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Hope of 'The Ray'

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This is one boy story that is smart, brave and witty and has some capacity to do new things. This little boy whose name is ' Kshatriya ' is helping his parents to complete their mission. At this small age he has very good strategic planning, finding solutions and taking decision on basis of possibility knowledge. That type of Training taken this '‘Kshatriya’ at very young age. These novels show us so Many things like mysterious, classic and family love and humanities. How can he use his mind to save his family and with not exposing his real identity we can seen in these novel. These novel story based on how we see and use very small thing to achieve our victories which beyond the imagination of normal common people. This little boy has Responsibility to do not reveal the world biggest research secret and finding his own parents without knowing the government and security force.

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Around half past midnight, there was a loud noise outside the house. Due to heavy rain and lightning, ‘Ram’ woke up startled. The windows of the house were opened by the speed of the wind. He tried to look out of the window but due to the darkness he could not see anything. The next day, Ram went out to work in the field early in the morning, but what he saw in front of him that made him unconscious for a while and his breathing stopped for two and three minutes.

Ram was a poor farmer who lived in a village called ‘Junad’ which is situated near Kashi. Because he was poor, Ram was always looked down upon by the dignitaries of the society. He was always kicked. Ram and his wife ‘Chanda’ had been married for 4 years but they had no children. All the people of the village used to laugh at him and never miss an opportunity to insult him. Ram lived with his wife in a small house outside the village. He was a calm, tolerant, and naive person by nature. His wife Chanda was a very good cook and an understanding person. Ram got up every morning and went to work on his farm.

In the early morning, Ram himself saw a 5-year-old boy in an unconscious state in front of him. The boy’s body had marks of beating. at the right place, life beating wounds present on his neck. The boy with a soiled dhoti, blackened face, not a single hair present on his head, had a small bag with him. Seeing the bad condition of the boy, Ram tried to wake him up. But the boy did not wake up, Ram took him to his house, sprinkled water on his face and soon the boy woke up. Seeing Ram, his body began to tremble with fear, he began to sweat. Seeing his condition, Chanda gave him some water to drink and some food. Ram asked him, where did he come from? What was his name? But the boy is not ready to speak. It doesn’t take long for Ram to realize that he doesn’t understand his language, so when he tries to ask him in Hindi language , the boy says, “Mera naam ‘lakshya’ hai | Main 7 sal ka hoon”. Lakshya did not say anything except his own name in Hindi. Ram checked his bag but the bag was opening with a different technique. Ram did not know the code on the chain of the bag. So Ram could not open the bag.

Seeing that it was evening outside. Ram decided to keep Lakshya in his house. Chanda fed Lakshya a lot. Ram went out and brought some medicine. Lakshya took all that medicine and fell asleep peacefully. Middle of the night with a nightmare, Lakshya woke up. And His body started shaking with fear, he was sweating profusely, breathing became difficult. What was happening in the dream that made Laksh unable to get back to sleep and why was ′Lakshya’ showing that he did not know ‘English’ but his mother tongue was actually English? Why did he lie about his age? who is Lakshya in Reality? what was his real intention to hide his own identity? Let’s find out in the next part…….

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