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His Captured Beauty

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Elijah is a billionaire and a secret Mafia that no one knows. He already has a girlfriend whose name is Bianca Smith . He is using Bianca for some purpose. But Bianca doesn't know that he is hiding something big from her. If you want to know what Elijah is hiding from Bianca then you have to read this story.

Mystery / Action
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Elijah Miller is one of the most famous and dangerous businessman in the world. He is also a secret Mafia that no one knows ...

He is already in a relationship with Bianca Smith.. Elijah is dating her because he is using her for some purpose. Bianca is unknown to that he is playing with her feelings.

But there is something which Elijah is hiding from Bianca.

If you want to know what Elijah is hiding then you have to read the story.

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