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Intouch With Lucifer

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A great woman who is seen as a goddess, a role model and a good woman that every man always fight for, to have as a lover but little did they know that in the inside of her, the devil’s home is built

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Tick - Tuck, Tick -Tuck says the clock, it's midnight, I looked at the dark walls of my room filled with designs of Zombies feeding on a woman's flesh, its horrifying but I love werewolves art, I'm Libra, it is said that Libra is one of the most dangerous zodiac signs, trust me I'm a pageant. I do not believe in the existence of a god, but I feel we are all humans gotten from the womb of a woman. I am a mysterious soul, a lot is to be said about me until you understand why I am terrifying.It's Friday, I mark today, third of June, 1709. I live in Italy, I speak both Latin and Greeks. I do stay with my grandmother at the country-side. It is a big crime for a woman to loose her virginity at the age of eighteen years here in Italy. It is illegal and a very big offense. I am eighteen and still a virgin, I do not give a damn about men, because, I have a lot of big things ahead of me. It's Friday, the last day of the five working days. It's Friday, a day the Muslims go to the mosques and disturb the country at large. It's Friday a day before Saturday on a normal period, Friday is my best day in a week because of activities that usually go on. I went to my best friend's art studio to go buy her painting, in the process, I met a young looking man with bodyguards around him. I looked closely, it was the prince, PIREQUE. I admired his handsome face and that kept me looking bush nae, until I was hit by my friend to drag my attention and then I realized myself. I went to her studio to take a look at her paintings to buy the best. As I check on the painting, I was nervous and shocked to see the Prince in the studio with his bodyguards, he came to Patronize my friend and admire her painting skills< I was filled with jealousy, I kept staring at him like I was born to look at him, only his smiles made me feel like I am missing a lot without being his. He gave us an invitation card to visit the castle tomorrow afternoon "I in occursum adventus tui cras" (I will meet you tomorrow) he said winking his eyes as his eyes were faced on my lips. I was so uncomfortable that I could feel my tilts getting wet like I just finished having sexual intercourse.It's Saturday, a day of danger and fear in Italy especially at night because it is a night filled with witches and wizards from different worlds having a war. I reminded my best friend about the Prince invitation, but she insisted that we shouldn't go because of rumors spread about the Prince acquiring him of being a sex freak and I was marveled. I left with disbelief because h doesn't look like a cassanova, neither does he act like one I went to the temple in the evening to tie a rope on y wrist to identify that I am still a virgin, because every sixth of June is a day every dis-virgin-ed teenager is killed and cast out by the Queen of the evil, goddess Erica, she is the most dangerous goddess ever and the queen of evil that is to say, evil lies with herI went to the temple all alone, the temple of the Greek gods is located at the mountain of Keista. The time I got there, no body was at the temple, as a pageant, you are meant to bath yourself with the blood of another human filled in a clay pot before you can enter temple to face the Greek gods. I did so and entered, I prayed in front of the idol with smoke of fire escaping to the air, immediately I picked up the red rope and tied it round my wrist before I could turn back to leave, lo and behold I saw Prince PIREQUE Diego. I bent down to his feet saying "His royal highness" he raised me up looking into my eyes, "comotelamas" (What is your name?) I told him my name was Carol Linda "Ehn,Bella Comoteilla mas) (wow, beautiful name). He took me out of the temple and carried me close to the valley, he forcefully teared my clothes and my undies, he pushed me so hard as he insert his two fingers inside of me and dis flowered me. When the dawn was rising, he left me naked, hopeless and helpless as the bans on my wrist cut into two. I stood up to my feet, picked up my terned gown and moved to the temple, then I cried unto the Greek god but none answered me, with shame and fear I moved back to the country side and stayed home. In the night I slept off after crying my eyes out.It is morning, the crow of the male fowl woke me up. The moment I woke up, I looked at hand, oh no! My hands began to grow purple webs. I rushed to the mirror lo and behold, my eyes were as that of a snake eye and my hair was changed from black to dark purple.I was filled with grief and fear as I remembered yesterday when the prince of Diego raped me. I cried because sixth of June is near. I stayed in my room all day and all night weeping. It is said that you can't change back the time. Who can I report the Prince to, no body, even if I do, I will be casted away, because, I am no longer a virgin. I slept off, the moment I woke up my skin turned to purple. I felt myself slowly becoming a monster. I noticed that someone was knocking at my door. I couldn't answer. I picked up my blanket and covered my whole body and ran out of my house to a city nobody would recognize me, a far away place made of ever greens, where nobody knows my name. Unfortunately my journey was not a successful one. The Prince warriors carried me to the palace and nobody recognized me, not even my best friend. I clearly understood that my best friend is aware that the prince raped me but instead she's looking happy holding his hands. Out of anger and zeal to justify myself, I exposed the Princes, but no one believed me, to the extent my best friend walked up to me and gave me a slap dragging me out of the palace with five warriors carrying me. She took me to a road in a forest, pointing towards me with anger saying "Don't you dare come near my Princes. He words and attitude towards me made me understand that she was not my friend but a betrayer. With the anger in me, I walked up to her and pushed her so hard, but that was how my trouble began. When I realized that my best friend was Queen Erica, the goddess of evil, she brought out a spell and casted it into my heart. In my point of view the goddess of evil likes our Prince of Diego, oh no who would save our land, I laid hopelessly as my eye lid closed in death and I was buried in the forest and abandoned.THE EVIL BEGAN!!!20 YEARS LATERIt's 1729, at the forest of evil, the dead don't rise neither do they speak. The purple web hands of Carol Linda was raised from the mud in the which she was buried 20 years ago by the goddess of evil. She has finally become the monster, wickedness and evil turned her to, the spell worked on her. Her looks was devilish, she had no legs but her waist to down was an octopus body with 17 legs. She was purple in complexions with snake green hazel eyes, a wolf teeth, long black nails, (20cm in height) a long golden hair made of worms and the texture of her skin was that of an anaconda. What a scary lookCarol Linda's POVHahahahaha, 20 years under grounds breathing in the sands and muds of the ground. 20 years inside the ground, 20 years of hunger, thirst and pain.20 years under the ground, 20 years of being eaten by the bacterias, fungi and termite of the soil. Who am I not to be evil, well I support evil, I make sure some girls out there must suffer like me I can not walk but I can craw, the stint of a cobra brought me back to life. Yes, I made friends with snakes and cobras in the ground of evil. Evil is where I belong and hell is my home and I shall call myself Lucifer and no longer Carol Linda. I shall take revenge. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!In Italy, in the city of RomeDivkel is the most richest and expensive city in Italy, where most big fashion designers, enterpreneurs and lawyers, especially wealthy celebrities stay. The richest mafian was Henry pf the Diumafian.He was cruel and mysterious but had a good side of him.It's a new year, welcome to 1732, there was a rich fashion designer, who owed the most expensive fashion house in the whole of Italy and France and her name was 'Selena Estrella' She was often called a Baroness, because of her wealth, but nobody knows her background, neither does she has a story of how she made it.Her Chief maid was Desire, who was a years old hardworking woman and a single mother of one child called Victoria She names her Victoria, meaning victory, because she got her through victory.Victoria is a young beautiful girl with great ambitions, she admires her mother's master "Selena Estrella" a great woman in the fashion industry. Victoria is a 21 year old lady. She was born out of wedlock which is against Italy customs and tradition, but she was hidden and lived because Victory reigns.It's February 14, we call it lover's day, but we don't know the history, Valentine day is one of the most important days here in Italy, because that da is a day we celebrate the death of Saint Valentine, a very powerful priest back in 265 AD.SELENA ESTRELLA'S POVI picked up my Estelle perfume and sprayed it round my milk soft skin I applied my red lip gloss and wore m costly diamond jewel worth thousands of scudo d'argento (silver shield)Excuse me ma'am, you forgot your dog chain. Oh! I did, Selena takes it from her pushing Desire aside, leaving the door, 'makes sure my room sparkles, before I come in' Selena says , okay ma'am replied Desire.AT THE PALACEValentines's day was celebrated at the place, where PIREQUE of Diego was still the Prince for 40 years now, his father, the king was still alive and breathing fine. PIREQUE was a wicked Prince and a cassanova, he is 40 years now, he has 12 wives in which he divorced his first wife, who was Damita, Carol Linda's best friend, but, they are divorced, while he has a daughter from Carol Linda whom he raped in his early 20's but where is she? Dead or alive.It's a grand party in the royal palace, all wealthy celebrities attended the valentine's day celebration at the Castle.PIREQUE OF DIEGO'S POVIt was all fun sipping my red wine watching the circus performance, by incident my blues eyes caught a beautiful lady. She looks like a french woman. I looked closely, it was mind blowing, I walked up to her, I was happy to meet her.Selena Estrella : Bonjour, Bonsieur his royal highness.PIREQUE of Diego: (gives Selena a peck) Bonjour my fair lady, Como Te illmas? (What is your name?)Selena Estrella: S'appelle est Selena Estrella (my name is Selena Estrella)PIREQUE of Diego: Wow nice name, seems you only speak french.Selena Estrella: yes, your highness.... I speak french and do hear a little of Latin and Spanish............. How about you?PIREQUE of Diego: I speak Spanish and Italian, I do hear a little of french.Selena Estrella: okay , I seePIREQUE of Diego: So, can we dance?Selena Estrella: Of course, my royal highnessSelena and the Prince of Diego began to dance the indigenous dance of the Italians in the Ballroom called Salsa. As many ladies envied Selena, because it was a great honor to dance with the Prince of Diego.It's midnight, Selena was taken to PIREQUE room by the maiden, where she foolishly decided to loose her virginity to the Prince who is a Casanova.Do you thins Selena will be dumped of loved by the Prince?Stria -TA-, bling, ding -ding rang the bell of the palace, it was a bell rung when there is a bad news. It's 10 months after the intercourse between PIREQUE and Selena. Sad news was spread that the Prince of Diego's girl friend and the Baron of House of Estrella has lost their baby. It was a sad and painful news as the Prince had never had a child, despite having sex with thousands of women. Out of sympathy and care PIREQUE married Selena Estrella, as he was finally crowned the King of Diego after his father passed away, and Selena was made the Queen the death of the King was a mysterious incident that nobody can tell. He was strong and healthy, despite his old age. Until his head was found inside the plate of the Prince's food, when he was about to eat. He lifted the cover and saw the head of his father instead of the lap of a turkey. He screamed and ordered his guards to kill all the chefs and maids who work in the kitchen. They were taken to the mountain and tied with ropes and burnt live and their ashes were thrown into the volcanoes. The people of Diego began to suffer in the regime of their new king PIREQUE, as he was after taking revenge of whoever must have killed his father, but the killer is no where to be found and who would that killer be?

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