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Shi Yon was an adult who had decided to finally visit her mother after a long time of not seeing her. She thought that all would be fine— but would it, really? ©okazaki

Mystery / Horror
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01; Dad?

“Hey, mom. How are you?” Shiyon opened the door to the small but elegant building that seemed quite old. She took off her coat and put it on a cot hanger that was near the door. She untied her wavy brown hair, and sighed. Her name was Shi Yon, daughter of Park DongHo and Shin Ryeon-shi. Her mother, Shin Ryeon-shi was a petite old woman, 60 years old. She had dementia, a general term for impaired ability to remember, think, or make decisions that interfere with doing everyday activities.

“Hah? Who are you.” Shiyon’s mother replied. Shiyon slightly lowered her eyes, she had a lump in her throat that she was unable to relieve herself of. “Shi Yon, mom. It's your daughter.” Shiyon’s mother stared at her face for a couple seconds, before showing a creepy smile. “A-ah? Shiyon? It’s you? I don’t remember.” Shiyon smiled hesitantly. “Yeah.” Shiyon’s mother was quiet for a few moments, looked out a certain window with a hesitant face, and sighed.

She got up, walking upstairs. When her mother got to the stop of the stairs, she called Shiyon’s name. “Shiyon. I remember you now. Thank you for doing that.” Shiyon confusedly stared up at her mother. “What… what did I do?” Shiyon tilted her head. She had just been here yesterday. Why was her mom… scared?

Her mom simply turned around and walked through the hallway. Shiyon stared up at the stairs, even when her mother wasn’t there. She finally turned her head, and was surprised when she saw her mom’s feet on the floor. She looked up, and smiled hastily. Why was her father here? Park Dong Ho stared at Shi Yon, hiding a knife behind his back. He smiled. “Shiyon.” She stared back at him, horrified.

“Park Dong Ho?”

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