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You Never Should Have Crossed Me

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What would you do if you got a job working for the government? Would you work, or deny it. Jacob Daniels decides to work for them. He get's into some trouble, but nothing he can't handle.

Mystery / Humor
Jacob Cunningham
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Chapter 1: Beyond The Waves

Today is the day I leave for California for a cruise. It’s an extremely long drive from Pittsburgh. My friend Alex told me about an LGBT cruise to Japan and back. When I saw the price, I thought it was a joke. I thought that is was a scam. I tried tracking the IP address, and it was a legit price! The cruise was only for$1,500. The price includes housing, food, the arcade, and the overall trip. We have to meet in Long Beach, California and we leave at 4 in the afternoon. I have my best friends Caleb and Kory to watch my dog, Tyreale. He is a German Shepherd - Husky mix. He is the most adorable puppy ever. He is only a year old and still needs potty training. Anyways, I get out of bed, fill the dogs food and water dishes, take him for his walk, brush my teeth, grab my suitcases, and walk out of the door. I get into my true pride and joy. She’s is a jacked up, four door, Dodge Ram 2500 with a 6-cylinder engine. She gets 30 miles per gallon and about 150 horses on a bad day. She only cost me around $500,000 all around. Including all of my upgrades I had done. I am very proud of her. I bet you’re wondering why I am going onto an LGBT cruise. That is because I am bisexual. Honestly, I am going to try to get a boyfriend on this cruise. I am tired of women and their drama, “poor me” acts and just their attitudes. I am done. I have never met a single female who could keep a relationship going. They either end it by cheating or by blowing up over something not being in the right place. A glass could be moved an eighth of a millimeter to the left and my one ex would fill out over it. Anyways, it takes me about five days to get to long beach.

After I arrive, I lock my truck and walk over to Alex. Alex and I have been friends ever since we were younger. It started in kindergarten. We hit it off that day and were inseparable from that day. Well, all except one period during senior year. I literally almost lost my shit. I didn’t think I could survive, but by some miracle, we did. We graduated and now we live our own separate lives. He and I have have been through everything together. We’ve comforted each other through ex’s, family and friend deaths, and depression. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be alive without Alex. He’s the gay best friend that I am lucky to have.

“Hey Jake!” Says Alex, snapping me out of my daydream.

“Hey!” I say as I walk over to him and another guy.

“Alright, Jake, this is Kaden. Kaden, this is Jake.” Alex says as we Kaden and I shake hands.

He looks very cute! His hands are really soft and small. He is very polite and petite. I feel like we could be a very cute couple.

After about five minutes, we finally walk onto the ship’s main deck. As soon as my foot hit the deck, I felt right at home. Everyone looked nice and polite. The waiters and waitresses are all wearing pride suits and shirts. Some in rainbow, some in pink, purple, and blue, and etc. The entire ship was decorated with rainbow except for the floors, window, and doors.

“Good afternoon passengers! Welcome to the 2015 LGBT suite! Go ahead and find your suites and settle in,” Said who I assume is the Captain.

“Ok you two, lets meet back here at around 6:30 so we can go to dinner. They have a sushi buffet here and I’ll be damned if I don’t get sushi on this cruise.” I announce as they agree, anxiously and we set off to our suites. Kaden and I are apparently very close as far as suites go. We have short conversations about random stuff. We got to know a lot about each other through these conversations. We wave bye and go into our different suites.

The suite I have is huge! The living room was the size of my house! There was an elbow-shaped couch, a huge TV, which is the size of my large kitchen table, there was a huge fish tank that showed the suite next door. The fish tank has what I think is bulletproof glass and fish that look awesome. I look through the window and see Kaden! I knock on the wall next to the tank to get his attention. He look up, to the tank, and then to me. We wave as we smile to each other. Once we are done with that, we go back to unpacking. My bedroom is equipped with a queen-sized bed, a large dresser, a large TV, and a bathroom. I finish unpacking and look over to the clock. ‘It’s 6:15.’ I think to myself. ‘I guess it’s time to head out.’ I think as my stomach growls in agreement. I laugh and walk out the door.

“It’s 6:30. Where are you guys?” I speak to myself as I see them walking towards me.

“Hey! I made a reservations for 7:00. For now, lets just walk around for awhile.” Alex says as and I nod in agreement.

“Alright, I can do that. I don’t know if my stomach can though.” I say with a chuckle. They laugh back and we start to walk around. We talk about random things, gossip about other people, and take the view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s really beautiful.

Seven O’Clock rolls around. We get seated at a very nice restaurant. To be honest, this place is huge. It’s at the bottom of the ship. The walls are made of glass, so we can see everything underwater. There are fish everywhere! It’s beautiful! I just love how the sun hits the... ‘SUSHI! THIS PLACE IS FILLED WITH SUSHI! I AM IN HEAVEN!’ I thought to myself. I run over to the buffet bar and return to Alex and Cody before they can even get their plates. I am content.

After about 30 minutes of eating a crap ton of sushi, Alex and Kaden are finished and were feeling pretty sick. I was fine, but we have more to do. There is a dance on the top deck in about ten minutes. We start to head up to where the dance is. It’s only 8:45 when we reach the stairs and there is already a really long line. Honestly, long doesn’t even describe this line. This line is enormous! Like, if you take the people who surround the red carpet and put them into a line, that would be this line. This line is ridiculous. Haha, get it? RiDICulous! And we’re on an LGBT cruise! Haha!

“Hey guys, let’s just head back to my suite. I brought my video games.” I suggested. I really don’t want to wait so long for this ridiculous line. Haha, I said another pun.

“Yeah, that sound’s good.” Said Kaden as Alex nodded in agreement.

We push through the crowd of people for what seems like 30 minutes, however, it was only about a minute. After we reach our freedom, we head straight for my suite. I’m still in awe of the pure size and the view of my suite. I turn on my X-Box One (Yeah, that’s right, fuck your PS4) on and take out all 68 games I brought with me. I have another, I think, 107 back home. They look at the games, then back to each other, and back at the games and slowly choose which ones they don’t want to play and do want to play. It takes them about two or three minutes to decide. They are now debating between two games, Black Ops II and Mine Craft.

“Well, Black Ops II is really overrated!” exclaimed Alex.

“And Mine Craft isn’t?!” Disagreed Kaden.

Wow, they both are very passionate about their games. Alex I knew was really into video games, but I didn’t think Kaden would be. I guessed wrong. I chuckle and throw Left 4 Dead 2 at them. They look at the game and shrug as they nod in confirming their choice. I was always the person who picked the best game that everyone can agree on. I laugh and put the disc into the disc tray.

We played for about three hours. It’s now midnight, and everyone is tired. We all say our goodbyes and Alex and Kaden leave for their suites. Kaden doesn’t have to go very far though. I am seriously crushing hard on Kaden. He is really chill, except when it comes to video games, and quite adorable. I wonder if he likes me or not. Should I ask him out? Hmmm. I don’t know. I’ll sleep on it. I’m too tired to think about it. I really must concur with what I’ve heard. It’s really peaceful out beyond the waves.

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