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My little angel

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When a man does something stupid and regrets it, he calls the cops on himself. They take him away and find out what he did.

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The shock

There I am, in shock. Standing in the middle of the woods, looking at the body of my sweet little angel. I called the cops myself. That was some time ago. Now I finally hear the sirens. Not even 2 whole minutes later I’m surrounded by dozens of cops. They ask me a lot of questions, but I can’t answer. I try to, but I can’t get any words out of my mouth. One police officer grabs me and puts me in handcuffs. He puts me into a car. While we drive away, I look out the window. I see them taking my little girl. She’s covered in dirt. Her body is completely stiffed up. They put her in a body bag and that’s the last I could see. My little angel. Gone, forever.

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