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Alpha talon

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Nathan connars was a normal teenage boy till rouges wolves broke inside his home and murder his parents but they left him special gift. Nathan has to move in with his older brother Marcus and his werewolf mate Derek rivers who the beta of the Night walkers pack is also the big brother of the alpha.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1 murder

"What the hell" I question my voice sound low I can't barely hear myself speak as annoying sirens brusting around the house. It makes my growing headache feel worse than my stomach did.

The last thing I can remember was flicking through the tv channels in my bedroom on the floor close to my bed eating mom leftover lasagna. ( I know mom is not a good cook but her food never makes my stomach feel this bad) I thought shaking my head.

I feel like I was hit by a train. This coming from a guy who was hit by a truck as a kid.

I was playing soccer outside with my next door niegnoor shawm as our moms on the patio drink ice tea talking about something. He was close to my age but he was a teller then me which wasn't shocker than everyone. I was short like a treestomp at that age. I really didn't like him he was too hyper and also wanted to fight me.

He didn't have friends nor do I still don't. So when our moms found out we live close together and went to the same school they thought it was a good idea to make us hang out together.

I kick the ball too hard and it ends up in the street. I was going to tell my mom about it but shawm triple dog dare me. If some triple dog dares you, you have to do it. So I walk across the street to get the ball without looking both ways. A truck hit me, I didn't remember much but i felt ok when I went to the hospital I was a bit dizzy that it was also a broken arm.

After that mom stopped forcing me to hang out with shawm anymore and sue the truck driver. But it didn't feel like this.

My gums hurt like they had been pulled out of my mouth. All my bones feel like trying to pop out of my body. This feel worse then getting hit by a train or truck.

I was planning to call out for my mother or father because of pain I felt but somehow when called out for them it can out like a growl then a yelled. My parents most thought it was wolves or any wild animal that had broken inside the house because heavy feet marched to the door with guns.

It was hard to hear what they were saying because the sirens outside were loud as hell and also hard to look at when they pointed a flashlight at my face. I kinda heard a small "gasp" from him. I think it was him the lights were still in my eyes.

" Get on your knees now hands behind your head now" he demands me to do but I could do it because everything still hurts. So I remained where I was on the carpat floor.

He found out I was not going to listen to him so he knocked me out with his gun as he dragged my liveless body across the carpat.

This is super settled,wink.

Before i was completely knocked out I had a small glimpse of myself in the mirror, my mother kept next to her closet. My dark orange t-shirt is covered in blood as my parents white bedsheet cover in red spots.

Beeeep, beeep ,beeeeeep

" Oh come on let me sleep more dumb alarm clock. It's not even a school night."I was annoyed and I hate that alarm clock waking me up every morning.

I opened my eyes and regretted the moment I did that there was a bright light over my head. I tried covering my eyes with my hands but my right arm was handcuffed to the bed pole at my side. What the hell happened .

I was in a hospital room plugged up to a machine, I think it is a heart meter. My dark orange shirt replaced was a hospital nightgown but I still wear my nevy blue rip jeans which now have too many rips now. All the pain I felt was nearly gone but right now I was wondering how I got here.

I was laying on the floor of my parents room in so much pain that I was thinking I was hit by a truck or train maybe my head still hurts. There was a siren outside the house I guess I saw some blue and red light. So the guy/ girl was a cop asserting me for something.

The stains on the bed there were red like blood. My heart sank to my stomach at my realizing my perant were murdered and am the prime suspect.

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