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The Secret part one

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A group of friends everyone says is the “perfect group” everyone soon finds out really isn't. They have one secret and many small ones that were leaked one by one by someone they knew and twenty years later it comes to haunt them. Their kids are in the same situation sophomore year their whole lives flip upside down from one text from an unknown person. A copycat, someone they could be close friends of, someone they could be old friends of, the child or a family member of the original killer, but whoever they are they want revenge. All they have to do is complete simple tasks but, in the process, spill a few secrets and maybe ruin a few relationships. Secrets get told, friends become enemies; enemies become lovers, lovers become enemies and you learn to keep your friends close but your enemies closer to survive. If you don't, who knows you could be next. Who do you think this mysterious A is? Are they someone close to the group? Is it a new friend they brought in? Is it an old friend? Who knows but the real question is who will be next and will they figure out who it is before one of their own goes missing or worse killed? I guess you’ll have to read to find out who is behind it all

Mystery / Thriller
ML Williams
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I’m in my room when I got a text from Eva. She asked what I was wearing for the first day of sophomore year. I told her I don’t really know so she started freaking out then about ten minutes later I heard a loud knock on the door. I went downstairs and opened the door she burst in and started rambling. “Girl how have you not picked out your outfit, my god come on let’s go we gotta find you some clothes and you don’t look like you just rolled outta bed tomorrow morning,” she said while she was using her hands to gesture everything she said. “Hey Mari, how’s your night going? Oh, great Eva thanks for asking” she rolled her eyes and just gestured for me to come upstairs. I just followed her because she wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Okay what do we have to work with,” she says as she walks to my closet.

“No nope nuh uh definitely not wait what is this?” She said, then she pulled out my tub of fancy clothes. “Why in the world do you have these clothes hidden girl? This stuff is gorgeous.” I shrugged “I don’t know I just never really had any moments I would wear them” I replied as I went to my desk and started to write on my computer. “No, it’s because you throw yourself into all of your sports, writing, and music actually to have the energy to.” I protested, “that is not true.” I said as I turned in my chair to look at her she looked back at me with her forest green eyes lowkey judging me. “Yeah, it is ever since eighth grade you barely have time for your friends if we didn’t force you to get out you wouldn’t hang with us at most likely.” I realized she was right “okay maybe you are right now that I’m thinking about it, so I guess I’ll try harder to be less isolated okay” She jumped with joy. “Okay, you can start by wearing this tomorrow.” She held up a black skirt and a purple tank top with a jean jacket. I look at her and then give in. “Okay okay fine it’s not even that bad anyways.” She went through the rest of my clothes then left and said see ya in the morning that means she’s driving, and that’s gonna be a lot in the morning. I went back upstairs after letting Eva out and grabbing a drink and I got a text from an anonymous number

Unknown: Make sure you know who your friends are because this year will definitely reveal them

I was confused and kind of creeped out, so I responded

Who is this?

Unknown: You’ll find out soon -A

I didn’t think much of it thinking it was just one of my friends screwing with me, but I would find out soon enough I was wrong very wrong.

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