Un Imagined Fate

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Its about two girls born on the same day with the exact resemblance and name but in different worlds, holding each other life and fate in their hands, nothing goes on without the concern of the other.

Mystery / Fantasy
Pamella liza
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The birth of the Princess

Owooo0........., he shouts due the birth of the princess and many are celebrating due to her birth. It’s her and she smiles like no one could ever imagine. Jane is a goddess of this family; no one could understand prophesy being declared UN to the child. She was born twice of her life and will live the life a double gaga, her life will be filled with the depth of love in every life she leads. She was born to make a difference but hardships and suffering a yet to come. Stop it mother replied Jane’s mother, whatever you saying it’s not the truth my child will be a princess of my family only.
Jane’s father was amazed by the sudden out burst of his wife; what’s the matter, your mother has always mentioned the same thing from the time when you still carry her inside your womb.
We have along life to watch our child grow, so let see what was written in her destiny.
Weeks passed and the all family of Mugera’s was meant to leave the hospital. Jane was always smiling as a new born baby. But on there way out something happened that no could explain to the parents. Jane fainted and everyone wondered what made her faint, Mrs. Mugera wondered what all that met, as always Jane’s grand mother said what was written will be.

In Jane’s brain it was life of comfort and another mother had given birth of a baby girl full life and sadness, she wondered why a baby expressed emotion of sadness. She was extremely happy about the baby. Mr. Wilson entered and was glad to meet the baby girl; your name shall be Jane and will be the light of my house, all the blessings from above will be yours. And everyone was shocked and wondered what made her faint, everyone was in confusion and no could understands the cause. Mrs. Mugera demanded the doctors tell what’s wrong with their child but the doctors could not say anything because he was also confused the baby was fine what made her lose consciousness but nothing would have been done. Checking the result Jane was perfectly fine but asleep, inside her brain, the story of any family is show living in America, the also expecting their first child and it was girl, she was born and she was name Jane also, it smiled like Jane Mugera. Mrs. Wilson was glad about her child; looking at this child she had the exact resemblance of Jane Mugera. She was happy as if she understood what was going on. They spent week in the hospital but remaining one to complete the week they left the hospital and Jane was taken home. Jane Wilson left the hospital before Jane Mugera. The Wilson celebrated opened the house and poured balloons for her to get inside the house. It was amazing, but then inside Jane brain she fought what she saw because she wanted to wake but could not until the fifth day of the week was over.

Jane Wilson started crying and everyone was worried about what was happening to their little angel, Mrs. Wilson went inside and they she tried to get inside the house the more the baby cried.

Jane Mugera she fought as child to awake up and enter her mother house also as she had seen the baby do but she was not. She asked Jane Wilson in the mind that can she help and let her wake up she said yes. Jane Wilson faint also and the parents were worried but just in few seconds both babies woke up at the same time.

Both families were glad, Jane Wilson’s grand mothers said that it both the babies are awake and now its time for us to go home and enter the house, because if we don’t, it will be difficult for us to help our girl.

They left the hospital on their way home Jane did not seem fine, it’s like something was missing no matter how she tried it never made sense, Jane thinking. About the other her, she was scared and at the same time glad to know her other self.

Jane Wilson she coughed and everyone was scared she refused to enter the house no could get it, she began smiling again and Mrs. Wilson wondered if something is with her child but she could explain it but she showed that she wait for some and that person is near the same, she thought she was crazy why would I think that, she is just a baby an d nothing else. The more she thought abut it, the more it made sense, my baby is blessed and she will live a double life in world. Everyone was shocked about the comment she left behind and she never understood the words she met, Mr. Wilson told his wife its seems you are tired we need to go inside, but Mrs. Wilson said a few more minutes, its like she read what her child wanted and could interpret every emotion or gesture she displayed on her face.

Jane Mugera reaches the house, shouting and celebrating for her as she saw other being welcomed. She was glad because its seemed the parents on both sides loved her and celebrated the same. She smiled and imagines what was happening in her other life. She visits the brain but this time there was no need for her to faint she just closed her eyes and opened them and she was with Jane Wilson, Jane Wilson smiled and the mother knew it was time for her to enter inside the house. She told everyone get already its time to welcome my child in our house. They celebrations continued at the same time, laughter and joy was on both parents, they both saw each others lives and wondered what it met for them, wont there parents ever get tired of waiting to celebrate the same for both them, born on the same with the exact face and mind and thinking with a wide imagination of their life.

They both got to see the faces of those that gave birth to the other, the relatives around and all the beautiful things around their families.

The two Jane woke up and it was time to enter the house and there it was, Mrs. Wilson saw her daughter glad and about to shout although she is a baby, and back to the Mugeras it was the same thing, they entered the house, both families prayed while entering and the babies continued to believe life is going to be fun for them both, welcome Jane Wilson and welcome Jane Mugera, both mothers said.

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