Book 1: The Cursed Girl Meets the Ghost Hunters

By Victoria Gonzales All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Adventure

Chapter 7

“My story is more or less like yours Leon,” Summer said.

“How is it like mine?” Leon asked.

“I’m looking for my sister as well as her best friend. I don’t know if his brother is searching for him though I don’t think he is,” Summer stated and Leon flinched.

“How?” Leon asked even though Summer could tell him, Leon didn’t want to hear anymore.

“We don’t know, and that is why I want to find her, but I already know that she has passed, and I want to find her body, and her spirit to ask what happened to her,” Summer said.

“Oh,” They all said.

Leon started to walk away.

“Not so fast it’s my turn to ask questions, because it won’t be right to answer a question like that, and not ask one back,” Summer said.

“So if I ask a question, then I have to answer one back?” Leon asked.

“It depends on the question that is asked,” Summer said.

“You want to know about my brother,” Leon said.

“Bingo,” Summer said.

“Well we have a close bond, and he got run over by a truck, and the person through him into the river, and when that happened I was in school in the East countries so I came back to find his body, and if he is a ghost put him at peace,” Leon said.

‘He’s lying,’ Summer thought, because she knew some of that wasn’t true for some reason, but she didn’t want to look like a huge bitch when she couldn’t explain why she felt like that Summer kept quiet, ‘I wonder why, but that is for a different time.’

“Thank you for answering my question I could tell that it was hard to answer, and I hope we find them,” Summer said.

“We?” Leon said.

“We as in that each of us find our other half,” Summer said.

“Oh,” Leon said.

“Their would be a chance that they are in the same place after all we have no clue how my sister died she just suddenly disappeared, but for some reason when I’m with you guys I feel like everything will be fine,” Summer said, and smiled a genuine smile for the first time in years.

“That is a great smile, since it’s real,” John said, “and doesn’t seemed forced.”

George was lunging at May and Summer who kept pulling him ack by his hair was telling him to knock it off before she hurts him but George wasn’t paying her any attention. Everyone saw Summer punch George into the wall and look around as she waited for him to get up.

“How is he the sin greed? How can you tell?” King asked.

Summer tore George’s shirt off, and their on the middle of his back was the sign for greed.

“All of the seven sins have it somewhere, and some have it in many places with no other tattoo marks,” Summer said, “Most others have the same as me, but their are some that have just one plain tattoo which is easier to hide.”

“Wait, back to the job at hand. I was locked in a room, and I couldn’t get out,” Carrie said.

“That was because of a nail embedded into the door. I noticed it at once,” Leon said holding the same nail up, “I didn’t think of it being important at the time.”

“You did this?” Carrie exclaimed at May.

“Like Leon said she didn’t know she was doing it,” Summer said.

“That’s right, and I put a hypnotic suggestion in all of your heads,” Leon said.

“What?” Everyone exclaimed but Summer.

“Yeah, and I kind of broke that too,” Summer said rubbing the back of her head, “That always happens when someone tries to put a suggestion in my head I snap out of it at the last minute, and destroy the device. Most of the time others don’t get fazed by it. I fixed it though, because when everyone left, but Leon so I fixed it.”

“True you did, and I had to get your attention by calling your name,” Leon said.

“How can she do it?” Carrie asked referring to May.

“She was looking to be noticed, and she used her hidden abilities without even knowing it. You see when you put stress, and a suggestion in the mind, then they have to follow it,” Leon said, “most of the times, since their are a few people that can break from it it seems.”

“I can understand. I mean most people try to show that we are unique in our own way. I try to fit in more than being unique, because I already know that I’m one of a kind,” Summer said, “each of my family’s little tattoo’s represent what we represent so that is also how they can tell so it is hard for people to tell me and my sister apart, because ours look so similar that you have to look closely to see it.”

“So what are we going to tell the principal?” Carrie asked.

“That we exercise the malicious spirits, and they left the school just as we were told to do,” Leon said.

“Why not tell the truth?” Rose asked.

“Because she is doing a good job at suppressing her emotions now, and we don’t want to humiliate her anymore. Will the outcome that will be said be good for you?’ Leon asked May.

May nodded looking that she was close to tears, but Summer went up to her, and hugged her wrapping her in warmth, and found out that her situation at home was not the best, and thought about suicide.

“You don’t have to do that,” Summer said, “If you keep going on then you will have a long, and prosperous life, so don’t give it away. True their will be hardships, but that makes life worth living, and let’s you love the good times, since you can’t have good times with out the bad times first, or else everyone will be the total same.”

“What about the pay?” King asked.

“We all get equal split, because all of us helped,” Summer said May hugging her close not wanting to let go, because what she wanted most was a mother figure that truly cared for her.

Everyone looked at Summer, and she couldn’t help it, but look at her fingers behind May’s back, but then decided to look them straight in the eyes. Everyone but May saw a flash of emotion show through Summer’s eyes to fast for them to pinpoint what it was exactly, but Leon guessed it was determination before Summer looked back down at her fingers once again.

“That must be a nervous twitch,” They said.

Summer nodded, and said her voice a whisper, but could still be heard throughout the room, and down the halls,

“All of my family members have one.”

“So did we exercise your family?” King asked.

“No, they’re still here,” Summer said looking up, and May let her go, and left the school house, “but they didn’t like it all that much. They feel the pain of it, but are too stubborn to give into the pain. In fact if you weren’t my friends you all could be in serious condition right now.”

They all went out of the room at the same time, and Summer was a little sad to leave the building, because it made her family so happy to be there. They went to the principal office, and told him the news about what went down at the old school house.

“That’s great!” The principal said jumping out of his seat.

“Yeah, great,” Summer said half-heartedly.

“Why are you so bummed Summer?” The principal asked.

“That place has always been apart of my family, and it will be sad to see it go, because that is the school they use to be in. Where they learned what they needed to live a great life, and it will be destroyed,” Summer said looking at the old school house, “I can feel the memories in there, the good ones and the bad ones.”

“We are not destroying it silly,” The principal said laughing.

“Then why?” Summer asked confused tears threatening to spill down her face.

“You think that I didn’t do any research on your family, but when I typed in that old school house I found that your family use to study in it, and was the ones that built it. I would also see you enter it at night with the books that the school has given you, and that you would be better when you entered their to study, then never going in there at all. It was still in your family name, so the place is yours really, but I was given it by your father to take care of it until you were ready. It turned out that every time we tried to get rid of the old thing the place would always be back up the next day,” The principal said, “So we were going to leave the decision up to you.”

They all saw Summer put her hands to cover her mouth, and she spoke in a barely audible voice,

“You will let me decide?”

“Yes,” The principal said as he waited to see her reaction.

Summer hugged him, and the principal was so surprised, because Summer is that type of person that will usually just say what she thought, and not one to act on her emotions, so the principal was surprised when Summer hugged him and started to weep.

“It’s ok, it’s ok,” The principal said patting her head like a father would do to a child who woke from a nightmare.

“I want to take it down myself,” Summer said once she composed herself enough to speak.

A week later King and John came by, and saw that the school was almost down.

’Wow,” King said looking at it, “If I didn’t know better I would say that it would have taken a mouth to do this.”

“When you are in my family you learn how it was built, and how to disable the barrier to get it done,” They heard Summer’s voice from inside.

When they walked in, and saw that the upstairs was no more, and Summer was on the second to the top step of the building taking the one above it off very carefully.

“How?” They asked.

“It’s pretty easy when you are here all night and day,” Summer said smiling.

“So you did this by yourself?” John asked.

“Yeah I don’t need any help,” Summer said, “But if you want to help you can.”

“Thanks for the offer,” Leon said coming into the room.

“Been awhile,” Summer said.

“No, it’s been a week,” Leon replied.

“Has it now? I didn’t even notice. Seems longer,” Summer said putting the four by four on her shoulder, and moving down a step to take another out, “Well are you just going to stand there, or are you going to help?”

“Right,” Carrie said walking in with a sledge hammer.

“Don’t you dare!” Summer said menacing, “I’ve done this with only my hands so you can as well.”

“But won’t that mess up your hands?” Carrie asked.

“OK, look I have been doing this for a week straight without tools, and I’m halfway done, so if you use that then it will build itself all over again, because that is how my family designed it. So no one can destroy it with any tools, but with your hands are fine. How about this I will take the nails out and you can put them in the piles,” Summer said.

“Fine, we will see how you do it, and when we can do it like you we will,” Leon said.

Summer nodded, and brought the board to the bottom, and put right on the edge, and pushed upwards pushing the wood up.

“I thought you said no tools?” Carrie yelled.

“I did, but I didn’t say that it couldn’t be from the building itself. I mean come on if we had to move it we would use this method, and next you just take the nails out, and carefully pull upwards,” Summer said doing so.

“That is my cousin for you,” Victoria said walking in with the biggest grin on her face.

“Oh No,” Summer said.

“Yep the family is coming to say goodbye to the place,” Victoria said tapping the bottom stairwell.

“I’ll use them again for the shrine to make more room,” Summer said, “or move it a little ways.”

“Ok, just let us say goodbye to the school,” Victoria said.

‘Can I bring the others to the house please?’ Summer thought.

“If they help us take it down, and move it as well as building what you’re going to build, if you want them to, then it’s ok with me,” Victoria said.

“Yay!” Summer said.

“Why are you yaying?” Leon asked.

“Victoria said if you help all of you can come to my house which is where I can answer any questions you have without having to change the wording,” Summer said.

“Well, then what are we waiting for?” They all said.

“My family is all saying goodbye to the place right now, and when they are done they will pop their heads in, and start to take it down as well, or leave it to use to do it,” Summer said.

“Summer why don’t we all wait until tomorrow, because it is very late, and they might have things to do, and you yourself could use some sleep, since it will take them the rest of the day, and night, to say goodbye,” Victoria said and winked.

“Oh, Ok see all of you guys tomorrow,” Summer said and left dragging Victoria by the arm, and wondering about the wink.

Leon, Lin, John, Carrie, and Rose all went out of the building, and left the schoolhouse for the rest of the day to get some sleep, because for some reason just watching Summer do all the work was tiring to them. When everyone showed up the next day the whole place was rebuilt, and Summer was just staring speechless tears streaming down her face.

“Ah, all my work wasted! Who? Why? What did I do to deserve this?” Summer cried.

“What do you mean?” Carrie asked.

“I was here day, and night to make sure that no one uses a tool on it, because it does this, and here we are now with it back at the beginning with the building,” Summer said tears running down her face still.

“It’s ok, we will help you this time,” Leon said.

“But why?” Summer cried.

“Oh my gosh what happened?” Victoria asked showing up with Lin and Rose.

“I don’t know” Summer cried, “It would have taken another hour to finish it with all of us working on the place.”

Everyone see Summer, and Victoria ponder for a moment, and look in each other’s direction.

“The caves!” Victoria and Summer said at the same time.

“Caves?” Everyone else asked.

“Leon you already found them. There under the school, and has some of the stabilizers in one of them. If anyone wanted to wreck it, so we have to start all over that is where it will be,” Summer said.

Everyone all ran to the nearest well to find the rest of the family waiting by the entrance of a well.

“So you saw it too. Well, what should we do?” Summer asked.

“Yes, it’s about time you showed up,” The family said at the same time their anger plain as day in their voice.

“Ok, everyone pick one of my family members. They will take you down without getting you hurt,” Victoria said and thought, ‘Probably.’.

“Summer,” Leon said.

“I guess Victoria,” Lin said.

“Lily,” King said.

“Jem,” John said, “Since I want to meet the sin of envy.”

“Wow you knew my name even though we haven’t meet, and Summer didn’t say it,” Jem said.

“Really I just guessed your name,” John said, “I’m happy I got it right.”

“George,” Carrie said continuing to pick a family member.

“All right,” George said sticking his tongue out at Lucas.

“I guess the one that is the sin wrath,” Ross said.

“Names William T,” William said coming out of the group family members.

Victoria grabbed Lin, and brought him in an over-the-shoulder carry. Lin started to struggle.

“Have you forgotten that I can put you in a trance?’ Victoria asked.

“I will go after Leon goes,” Lin stated.

“I thought you were his protector,” Victoria said.

“That is why I have to stay,” Lin said.

“No, it is not. Look at Summer she is watching very carefully, so she doesn’t hurt him, and she was designated as the second one to go if something like this should happen, so if I don’t go and forefeet my turn it will be Leon, and her’s turn to go down. What do you think of that, because right now she is in mimicking mode, so if I forefeet we leave her, and Leon paddling up stream without a paddle, and she could get hurt as well as Leon,” Victoria said.

“Fine,” Lin said staying still, “But what if you didn’t get picked?”

’Oh that would be easy I would have taken Summer, and Leon down with me,” Victoria said since she thought ahead.

“Can’t you do that with Leon and me?” Lin asked.

“Sumer would you like to do it in that way?” Victoria asked.

“Would that make Lin happy?” Summer replied.

“It would make me feel better,” Lin said.

“Ok, then it will be Leon, Lin, and me down the well at the same time,” Summer said.

“What!” Lin exclaimed.

“Well Leon picked me so that means that I’m his guide. So Victoria has to take us all down at the same time,” Summer exclaimed.

“Can she do that?” Lin asked.

“Psh, I’ve done it with so many more people on my back, and hands, and deeper down,” Victoria said with a wave of her hand.

“Well ok then,” Lin sighed not feeling very confident about the situation.

Victoria walked over, and put Leon and Lin on her shoulders ,and Summer wrapped her legs around Victoria’s waist and her arms around Victoria’s neck, and Victoria got off her knees, and jumped down, and heard Lin and Leon scream while Summer laughed in delight.

“How far down is this well?” Lin voice was barely audible.

Victoria let her tattoo’s shine, and Lin saw that Summer didn’t have her bandages ether.

“Ready Summer?” Victoria asked through the roll of bandages in her mouth.

“You bet!” Summer said.

Victoria let go of of the boys, and they screamed. Victoria turned, and shot her legs out to slow down, and the boys landed in the same position except that their head was right in front of Victoria’s shoulder instead of her back.

“You could have killed use!” Leon said frightfully.

Victoria laughed, and let the bandages role down the hole, and Summer’s tattoos started to shine as well as her eyes, so Leon looked at Victoria, and hers was the same as well, then at Lin who looked at him fearfully.

“Summer!” They heard Victoria muffled voice.

Summer reached around, and grabbed the bandages, and Victoria dropped down, and the were falling again, but they could see better, because of the tattoo’s. Suddenly the light went out and they were pushed into darkness.

“How in the world is this happening?” Leon asked.

Leon got no reply, but felt Summer wrap her arm tighter around them, and Leon had a feeling that Lin, and himself were about to reach the bottom, but couldn’t see it any more, then they felt Summer’s hands let go of them. A tight tug which made Leon gasp, and Lin did the moaned painfully, but Summer’s tattoos’ light that came back on seemed to show that they were both wrapped up tightly with the bandages, and Summer had a hold of the other ends in her mouth, and her hands, and feet were scraping against the wall as they went down.

“It’s about time you got here!” Victoria said under them, and laughing as they panicked, because Summer let them go, and dropped herself.

Victoria caught them, and looked up hearing the others come down, because they were screams of fear, and screams of joy. When everyone got down they all saw the tattoo’s on the family’s bodies, and none of them was without one.

“How come all of you have tattoo’s when not all of your family does?’ Leon asked.

“All in do time boy. All in good time,” Victoria said.

“What does that mean?” Leon exclaimed.

“You don’t remember what I said yesterday?” Summer asked.

“You mean I have to help in order to find out more about the family?” Leon asked.

“Ding ding ding tell him what he won!” All of the seven sins cried out and high fived.

“Ok then what about Spring, because I don’t see her here,” Leon remarked and all of the family members stared at him.

Summer punched Leon as hard as she could sending him across the cave, and into the wall.

“You don’t listen when you think it won’t matter do you!” Summer yelled, and Victoria saw that she wanted to kill him, or at least harm him enough to where Leon would understand things better.

“If you do that Summer you will become just like Deven, and even though we all want to do the same let’s put it behind us,” Victoria said healing Leon after she pulled him from the wall and brought him back.

Everyone walked through the cave in silence sensing that one wrong word could send everyone into a fight, and when they came to where they were under the school George saw a hammer ran over, and gave it to Victoria.

“Bingo,” Victoria said tracing it with her calloused fingertip.

“How in the world did someone do this?” Leon asked feeling around the cave wondering for the first time how Summer, and the other of her family members could stand being blind.

“The place is going to fall soon so let’s get out of here and start working,” Summer said.

“The way back up is harder than the way in,” Victoria said to Lin.

“I’m fine with Summer bringing Leon up,” Lin said.

“Good, because you will have to be on my back on the way up, because we’re climbing,” Victoria said.

Suddenly everyone hear a kissing sound, and Carrie scream in fear.

“Lucas!” The whole family yelled and Lucas laughed.

Victoria caught Lucas after five minutes of chasing him.

“Shall we get going?” Victoria asked as if nothing happened.

“What about him?” Lin asked.

“What about him he will be up their already when we get back,” Victoria said.

“Victoria, you didn’t,” Summer said to receive a smile from her.

“I did and something else,” Victoria said.

Summer hit her head with her hand and picked Leon up on her back and as she did he must have felt the same sensation as when they were falling.

“That should keep you in place,” Summer said.

“I have a better idea,” Victoria said.

“What?” Leon asked.

“I can make Summer age so I can do the same for you as well,” Victoria said.

“No,” Leon stated firmly.

“Ok, I won’t,” Victoria said and walked away.

Leon felt himself get smaller and younger until he was just a small child.

“I thought that you would be a cute child but Summer you went too far back,” Victoria said looking at him.

“What!” Leon said.

“You told me not to but you didn’t say that someone else couldn’t,” Victoria said.

“Change me back,” Leon said in a tiny voice.

“Give him to me,” Victoria said.

Summer walked over and Victoria picked Leon up with him complaining and wrapped him up. Lin looked like he was going to drop dead when Victoria jumped up on the well wall and slipped.

“Stop scaring people Victoria!” Summer yelled.

“But it’s so much fun even if I can’t see their face!” Victoria yelled back.

“We are going after her,” Lin demanded.

“O-Ok,” Summer stuttered shocked.

Summer looked a little scared at first, but she was not as scared as Leon was in a bag of bandages on Victoria’s chest as she climbed.

“Let’s play a game Summer,” Victoria yelled down.

“What kind of game!” Summer yelled back, but Leon saw her smile.

“Like we use to play,” Victoria said.

“Ok,” Summer said.

Leon felt Victoria gain in her speed, and when he looked down he saw that Summer was right on Victoria’s tail which made Victoria speed up, and laugh a little when she felt Summer’s breath on her back which made her speed up even more, and when he heard Summer slip which scared Leon, and Lin who was on Summer’s back.

“No fair Victoria,” Summer laughed as she switched how she was climbing.

“Yeah, hey let’s see how many of the others fall for the same trick,” Victoria said and felt Summer nod on her back.

Victoria set many of the traps how she was climbing and Summer did the same.

“Ah! Damn it Victoria and Summer!” Lily yelled as Victoria and Summer laughed.

After a few times the two groups felt the other’s anger, and got even more excited, and stop climbing.

“Ready,” Victoria said.

“Set,” Summer said after Victoria.

“GO!” They both yelled, and shot up like a rocket, and when they were out of the well went high in the sky.

Summer panicked, and Victoria looked at her, and moved Leon out of the way so Summer could rush into Victoria’s arms, and they started to slowly sink down so when all four touched the ground she was still trembling.

“Damn it Victoria I told you she was not ready for that!” Lily yelled.

“I know, I know, but I couldn’t help it, but when it was my first time no one helped me even though I was scared, and she has to be able to do this if she is to have a chance against him, because he loves to fight in the air, and if she freaks out she too will be lost! I’m not going to lose another one, so don’t lecture me! I’ve been doing this longer than you, and you have a choice whether to stay, or be in the afterlife, I don’t!” Victoria yelled, and started to pace back, and forth on her toes, “I’m stuck here, and will always be stuck no matter what I do, so why not have some fun!”

Summer walked up to Victoria, and gave her a hug, and Victoria hugged her back, then broke down and started to cry, but remembers that it wasn’t a good idea, and stopped before it caused damage.

“You know you still have a little Leon on your back right?” Summer scoffed which made Victoria laugh.

Victoria moved Leon down to see Leon asleep, and he was so cute.

“How long until he turns back?” Victoria asked.

Summer touched her nose, and Victoria just had to smile at her.

“That’s my girl, but he will be in a foul mood later I bet,” Victoria said.

“Let him I want to see if his face turns red,” Summer said.

“No, I’ve been in enough trouble already, and it is draining you by the second,” Victoria said changing him back.

Victoria gave him to Summer, and she took him in her arms gladly. Leon head hung limply off of her arms as she carried him his arms swung, and his head bounced as she walked. When they all got to the site she laid him down, and tried to shake him awake.

“Leon time to wake up were here,” Summer said in his ear.

“Move little one and let me show you how it is done,” Victoria said.

Summer stepped back, and Victoria whispered so low in his ear that it was barely heard to the point that Leon couldn’t really hear it.

“Victoria that’s naughty I think you have been spending too much time with Lust,” Summer said in the language of the angels as Leon sprung up with fear pouring off of him.

“Did you even know what I said?” Victoria asked her brow raised, “and don’t think of my students are as close as I am, because I can do thing a whole lot dirtier than that,” Victoria said.

“No, but I could guess what you said wasn’t very child friendly,” Summer said.

“What did you say?” Leon asked.

“I never reveal my secrets not even if it means my own death,” Victoria said.

“You’re already dead,” Summer scoffed.

“Got a point there,” Victoria said with a sarcastic tone which made Summer laugh.

“Ok, let’s get to work,” Leon said walking into the building.

Everyone, even the whole family that was there got to work, and it took them a week just to get all the pieces off the building, and into the correct piles, so everyone can all carry them.

“Load me up” Victoria and Summer said.

“With how many?” Carrie asked.

“As much as you want,” Victoria replied.

“How about you show us how much she can carry,” Leon said.

“Ok, lets find out,” Victoria said, and lifted one hundred pounds of weight, and carrying it as if it was nothing, “Here it cames.”

It landed square on Summer’s shoulder without her even flinching, so Victoria grabbed one with two hundred pounds, and Victoria could tell that was it, but Summer wanted to push herself a bit, so Victoria added one hundred pounds more, and said that was it.

“You good?” Leon asked, “Want any more on your back.”

“No, now get your butts out of park, and into moving before I influence you” Summer replied looking as she was going to start to use her abilities.

They all got to work, and carried them as well, but in the end Summer and Victoria decided to get on our hands, and knees to carry all of the wood while the others lead the way. The others had Lily give directions, and they followed her, but Victoria was thinking that most of the way the boys were looking at her butt, which she was correct about.

“We’re here,” Victoria said, and dropped the wood in the wood pile outside of the house.

When the group looked at the shrine, and it was, so small and cramped that no one could imagine one person living in it at all.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” Victoria said, and walked into the house.

“Where going on ahead,” The other family members said disappearing into the house.

“Ok, I have to do something, so you can see what I see,” Summer said.

“What?” The non-family members asked.

“Ok, just put one hand on top of mine, and envision a place where a piece of cloth can be that will enable you to see what can be seen in my house. Feel as it goes into my own mind, and becomes reality,” Summer said as they did what she told them.

When they opened their eyes they saw a bandage where they envision. Most had them on their arms, and some had it on their legs, but Leon has his around his neck, and Lin had it on his heads.

“Hey, how long are you going to stand there,” Victoria said sticking her head out of the window.

“Were coming,” Summer said.

Everyone walked into the house, and found themself in a forest with a little path.

“Wow,” King said wide eyed, “How big is this place?”

“That was just the first gate, and right now we are going through the second,” Summer said as she looked around, “It depends on what we want the people to see, and most will only see a tiny shrine.”

“What?” Lin asked his face white.

“There tests to see if you are a demon, or not, and if you have any bad intentions you will be in the small house that is how it is,” Victoria said. “Why do you think we needed the wood? Any way the shrine looks however big we want it to look on the outside by the way.”

“To improve the shrine,” Carrie said, “That is what you done with the wood?”

“No, I think I will just move the school house, but I’ve not decided yet,” Summer said.

“We will discuss everything at the house, so all of you stay close to Summer and me,” Victoria demanded.

Summer and Victoria started to walk, and the others followed in a close pursuit. When they got closer to the house the forest got denser, and both, Summer and Victoria, stopped causing the others to stop as well.

“What is it?” Leon asked.

“Shh!” Summer said looking from side to side, and then at Victoria which made her get into formation.

“Ok, new plan I will be in the back to make sure we don’t get a sneak attack,” Victoria said.

“Attacked!” Rose asked stuttering.

And just like that daggers came at them, but Summer and Victoria repealed them all.

“What is going on?” Leon asked.

“They are testing use,” Victoria said, “Hey, Summer let’s see if he is in the group.”

“How?” Summer asked deflecting a shard of glass that was aimed at Leon and Lin.

“Like this,” Victoria said.

They see Victoria act like she’s grabbing something in mid air, and her thumb grazed the top, and they heard a high pitched scream and a thud.

“That was Lust. How in the world did you do that?” Summer asked.

“Mama knows tricks to take them down,” Victoria smiled wickedly.

Summer pouted and Victoria laughed.

“We better keep moving,” Victoria said.

They got to the house in about ten minutes after that, and saw that most of the family came back, but it was Lucas who showed up after all the others and completely naked.

“Ha, I got him when he was naked double points,” Victoria said giving Summer a high five while Victoria was covered her mouth.

“Why are you covering your mouth?” Leon asked.

Summer started to cough and sank to the ground and Victoria took a huge gulp of air and Summer’s sides shook. As both Summer and Victoria started to breathe again.

“I have to tell you that you last a lot longer before you tell me that you have to breathe, because the others will usually cough when it becomes uncomfortable, but you cough when you’re about to pass out,” Victoria said rubbing the top of Summer’s head.

“So you breath for her?” Leon asked.

“No, this was a training exercise that we do when she gets home, because some spirits like to take the ability to breath from you, and wait until they get bored, and gives you the ability to breath again,” Victoria said breathing heavily.

“You shouldn’t pick a fight with Victoria naked when she knows how to do that,” Summer said bringing it back to Lucas who thankfully put some clothes on for the others.

“She is always with you! She lives in your back for Fuck sakes!” Lucas said and got smacked by Victoria.

“Language,” Victoria said placing her hands on her heart, “I don’t like to be in others.”

“Oh, like you don’t curse. I always forget that she is always there, and that she can live in my back, because she takes her human form most of the time,” Luke said coking his head to the side.

“You live inside her, and are always around?” King said looking shocked.

“Yes, well most of the time. I do, but I don’t like that way of keeping Summer’s abilities in check, so they don’t destroy her body and mind, I would rather be outside of her, so I can walk around, and not be in my spirit form,” Victoria said.

“You see, Victoria is the only one of my family that has her human form after death, and everyone here is dead, but me and you guys,” Summer said looking at everyone, “But this is the only place I want to be.“

“Really?” Victoria asked her right eyebrow raised.

“Yes. If I could change the family’s fate I wouldn’t, because I am pleased with most of the outcomes that happened, but their are others, I wish didn’t happen,” Summer said her voice getting smaller after she said but.

“Now none of that,” Victoria said trying to change the subject.

“I couldn’t protect my only sister,” Summer said continuing.

“I know dear, but that wasn’t your fault, so don’t beat yourself up over it,” Victoria said soothingly to Summer.

Summer calmed down, but Victoria could tell Summer was done for the day.

“Why don’t you get some drinks,” Victoria said to Summer.

Summer left the room.

“Ask me anything you want,” Victoria said.

“So, you’re dead, and if so for how long?” King said.

“Yes, I’ve been dead for, seven hundred ninety-nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred eighty-four, years,” Victoria said.

“What do you have?” Leon asked plain out.

“This family has a curse that has been around for eight hundred million years, and we don’t know the cause,” Victoria said.

“Who is Devin?” Leon asked.

“He is my little cousin, and he was the reason of my passing,” Victoria said.

“Why?” Lin asked.

“He used a forbidden spell, and he didn’t have the power to do it. He asked for my help without telling me, and it killed me. The spell made him a demon, so it is hard, because if it is anyone’s fault it is mine for making him a demon. When that happened he had too much power, and I was not able to be in this form, because he locked me inside of him. Draining my abilities little by little,” Victoria said, “I tried to stop him, but he just took more, and it almost destroyed him. Until someone close to him killed his barrier, and he no longer had control over me.... He died, and I was finally free.”

“Why don’t you go to the other side?” Rose said.

“Because she can’t,” Summer said appearing in the room with a numb look.

“Do you know where you are right now?” Victoria asked.

Summer nodded, and sat on Victoria’s lap curling up into a ball.

“Why are you unable to?” Leon asked.

“It is part of the forbidden spell. If there’s one with greater power that one can never pass on, but float in an endless circle with the ones of the family that has your curse as well,” Victoria said.

“Wow, that is heavy,” Leon asked.

“That is the nature of the curse, and the ones who are trapped in it. We all had to go through life trying not to have any emotions because of it,” Victoria said stroking Summer’s head, “well some of use.”

“Why?” Lin asked.

“Let’s get some drinks,” Summer said.

They saw Summer get up with Victoria changing her look which made Summer relax a bit, when she got up to follow. They followed them into the kitchen, and saw a bunch of glasses one on top of each other in a pyramid shape, and Victoria climbed a ladder with a bottle of wine in her hand.

“Some of use are under age you know?” Leon asked.

“Don’t worry about that,” Summer said.

“Why not?” John asked.

“Because when you are here age means nothing, because we can change your age so their is no problem,” Summer stated proudly.

“That’s right,” Victoria said, “and I made this one myself.”

They watched as she began to pour the wine into the first cup, and as it overflowed went into the others below it, and when they were all filled William, and George crashed through the door knocking into the drinks, but as if nothing happened the drinks were found on the ground in a pyramid.

“Wow,” They all said.

“Boys!” Victoria yelled.

Total panic was on the boy’s faces, and that scared the living how just by one look, and word how terrifying Victoria is. Victoria laughed, and handed Summer a small drink which Summer drank like a shot. Victoria decided to pass the drinks out, and they all took them, but were a little confused.

“I think they found out our trick Victoria,” Summer said looking like Victoria.

“You think so?” Victoria asked smiling.

“Why are most of your family blind?” Leon asked suddenly.

“Just part of the curse,” Victoria said.

“Oh,” Leon said and took a sip of wine.

“Did we have to use wine glasses?” Victoria asked.

“I made a special one for you Victoria,” Summer said pulling out a mug.

Victoria grabbed it and noticed Summer’s hand were shaking, but when Victoria looked at Summer she shook her head. They all went ahead, and ate with their wine, and saw that King was the first to give in to the alcohol, and was a fighting type, then a giggler.

“Eight hundred years really does things to the wine huh Summer,” Victoria said.

“Yeah, it does as well as the body and mind,” Summer stated referring to Victoria, “I mean I heard that you use to be a light weight with any alcoholic drink.”

“Yeah those were bad times, because she was all of use in one,” The sins staited out of nowhere which made everyone jump.

“That was fun back then,” Victoria laughed.

“No, it was not especially the next day when you got a hangover,” They stated, “You’re a fighter when your drunk to begin with!”

“Exactly that was the fun. I got to put a beatdown on you for no reason,” Victoria stated, “and most the time I wasn’t even drunk, but wanted to kick some ass.”

“That’s messed up,” Leon said taking a huge gulp of the drink which Summer handed him.

“You have a point, but it was tough love, and I didn’t kill them even if I get drunk I don’t go out killing people,” Victoria stated chugging the rest of the drink, and filled it back up on her own, and filled Summer’s.

“What happens when your family get drunk?” Leon asked curious now.

“Depends who you’re talking about, and how much they drink,” Summer said calmly.

“You’re getting close aren’t you?” Victoria asked.

“No...Maybe,” Summer said turning her head and blushing.

“So tell me Summer what have your dreams been like,” Victoria said smiling wickedly.

“So that was your plan all along,” Summer stated.

Victoria throws her shoulders up in a shrug, and smiled when Victoria suddenly got the hiccups, and Summer said to everyone,

“Be careful now guys, because when she gets the hiccups she tends to get mad.”

“Oh...hic...shut up...hic...” Victoria said taking a drink of water and felt much better.

“Great now you just found the vodka, and you tend to get crazy with that,” George said trying to take the bottle.

“It’s Russian water you ass,” Victoria replied taking a big gulp out of the bottle.

Leon saw Victoria slam George into the table all over a stupid vodka bottle. It did freak everyone out besides the family out, but for some reason when Leon looked over at Summer she was still drinking the drinks that were set out. When Leon looked down he saw that he had a refill of his cup.

“What is going on?” Leon asked Summer.

“The usual,” Summer whispered back to Leon, and smelt like juice, “I put juice out, and called it the wine. Well ares are juice, but her’s was wine, and the real adults.”

“Oh,” Leon said.

Summer lunged at Leon and felt the knife slide across her neck.

“Hey watch where you’re hurling those things Wrath! Before someone gets killed!” Victoria said.

“I’m sorry Leon,” Summer said her head down, “I forgot about their feud, and put everyone in danger.”

“I am not scared, in fact, I’m more worried about you,” Leon said putting pressure on the back of Summer’s neck.

“Leave it,” Summer said still on top of him her blood dripping on the floor.

“No, it needs to stop bleeding,” Leon said.

Summer grabbed his hand, and licked her blood from his pointer finger, and knew that it was a high dose of one of George’s mixed poisons.

“Victoria!” Summer yelled.

“What was that?” Leon asked looking up at Summer.

“Sorry, but you guys have to leave before the fighting actually start” Summer said her tears falling on his face.

‘This sucks they are not ready to hear this yet, so I will have to take their memories away,’ I thought.

“How can we leave?’ Lin asked.

“I’ll show you the way out,” Summer said knowing that she didn’t have long until she passed out.

They walked out of the house, and as they got halfway to the first door, Summer could feel the drug taking effect, and her stride became unorganized, so she slowed down, and her breathing became heavy.

“Summer are you ok?” Leon asked seeing Summer struggling.

“Fine,” Summer huffed leaning on a tree.

“What is going on really?” Leon asked in a demanding tone grabbing Summer making her stop walking.

“I’ll be fine. What is more important is that you guys get out of here safely,” Summer wheezed starting to walk on.

They followed, but Summer could sense their worry which made her happy that they do worry about her, but sad that soon their memories will be gone, and they might not care anymore. As they got closer to the first door Summer started to stagger, but didn’t want the others to know so she picked up the pace, and used some of the last of her strength to get past the door.

“Sorry, you couldn’t stay longer,” Summer gasped.

“Ok, but will you be ok?” They all asked.

“Fine, but you might want to take the cloth that you envisioned off,” Summer said.

“Why?” Leon asked.

“You really want them doing this at your house?” Summer asked raising an eyebrow, “Then this would have been for nothing, because they won’t leave even if you tell them to. You all saw that at the school house.”

“Good point,” They replied.

They took the cloth off, and handed them to Summer, then she waved them off.

“As soon as you leave this property, then all your memory from today will be gone, and you will only remember the end of the case, and what was said besides the principle giving me the school house,” Summer whispered falling into a deep sleep as the drug took its effect.

As everyone left Summer on the porch Leon could tell she used up all her strength to keep them safe, and sound even told them that if they kept the wrapped cloth, then it will lead her family to where they all lived, and her efforts would be in vain. Leon could barely hear her breathing as he felt a wave like Summertime heat go by the group, and when they looked back Summer was fast asleep, but Leon didn’t know if it was from the effect of the knife, but Summer looked as if she had fun even after all that happened.

“Where are we?” Everyone asked as they walked out of the property.

No one could answer the question.

“Oh well, I’m beat, so I’m heading home,” Carrie said without a second thought.

“I think I should go home to, I’m exhausted,” The others said one after the other besides Lin and Leon.

“What should we do Leon?” Lin asked.

“Let’s just go home,” Leon said walking to the car, and getting in the back while Lin got in the front.

“I think Summer would be a good addition to the team, don’t you?” Leon asked.

“You’re the boss, so I will follow your decision no matter what,” Lin said.

“What were we doing today?’ Leon asked as he felt the emptiness of today, and no matter how much he tried to grasp what went on it flew away.

“I don’t quite know myself, but I think we were doing something about Summer, and her family,” Lin said, “maybe some research, and the day flew by without use finding anything about them.”

“Yeah it’s like something, or someone is stopping us from digging deeper,” Leon said.

“Do you know what that red stuff on your hand is?” Lin asked.

Leon looked at his hand, and found Summer’s blood on it. It had a metallic smell as well as a strange sweet smell to it that made him want to lick it off, but Leon knew not to like something was telling him “no don’t do that”. Not only that, but it had it’s own heat, and it was pulsing feeling like a heart.

“Strange,” Leon said.

“Try to get that off of you when you get home please,” Lin said driving.

Leon climbed to the passenger seat, and turned on some music, but he knew Lin was right, because it wouldn’t come off when Leon wiped it on the paper towels in the car. Lin drove Leon home, and when he tried to wash it off it stayed there, and shocked him as soon as Leon tried to do it again.

“Well that is strange,” Leon said drying his hands.

Leon decided to go to bed, and tell Lin about it later. When Leon closed his eyes he saw something that seemed familiar about a house, and the people in his dream, but didn’t know what exactly. When Leon woke up, and got dress Lin was in the living room waiting for him.

“Wouldn’t come off,” Leon said lifting his hand before Lin could speak.

“That could be a bad thing,” Lin said.

“If it is, then it is,” Leon said.

Leon had a pretty good idea of when Summer’s school started so he called her at lunch.

“Hello?” Leon heard Summer say, but her voice was off.

“Hi, Summer this is Leon Hall, and I was wondering where to send your check,” Leon said looking at her cheek.

“Check?” Summer asked.

“From working for me,” Leon said patiently.

“Oh, that’s fine. Do what you wish with it,” Leon heard her say through the speakers.

“If you don’t want it I’ll put it in a charity,” Leon said.

“I do that anyway when I do get money,” Summer said plainly.

‘Damn she is good at this, and my hand is hurting now like it knows who it is,’ Leon thought.

“I was wondering if your school would allow you to come, and work for me,” Leon said flexing my hand.

A few moments of hushed murmuring, since Summer cover the receiving end of the phone.

“Ok, that sound like a great idea, then I don’t have to live off the school,” Summer said.

“Go down to Orange Street in Firelands, until you get to the Hall’s Psychiatric Research Center which is a bare building, so that it is easier to spot. Once you found it come right in,” Leon said.

“Ok, see you soon,” Leon heard in a low voice like Summer was struggling with keeping her voice, then a click that told him that she hung up.

“Done,” Leon said.

“When will she be here?” Lin asked.

“Around 4:30 in the afternoon,” Leon replied.

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