasn’t necessary I do appreciate the thought.”

Leon turned on what looked like a lamp that he placed on the table. Leon pulled the curtains over the windows causing the room to go dark freaking everyone, but Summer out, since she was use to the dark. After all besides auras that is all she sees on a daily basis. Everyone did as Leon said, when he turned the light on, and the light started to pulse as they looked into it. It would blink off in between every second.

“Match your breathing to the light,” Leon said, “Breath deep.”

‘This is making me sleepy,’ Summer thought, ’One breathe. Two breathe. Three breathe...

“Focus on the light,” Leon said.

That was a key word that made something in Summer snap, and the pulsing stopped on the red, and everyone was still in a trance, but Summer. As she focused on the light it started to crack, and break to Leon’s surprise.

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