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The case of unrequited love

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First volume of "What if... The series" - "Memories... They haunt till the last breath!" - Neera Abhisree. When Anusree decided to become a lawyer, she never thought she would be the defence lawyer of Aditya,whom she loved back then. When the famous singer, Aditya married Roshni, he never thought he would end up being the prime suspect of his wife's death case. "How can I defend someone who rejected me 12 years ago?" Anu thought. "How can I trust someone whom I rejected 12 years ago?" Aditya thought. Did they find the answers for their questions? Get to know the thrilling and beautiful journey of Anusree and Aditya by reading "The case of unrequited love" which is the first volume of "What if... The series" Hope you enjoy reading it! ©️ NeeraAbhisree

Mystery / Action
Neera Abhisree
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"What if... The series: The case of unrequited loved" - Memories... They haunt till the last breath! - Neera Abhisree

"How cruel of you to kill your wife, Mr. Vikramaditya!... I regret taking up this case," Anu wailed, having her hands tied at the back. The scars, wounds and bruises on her face are the price she paid for loving the wrong person.

"I am sorry!" is all Aditya could say.

The love that hurts, that bleeds, that shatters the world within, that crumbles the peace and that cuts deep enough to break us in million pieces... IS THIS WHAT LOVE IS?

If it is, then she'd be away from love as well as him.

Loving him to the core then realising it isn't being reciprocated killed her once. Then being betrayed by the same person killed her again.


"The case of unrequited love" is the first volume of "What if... The series"

The story portrays the sweetness of scars, the struggle to save loved ones, the need to lie, the consequences of defending a lie, the valour derived from having a shoulder to lean on, the beauty of love, the bitterness of love and THE PAIN OF UNREQUITED LOVE.

Hope you enjoy reading it!

©️ NeeraAbhisree

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