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The quiet one

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One friend group. Having a nice day when they lose someone who they really loved. They blame each other. They investigate who killed there friend. When a twist that would make your stomach churn.

Mystery / Romance
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Bella wakes up to find herself lying on a bed inside of a plane, realizing that she's On her way back to her home town in Australia. She sits up and looks around. She see's her older brother, Carlos, looking out the window.

" I cant belive we're going back home, after 2 long, sad years living in a horrible boarding school" Carlos said looking out the window filled with rain drops. " Yeah me too, I can't wait to see Raya or even Daniel" bella said in excitement. Bella got up and walked to the little snack area. The plane starts shaking which makes Bella fall and hit the ground hard, because of the turbulence, " Wow we're already here" bella thought to herself. Carlos laughed at bella as he picked up there suit cases.

Bella got up and walked over to the door. She can already see her mom and her best friend,Mason, who she has been crushing on since 2nd grade. She held on to the railing of the stairs so then she doesnt slip and fall in front of about 4,000 people. Once she got down from the plane, she ran and hugged her mom, her eyes started to fill with tears. The each pulled away. She looked at Mason and started cry in joy that she is finally home. She hugged Mason tightly. " I missed you Bella, I cant belive your here right infront of me" Mason said in a trembling voice.

They walked to the car and she sat next to Mason. "So how was the ride back home?" Mom asked. " Oh it was okay, I fell on the floor because of the turbulence" Bella said in Emberesment. " Ah Classic Bella" Mason chuckled. Bella glared at Mason. Bella looked out the car window and saw farms, Houses, and roofs filled with snow. As Bella was looking out the window she could see her house far away on the mountains filled with milk white snow. Bella started to get excited as they where getting to the road where her house, that she grew up in, Mom turned to the left instead of the right. " Where are we going, the house is that way" Bella pointed. " Oh right, We moved into a bigger house, because my Bakery started to take off" Mom said looking at Bella through the car mirror.

" Oh, well do I still have my own room?" Bella asked

" Yes, you still do" Mason said.

Mom turned onto a dirt pathway, Which was leading up a mountain. Bella could feel the bumpy road, Which was making Bella Get car sick. They Finally got to the house. As Bella opened the door, She could see all her friends waiting for her in the living room through the window. Bella started to sweat because she was nervous. Bella walked into the living room holding bags and suitcases, " SURPRISE" Everyone in the room yelled, she dropped her bags and suitcases, and went hugged each and every one of them. Some of then even cried, mostly the girls. After they all said there hello's, they opened gifts as if it was Bella and Carlos's birthday. " Aw, you got me a headset, you didnt have to Victor" Bella exclaimed. " but I knew that you already ruined the ones that Shawn sent you last year, so I didn't have a choice" Victor Chuckled.

Bella's Point of View

" Well who's up for spin the bottle" Raya asked.

" Oh sure" I said nervously.

I walked over to the table where Matthew, my boyfriend, was sitting at. I gave him a kiss on the cheek, and looked over and saw Mason sitting right next to me.

" I'll go first" Matthew announced.

He spun the bottle and landed on Myla, He picked up the bowl full of dares and read " Give that person (Myla) 100 doller bill" So that's what Matthew did.

It was my turn, I spun the bottle and it landed on Mason, I picked a dare and it said "kiss the person that the bottle chose." So I looked at Mason and I hesitated, Raya pushed me to kiss Mason, and our lips connected. I pulled away, " Uum I need some cold fresh air" I got up from my chair and grabbed my coat, and headed out the back door. I sat on the porch looking at the falling snow.

"Why would Raya do that, she knows that Matthew gets so jealous, now I'm gonna have to deal with his drama while dealing with mine" I thought to myself. I got up and opened the door. I could see Matthew looking a little mad. He pulled me into a room and said " Why would you kiss Mason, You know that I hate him" Matthew said irritated. " Wait,you hate Mason, Why would you say that he has been my best friend for I don't know maybe, MY WHOLE LIFE,YOU GET JEALOUS OVER EVERY THING, IF I BUMP INTO A GUY, YOU ALWAYS GET MAD AT ME, SO IF YOU DONT TRUST ME THEN, I AM NOT GOING TO DEAL WITH YOU, WE'RE OVER!!" I yelled at Matthew. " Wait, Bella please don't leave me, I'll do anything please take me back" Matthew begged.

"You know what you can do, is to leave me and MY friends alone okay" I said walking off into the kitchen where everyone was at. Everyone was staring at me. Matthew ran out the house saying " You know what! You can have Mason, and you will regret leaving me!!!" Matthew said in a trembling voice.

"Uumm what is he talking about bella?" Mason looked confusedly at me.

" Umm nothing he's just mad that I broke up with him, you know" I said nervously.

Later that night, I broke down into tears, " I'm under alot of stress mom, with Drake in Michigan,and With the Matthew drama, then with EJ, Emilio and dad in California, I'm all alone, mom" I said crying hard.

"Oh, Sweetheart it's okay,You still have me and Carlos. Plus, Ej, Emilio and dad are coming back in November, okay, so just 4 more months, And plus your going back to school, here next week okay so, don't put to much pressure on yourself." Mom said giving me a tight hug. Mom left my room. I got into bed, aahh the warmth of the bed. I turned the lamp off and just stared out the window, the rain drops just drooping down my window. I turned and looked up at the ceiling. I drifted off to sleep, closing my eyes, I can feel my German Shepards, Hazen and Zadie getting comfortable.

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