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I love this girl

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

This is my third visit to her house. Once again, I stand outside her room window, watching her, collecting information. Preparation is always the key factor when committing homicide. Before moving to the next step I’ll need to know her schedule, her interactions with the outside world, and how she behaves. So far, she seems to be the epitome of an average, young adult female. Waking up at 7am, getting ready for work, which is waitressing for her, leaving at 8am, coming home exhausted at 5pm, dinner, phone calls, then sleep. Right now, all that’s left is for me to figure out exactly who’s calling, and if they’ll make an appearance anytime soon.

I’d made a couple guesses at who it is already, a lover is the most probable one, but work like this needs to be exact, and guessing is too flimsy. I’d already decided before coming here that I’ll need to step it up and start being a little more aggressive with my work. My last two kills were risky, and I got a month’s pay suspension as compensation from my boss.

When I see her turn the light off and climb in bed I set an hour long timer. When it goes off, my plan is to enter her room and face my obstacles head on. It would be the best way to get information, and quickly.

I clean all the tools I brought with me, for safety measures, as I wait. Honestly, I doubt I’ll have to use them. Her house is in a super convenient location, surrounded by trees, but that’s also part of the reason I chose her as my target. I still can’t believe how lucky I was to get my hands on this contract before anyone else in my branch did.

My office building is hidden inside a larger corporation, obviously a rotten one since they have a unit for hitmen, but I can’t exactly judge since I work for them. We have four boards in total inside the layout, each with a different difficulty rank. There are six promotions you can get as a hitman. Bell is the lowest and filled with trainees, Veil, the second rank, is for people graduating training level, or new hired members that lack sufficient skill to move up. Bells are only allowed on the first board, and they need to have a partner. Veils are also only allowed on the first board, except they’re allowed to go on contract missions alone. After Veil is Ocido. Ocidos can go on first board missions and second board missions alone. They’re a mediocre bunch always making messes, but at least they get the job done. Then it’s Ferals and Jets. Ferals, the fourth group, which I’m in, can do the first three boards. We’re also allowed in better offices than the lower three groups, it was a perk I was excited for before being promoted. Right above me is the Jets, they manage the lower branches, and are allowed to take on any board. And the last rank is Prey, only three people are Preys. I don’t know who came up with that name, but it is the opposite of what they’re like. They own the unit, and notify the corporation’s CEO constantly on progress and contracts. They have all the power. A sick, sadistic kind of people. They don’t even bother with the boards, they take on the dirty work directly requested from the CEO.

This contract for the girl I’m currently stalking was put on the third board. So far I don’t understand how it’s supposed to be difficult, but I do know there has to be a catch. My manager gave me a couple warnings on it. The contract was originally on the second board, but it was moved up to the third after two other hitmen, Veils, returned it, saying they weren’t prepared to take on the second board’s contracts. I would’ve gotten more information from those two, but contracts are strictly confidential between the hitman and the victim, so I had to figure it out on my own. And that’s the main reason why I’m stalking her now.

The timer vibrates in my pocket, interrupting my thoughts, and I get on my feet ready to move. I check inside her window to make sure she’s not moving, and she’s still in bed, the covers lifting and lowering slowly with her breath, which is enough confirmation for me to believe she’s sleeping. I enter the numbers 4 9 5 0 into the keypad connected to her door. It unlocks, allowing me to open it just wide enough to oil the hinges.

Walking inside, I’m finally able to see more of the house than just her room. It’s cramped, with unpacked boxes sprawled on the floor

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