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Days of the Cherry Blossom

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Chapter 1

The school was over, it was the first day after the winter break. Valancya , Val in short was the only person to be in class. There were a few playing on the school ground but none were like her, sobbing while resting her head on the desk. Lilian, who walked by to get his football jersey which was in his sister's locker noticed her. They were thick friends. He didn't expect Val to be here at this time. He tiptoed to take the jersey without her noticing. She felt someone's presence and hence looked around, lilian managed to hide behind the locker. A few seconds later, there was a loud thud. Both of them stood up and noticed each other, gazing into each other.

"Did anything happen?" He asked softly, she looked at him and wiped her tears, and said "No, it's nothing " with slight hesitation. "No say it to me," he says walking closer to her. Her phone was on, there was a picture of her crush kissing someone else. Lilian saw it and spoke, "Who sent it to you". " I dont know," she says .
An echo was heard by the speaker set in the school. A voice spoke, " Run for your lives, a murderer is here ". It was the headmistress informing the few kids who stayed back at school to be alerted and get back home safely. She spoke this in her car. The only places where one could speak in these speakers where her car and the Speaker room , which could be led by their classroom. It was usually locked. A loud thud was heard again . The power went off .
There was a sudden and consistent slow increase of the sound of footsteps approaching . Lilian pulled Valancya by the waist near him behind the locker . It was amusing on how his own sister entered and locked herself inside the room with the two inside already.
A voice spoke in the speaker simultaneously , "Hello children" . Val and lilian was smart to enough to tell that the murderer was inside the speaker room . Valancya glanced at who it was, Rosie of all people. They walked silently near the door to escape , Val shouted " Rosie?" As Rosie was the one who locked them in here , in fact trapped them here . Rosie was a friend of Valancya and the sister of Lilian . The murderer came in front of their eyes dressed in an all black suit with a black masquerade mask and a huge gun. He had wavy hair . "Rosie ? Who's Rosie? " he smiled . "Me" Rosie said with a huge grin spread on her face . Val was pretty scared of him and held Lilian's shirt tightly while he wrapped an arm around her waist . Rosie turned around and walked towards the door and opened the hooks . The murderer was behind her closing the door with the gun . He tried to close the hooks while accidentally shooting at the door handle . Val and Lilian got petrified and screamed thinking he shot Rosie .
They walked close by to realize the truth . They heard a sudden rush of footsteps . The murderer pointed the gun at val and walked closer to her and kept beside her neck and gestured them to kneel down and stay quiet. They did so . A guy opened the door and pulled Rosie half way out before The murderer held her hand in one of his hand and pulled the trigger of his gun and shot the guy's ankle using his other hand .
"What do you want from us ? Who are you ?" Lilian spoke as he gets the reply "You know me well , just like how I know you . I want -" before he could finish there was sounds of sirens . The murderer quickly escaped through the window of the school speaker room . The police came in for investigation , the team leader was tired and exhausted by his job and didn't have much interest nor strength to deal with the case and concluded it by saying "Nothing , it's just the kids play" knowing it wasn't the same.
The police team fled away from the school soon as their leader ordered them to not waste time on silly school kids pranks . However the police officers knew there was something fishy.
The three , lilian , Rosie and Val went to their usual hiding spot , their so called secret space , their club room , the room of crimes club . The room could be locked and opened from the in and out . And it had only three keys .
The trio were seated in deep thoughts on the murderer . Rain poured down heavily , there was a huge lightning flash and thunder when they saw a figure of the same guy with the same mask inside the room . Lilian asked " who lost the key?" . Rosie looked down and replied "I did . I'm sorry " in a soft tone . Lilian spoke arrogantly "because of you we all are going to die . You trash ." As he pushed her down making her elbow scratch against a junk metal causing it to bleed. "I'm sorry , I did not mean to " she repeated softly as she walked over to the door . The murderer opened it and after she left , he spoke "you both deserve to die" . Lilian spoke furiously "so does that bloody moron" . The murderer walked away saying "Do you want you or your girlfriend killed first?" Continued with a series of laughter that sounded so dark and evil .
Then Lilian and Val walked back to their dorm as they stayed together . They thought of having some food in a nearby place which sold drinks and meat under the starry night and hence ordered some . They talked about how the murderer might have killed Rosie after kidnapping her .
A few seconds later , val notices the same murderer with the mask , on the other side of the road . She points to him and speaks " look the wretched kidnapper strolling happpily" . Lilian looked at him as val got up and walked upto him . Lilian ran back after her . "WHY DO YOU DO THIS ? WHY DID YOU KIDNAP HER" he ignores her once , she repeats herself again with a even more louder tone, he mocks her saying "Why did you? Oh how sad" . Val slaps him and he speaks "such a foolish lover of yours " to lilian . "Who are you to talk about my girlfriend " he asks back in defense. The murderer answers "I repeat again , you know me well and I know you. It is quite funny considering how rosie knew who I was with just my voice and you still cannot " . Val shouts " You didnt have to hurt layla . YOU KIDNAPPING JUNK" . "I wouldnt hurt her " the murderer said as he slapped her hard . Lilian holds the guy by his shirt while the murderer holds him by his neck in the air and spoke " I dont understand Why the death angels visit you . Also Rosie is not someone I would lay my hands on" .

Rosie was not kidnapped, it was just an assumption by lilian and val. She came there eating a bar of dark chocolate, she saw them , especially when he held him the air . She ran away quickly from there . But they managed to see her . Val ran after her and dragged her there. "WHY DO U BRING THIS FILTHY TRASH HERE?" lilian spoke as he grew angrier each second. Val replied "She's your sister " . Lilian spoke "ME OR HER" . Val replied sighing taking a deep breath " Its you of course but " Lilian interrupted "then do as I say . This trash needs to know where she belongs, the junkyard " as he pushed Rosie again . The murderer glared at lilian and gave a hand to Rosie to help her up. They headed somewhere.

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