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The Omega's Alpha

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Omegas, the weakest of all species of werewolves, are used as servants to make up for their weakness. That's what 26 year old Leopold was, an omega. Being the butler of his pack's Alpha, Leopold would still get abused from time to time when his Alpha was in a foul mood. Although that doesn't stop him from returning to his room and enjoying his favorite models' magazine, The Duplex. Two twin models, one boy the other girl, were very identical. Both with very dazzling eyes and fair skin, as if raised in the same equal conditions. As Leopold went shopping with his Alpha one day, he discovered that he was mated to the boy model. After many hardships they finally got together but it doesn't take long for the boy's deepest darkest secret to unveil and turn everything south.

Mystery / Romance
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“Are you even listening to me?”

“A-ah, sorry something was on my mind Alpha. Please state your desires.” Spoke Leopold.

“... Right. I won’t repeat this again give these to Willow. Tell her I’ll be there shortly.” Spoke the man again rubbing the bridge of his nose.

The alpha handed him a letter, as Leopold gave a bow of courtesy and left to do his request.

Leopold sighed a hand going through his shoulder shoulder-length hair, removing the clip from the center, Willow hated him having his hair up.

Leopold’s coal-black eyes watched as the children played hide and seek around in the dimly lit fields. He smiled when one of the children hid behind a tree.

Leopold was about 6 ft sharp in height, his skin having an olive skin tone. He stared at his reflection in the window ruffling his hair to make it look like it’s been that way since morning.

He straightened his butler suit and then continued to the Luna’s chambers.

He stood in front of a door and held his breath as he knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” a soft voice came from the other side.

“I’ve been sent here to give you this from the Alpha, Luna Willow.”

“That must be Leopold, hang on girls, I’ll go see what Kevin sent to me.” Came her voice.

The door opened revealing a woman at the height of 5′6 with pretty blonde hair, and grass-green eyes.

Leopold thought it was funny how every time he was sent here she thought that everyone would treat him better if she treated him nicely.

But the thing was, an omega is still an omega.

“This letter is from the Alpha, Luna.” Leopold showed her the letter & he offered a bow of courtesy.

“Thank you.” she paused looking him up and down. “I see you listened to my advice. You look much more charming than before, without the hairclip.”

Leopold forced a smile.

The other she-wolves approached the Luna, “Please leave him, he’s nothing but an omega. He’s no good to the pack only by being a servant.” they spat in his face. “Pretty sure he’s a slut by now. ”

“... No, I’m very much a virgin to this day.” Leopold bit his upper lip with a mischievous smile. “Then I shall take my leave.” Leopold turned to leave but paused remembering what his Alpha asked him to do, “Luna, the Alpha has asked me to tell you that he will be here shortly.”

The Luna’s eyes widened, “Why would he?” she opened the letter quickly and scanned the contents before her face turned a dusted pink.

Having a clear idea of their relationship, Leopold held back a grin knowing exactly what could be in there.

He vanished behind a corner before anyone could argue about it.

On his way back to the Alpha’s office he bumped into someone that had 6′7 ft compared to him so he had to crane up his head to meet that person’s gaze.

“Well if it isn’t the Alpha’s butler.”

“I’m sorry sir I didn’t see you there-” He bit his tongue realizing he said something wrong.

“What I meant to state was, I wasn’t paying attention to what was ahead of me.” he rephrased.

The man was enraged, “I dare you to do the same mistake again.!” He yelled as he threw a punch at the omega’s face, breaking his nose.

Leopold winced as the man walked away, sighing quietly as he leaned on the wall.

His right leg was raised with his right arm resting on his knee, his head drooped down, and his hair covering his face.

He gave an amused expression as his nose dripped a crimson liquid onto his white dress shirt.

He opened the jacket of his suit and took out a napkin and pressed it on his broken nose.

Great, now I’ll have to visit the pack doctor again.

He stood up brushing his hair back with his free hand and continued to the Alpha’s office staying on full alert so that nothing unnecessary else happens.

He spotted the alpha just as he closed the office door.

“I was just about leaving, but since you’re here-” the Alpha paused seeing the blood-stained napkin on Leopold’s nose.

“I see... You can rest for today, tomorrow we’ll be going to the mall outside werewolf territory to get some requirements for the Luna.” the Alpha nodded at the butler.

“... Thank you Alpha.” Leopold waited until the Alpha was gone from sight then dashed outside the Alpha house and went to the omega house where all omegas stayed.

His nose will heal over by tomorrow anyway unless it was a very serious injury he does not plan on going since the alpha let him off for the rest of the day.

As he entered, the quiet chitter and chatter filled his ears from other omegas. All in servant clothing.

A girl omega approached him, “Leo, what happened to your nose? I'm sure it was fine this morning.”

“I think we already know the answer to that.” a familiar voice of a male omega came.

He was of the same height as Leopold, had pretty hazel eyes, freckled pinkish skin, and shoulder-length orange hair tied up in a ponytail, in a similar butler suit.

Leopold removed a napkin unable to hold back the curl of his mouth, “Albert, I see your shift is done early.”

“Yes it did though it was very painful for a first... - But I’ve got you good news!” Albert boasted.

“Well, what is it?” Leopold wondered, “Spill the beans, Albert.”

“A new magazine has been released just today!” He beamed clapping his hands together.

Leopold’s eyes perked up suddenly forgetting his broken nose, “Really!? You’re lying! It hasn’t even been 2 weeks since their last magazine!”

“I know which makes it much more exciting. Come I got a copy earlier this morning, it’s in our room.”

With that, the two men tore to their room, hurriedly.

Not even having time to close the door behind them Albert squealed like a woman as he took out the magazine from his bag.

Leopold squealed along with him, “OMG! OMG! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!”

The two of them spun around the room with excitement as if two children that met for the first time in many years.

“I can run 10 miles right now from the news!” Leopold admitted.

“Me too!” Albert blurted, “Let’s look inside!”

They open the book-

“What’s with all this ruckus? We’re tryna get some rest here.”

A woman stood at the door hand going through her short chest-length hair, obviously seeming very agitated, “We agreed that such ruckus would only happen once every 3 weeks at the least. What’s your excuse going to be.”

The squealing wolves glanced back at the woman.

“Amelia! You won’t believe what happened!” Albert burst.

With stars in his eyes, Leopold continued, “The Duplex sent a new magazine so soon!”

Amelia’s eyes widened, “Nah you’re lying. They couldn’t possibly-”

Albert shoved the paper in her face, “Or could they?”

Amelia looked like she was about to faint, “Oh Pascal looks as dazzling as ever...”

The two guys chuckled. Amelia was a huge simp of Pascal. While they simped for Priscilla.

“So... Would you mind explaining to me who these Duplex people are? Again?” came Amelia’s best friend. She tends to be quite forgetful.

“The Duplex, 2 very identical twins, one boy Pascal, the other a girl Priscilla. They are models, that outshine the other existing models without much effort.” Explained Leopold.

“Ohh I’d like to see.” she beamed clasping her hands together.

“Sure.” they stood at the door as they stared at the two models on the first page.

"They're so cool! How can they look so into it!?" Asked Amelia, suddenly taking the pages from everyone else.


"Guys that's it. I'm sleeping over tonight, I need to see the end of this magazine."

"Great idea! I'm sure it'll be fun-"

"Sadly no. I've got work tomorrow. The Alpha wants me to go with them to the mall for the things the Luna will need.

"Wait really? Luna Willow never told me so?" Amelia questioned.

"Probably because the Alpha didn't tell her yet," spoke Leopold.

"Oh Leo, such a saver. Better prepare for tomorrow then." Amelia skidded to her room.

"...And here I was looking forward to spending the night with you guys." coughed out Albert.

Leopold closed the door of their shared room, and sighed," Sorry buddy, but I'm sure I'll be able to stay up with you tomorrow for as long as you need." He spoke mischievously.

"H-hey! Don't give me that expression. You don't plan on doing something to me, are you?" Albert pointed at him threateningly.

Leopold chuckled, "Why would I, Al?" He grinned, "Anyways it's not too late for us to head to bed yet so do you have anything in mind that we can do?"

"We can always finish the previous magazine," Albert suggested, as he plopped down on Leopold's side of the bed.

Leopold placed his hand on the bed next to where Albert was sitting, his face dangerously close to Albert's, "Or we can go for a run outside since you had your first shift since the fulmoon."

Leopold's hair brushed on Albert's nose who sneezed bumping into each other's heads.

Leopold stumbled back, hand on his forehead, "What was that for?"

"It's your fault! Who told you to get that close!?" Albert had a hand on his forehead too, "But sure let's go!"

The two of them jumped out the window landing on the dirt ground of the forest.

The forest is illuminated by the moonlight as it shone brightly.

They walked around the forest until they found a place they found satisfactory.

Leopold hid behind a tree, "Don't even think about looking at me Al." He started removing his clothes as his bones started cracking and changing shape and black fur sprouted from his arms. He fell on all fours just as a howl escaped his lips.

*Hey! Been a while!* spoke my wolf.

*Hey! Grey, wanna run free tonight?* I offered.

*Let's go!* He howled in my head.

`You ready?` Albert mind-linked.

`Hell, Yeah!`

With that, we set off letting our wolves go to their last breath.

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