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Tea pot

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2lovers a brother that are cursed one lover tries to fix the curse while the other tries to make it worse. Who will succeed?

Mystery / Horror
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The death

I woke up it is such a surprising way I was drenched in sweat, I slowly remembered my dream but just parts like a teapot, someone dying, and someone destroying the world. I shook my head no cuz I knew that no dreams would come true *"DETECTIVE WENNA I NEED YOU OVER HERE AT ******* NOW" is what I hear coming from my P25 I hold down the button saying "I'm on my way" I rush trying to get on my suit and black cotton jacket. my car keys are already in my jacket so I run to the car while I'm driving to ******* I start feeling nauseous not knowing if I should pull over or keep on driving. Knowing that I am a detective I grabbed the nearest napkin and plastic bag I throw up instead of green or brown or pink it's red bright red. I finally arrived and all I see is everyone's staring at me. Detective Ronald what is going on I asked he responded with " I'm so sorry that you had to come and see this". I push him aside and run to the flipped over car and look inside all I see is my brother and the teapot, somehow my brother's face is staring upside down as tears start to pour down my face all I feel is the warmest hug ever. The hug was so warm it started hurting me I turn around to see that it was my brother except you see through and suddenly he disappeared and I see a random lady behind a tree. "Stay here officer and detectives" i said as I ran towards her soon as I got to the tree I had a katana put to my neck. Touching my skin not bleeding but still a cut I look around to see who it is and to the left of me it is *BANG* i dropped to floor after getting hit with a shovel and before I lose conscious i look up to see my girlfriend nobody else. I wake up in the hospital not knowing what the hell just happened. Come to my right all I see the doctor looking to my left I see detective Mike in front of me I see two more doctors above me I see a blinding light so many questions I want to ask but i get asked "are you okay", "what happened", and "I'm so sorry for your loss". "I'm fine, and I have no idea what happened all I remember seeing is a woman behind the tree and my brother dead holding a teapot now I wish for everyone to leave please so I can have some alone time". As everyone leaves i close the window shades and put around me a cover " you can come out" i say. My girlfriend coming out from under the bed " you look stunning babe". she says i snap at her "BE FUCKING QUIET AND TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND" i say having a annoyed and surprised face of how loud i sounded. " I have no idea, i was planning on telling you to get the tea pot as soon as possible but you passed out before I could" she says as if she's telling the truth i decided to play along. "Come here" i say, Kate jumps on to my waist and starts kissing me. " Calm down you know my brother just died" i say expecting her to stop and feel bad for me. " Darling I'm doing this for you" she says as she puts one hand down my underwear and starts circling my clït, she goes faster as i start grunting and shaking. We both hear *click flat click clat* Kate jumped off "it's my mom" i whisper to her " i know" Kate said "why were you on her kissing her neck and why was your hand near her vagina and why was my daughter shaking and grunting' my mother says " i wasn't kissing i was hugging and whispering saying it was going to be okay and sorry for her loss and my hand was near it because i wanted to make sure there was space between us and for your daughter shaking and grunting i have no idea why" Kate says, " WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU SHAKING AND GRUNTING" my mother yells " it was because i need to sneeze but didn't want to sneeze on her" i say "YOU'RE A FICKING LIAR I DIDN'T RAISE YOU TO BE A FAG" " he's dead" i say " whose dead" my mom asked which curiosity in her eyes " my brother". My mother storms off. "Go away Kate" I said escape walks off and look above me once again and all I can see it's my brother looking down at me, I set up quickly and look straight and to scared to look up. Suddenly I lose conscious again. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING THIS CHAPTER 💘

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