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Innessa I was taught me to never let my guard down as the world is a dangerous place to live in especially the mafia families. As I was growing up I started my training as the heir of the Russian Mafia. {}{}{}{}{}{}{} Matteo I was built to never show mercy, be an emotionless bastard, to protect my familia and that to never bow down to anyone as I was heir to the thrown of the Italian Mafia. My life dangerous, so I built up my walls to everyone and built them down to familia, as it was a weakness to show mercy. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Innessa & Matteo I thought that's how my life was gonna be until... <><><><><><><><> They are both hating each other for , they can't even stand each other or sit in a room together without a gun pointed at each other's forehead. But what will happen if bother their worlds collide and are forced to marry each other, as an alliance to both the Italian and Russian Mafia. <><><><><><><><> Join these two as the go through their emotional roller-coaster, discover secrets that would break on strengthen their relationship ========= ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ this book contains: erotica/mature scenes/sexual content,past rape & abuse, bdsm, kink, a lot of strong language.

Mystery / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


As I was sitting on my white desk, with my feet on it, with Anastasia, chatting doing nothing at all, talking about out kill counts so far this year, then our conversation was inturrupted by a knock on the door.

"Just as I was getting to the good part, well see you later Nes I'm gonna train to kill time even if it is easy or maybe I can go torment someone at the basement cause they are no more useful", Anastasia said taking her feet off my desk and pick up her gun placing on her thigh holster.

"I'll be there we wouldn't want you having all the fun would we", I smirked, "huh we'll see about it", she smirked, "Oh and don't forget to let that person in on your way out", "oh don't worry it's not like I'm gonna shoot him on the spot", she said sarcasm present in her voice. Oh how I love that girl

She then opened the door and scowled at the person before leaving, one thing about Anastasia is that she hates my father and every one who works for him, especially Ivan because he has this demeanor to act superior around new people and me his bosses daughter.

So I'm guessing it is Ivan at the door because father doesn't come to my office, he would rather me come to him.

Just because they are very close friends and he is older than me doesn't mean he can treat me like a person working for him.

I watched as the door open only to see my favorite guy, Ivan my father second-in-command guess I was right.

"Miss as we were out collecting loan money, but Vido who keeps neglectin his payments didn't pay, so should we increase the interest with 5 or 10 percent or should we call him to the alley we usually meet so that you talk with him personally".

"Hello to you to, how much does he owe anyway, that it would be so hard to pay it every mo-", "20 million", he said interrupting me and I hated it but I was to shocked to say anything.

"T-twenty million", then I burst out I laughter "oh Ivan your good joke at making jokes no wonder my father likes you. So tell me why are you really here", "Inessa, do I look like a joke to you, me being me, am telling the honest truth, it indead is 20 million".

"Shit what were you guys thinking when you were loaning him that much, father knows that the loans maximum is 5 million", "we actually didn't loan him exactly 20 million we loaned him to 2 million and we told him if he doesn't the money pay month end we increase it with 25% interest as you already know that percentage because it was in the book files", he says.

I froze realizing, I'm busted as I have not read the loan chapter because the terms and conditions were to long for a woman like me to read because I was in a hurry and I lied saying I have read it all through and thoroughly.

Better get back to reading the book nah who am I kidding I'm a free spirit.

"Wait..so your telling me it has been 4 years since you loaned him", "yes, that is why I was suggesting if we should go for alley or increase interest, but of course we will-", "go for alley", I interrupted, "pardon?".

"I'll go for the alley", I said standing up and stretching, "miss are you really sure we can always change the plan".

"I'm still going to go straight to him, get him to answer in front of me physically, instead of sending my people to tell me he doesn't have my money verbally... and besides it's been a while since I... had fun, thus this will be interesting, thank you for the information Ivan, don't forget to close the door on your way out...oh, and Ivan we will departing in 10 so get the SUV's ready", "Noted".

He then left as I went to my desk open my drawer and took my thigh gun holster, placed it on my thigh as I was unarmed and took out my silver pistol and place it on my thigh gun holster. I then left my office to go down to the basement with an elevator.

As I reached the bottom floor, I heard screams for agony and from the sound of them I knew Anastasia was accompanying them, so I followed the sounds of the scream hoping to join on the fun but when I reached there Anastasia was done with him.

I sighed and said, "I told you I will be here so don't hog all the fun but you being you finished it off", "well you took so long and it was getting boring, you know how impatient I am with people", she slightly irritated,

"Yes I know but that's not what I came here for", I sighed, "well what did you come here for", "We as you know there is a dept someone has to pay in the al-", "Is it Vido because I have been waiting to kill the fucker for a long time, and I know that is where we meet him a lot",

"Ting, ting, ting you won again, note the sarcasm", "noted".

"But wait how much money does he owe us in order for me I mean us to waste our precious time with him", "he owes 20 million", "t-twenty million", the she bursts out laughing while I wait for her to finish.

"Are you done and satisfied", "w-wait so it is not a joke".

"Nope", "so he owes us 2 with 7 zeros behind it", "yes", "oh my f-uck, what where they thinking when they loaned him so much money".

"They didn't actually loan him 20 million, they loaned him 2 million and and you know the interest price increase with 25% every month".

"Wait so you are telling me he has been owing money for the past 4 years" , "yep", "...nah imma get that fucker how come I am acknowledge today".

"Hey don't blame me I had the same reaction like you when I was told by Ivan today".

"But we joined the mafia not so long ago", "yeah so practically he has been owing father that much money", "your father is an idiot to let him of easily", "what's worse is that Ivan also wanted to let him off easily by increasing the interest with 5 or 10 percent I mean the audacity of that man", "idiots, why are you related to an idiot who hired another idiot",she said annoyed and I just giggled.

"Let's go I told Ivan we are departing at 10 and 5 minutes have passed already and I don't have enough time on my hands, so wrap it up and be up there in 2 minutes", I said quickly changing emotions.

"Yes mom", she said rolling her eyes. I sighed and just left, leaving her to dispose of the body.

After 8 minutes of waiting she arrived completely wasting 3 minutes of my time.

"I said be here in 2 minutes but you decided that you would come 6 minutes late, perfect", I said with sarcasm while folding my arms, "very funny you know how I like taking my time, when preparing", "well I don't see any difference in you, cause you still look the same from 6 minutes ago".

"I'm insulted don't you see I redid my lipstick and fixed my ponytail", "no I don't see anything", I said truthfully with a straight face, "Nes I love you and all but you have got to stop being straight forward for once, if you are planning on getting a boyfriend, for our dreams to come true".

"Look Ana, I know but a person needs to hear the truth, they can't keep living a lie all of their life".

"I understand where you're coming...but enough of this emotional shit,we have a person to torment at the moment and I can't wait any longer for your famous method of torturing someone, it is so brutal that even your father throws up" she said her voice suddenly lighting up.

"Yeah, let's go", I giggled entering the SUV in the middle while ther was a SUV in front of us with Ivan in it and the one at the back with a cadaver pouch to put his body I after killing or to just put him there to torment him at the base".


I got out first and Anastasia came after me, followed by Ivan and the bodyguards.

As I went deeper into the alley I saw 2 bodyguards holding Vido against the wall, as I approach I saw him eye raping me and I felt digusted, not only I'd he in dept but he is also a pervet a disgusting one.

As I came closer, my body took a chair and placed it down, as I sit down.

"Good evening, Vido", "good evening sexy", he said as I scrunched my face in disgust, "I have heard a lot about you...and one of them is that you me me 20 million that will increase with 25% in two weeks", "and why would I owe you money...I don't even know you", he scoffed.

"Oh...but I do, as know you used to work for my father, and asked for loan from him, as you owed the person who is in charge of the casino down the street money cause you lost a bet and gambled away your family...am I right".

"W-what...w-who are you and how do know so much about my family affairs".

"I will tell you once we get to the base...take him away boys", I said standing up and walking towards the car with Anastasia.

"Why didn't you kill him there Nes", she asked whinning, "there is always a time to do everything but now was not he time as it is the rush hour and a lot of people will be passing by...did you forget that we are running an illegal business".

"Oh...right I tend to forget", "yeah that is, you, alright". I laughed as we sat in silence


I walked in to see Vido tied up to the chair so I sat in a chair in front of his.

"Oh...I haven't introduced myself yet right...well I am Innessa Kira Ivanov, daughter of Viktor Igor Ivanov"I smirked, taking out my gun and some of my daggerz

"B-boss l-lady I swear, I will", "ah, ah, ah youu had 3 years Vido...3 fucking full years, but what did you do slack of...now I will show you the devil"I said as I shot his shoulder, "today Vido you will understand that if I say I want my money I really mean it", I said stabbing his thigh.

I continued torturing him making sure to not kill him

"Now Vido do you understand what I mean when I say money should be paid on time, or do you still need help remembering".

"N-n-n-no I will pay the money by the end of the year", " good and I will keep you check, now time for my departure, cause I really need that beauty sleep let's go Anastasia".


After 5 minutes of walking

"Nes why did you let him live you could've killed him", " but I didn't so what".

"So what...batch he has been owing money for 4 years going to 5".

"Just leave it Ana and let's go to the bar",
"are we going to the one in your house", "yeah...why ask?", " I was suggesting we go to the public ones", "no and even if I did want to I'd end up in jail because my father owns an illegal business and you know I'm well known in the black market".

"Why did you have to be born into a mafia", "ask my father who made me and my mother who gave birth to me", I said sarcastic.

"Let's go Ana".


"Mother I'm home", I shouted opening the door.

"I'm in the living room", she shouted back.

I walked towards the living room and as I stepped into the living room I saw my mom sitting on the sofa flicking through channels.

My mother was pretty gorgeous and you for her age just like my father, she had pretty blue doe eyes, natural short blonde hair, an hourglass figure, had natural beauty with no makeup.

My mom was a very calm and loving woman,she used to be the best assassin in her early 20's before she had me, so she retired as soon as she reached 3 months of pregnancy. My father said she should because he doesn't want his family in danger so he will protect her and a baby me, still growing in her womb.

My father is a very emotionless bastard known throughout the whole black market, but not well known enough as he is only an affectionate man towards his family.

So back to the present.

"Mom how'd you spent your day", " well hello to you too дорогой and Maria", she said raising an eyebrow

"Oh hi Mrs Ivanov, how have you been lately", "Oh good dear, thank you for asking, you are more polite unlike my own daughter, oh such a disappointment", she said shaking her head.

"I don't see the reason why I should ask because you look fine to me not sick and I saw you in the morning, sometimes you are just dramatic, so by the looks of it, now I understand it was not interesting here at home".

"Wow, then why ask if you know", she said rolling her eyes.

"Sarcasm noted...but anyway what did you spend the whole day doing ".

"Nothing much just flicking through channels until my daughter and husband came from home you know that your father won't let me go to work even if it is just for the day", she sighed

"Well he's right because knowingyou were the best assassin and carried me for 8 months and 4 days you may not be good like you were before me". I said smiling

"Fine then I will just go to sleep considering my husband and daughter don't love me", she said standing up and if you can notice she is 8 months pregnant considering they had me at the age of 20 and 22.

My mom is immature for her age and she loves throwing tantrums so that is why we keep her home, to not kill the baby out there.

"Love you and mom pls take the elevator there is a reason father had it installed", "oh hush, I know".

I laughed as her figure disappeared to the elevator

"You know what Nes let's call it a night considering I am now starting to get tired, bye киска какашка", "bye бу".

Then I went to sleep, as I was also tired


"Agh, there goes fucking my beauty sleep", I curse taking my vibrating iPhone from under the pillow.

I answer without looking at the caller ID, "speak", I hiss to the other person on the line, "miss there is a problem here in the base that suddenly needs your attention", the person said on the other line who I recognized as Ivan.

"Well why not call your boss because I have dealt with a lot of shit and I don't need more pilled up".

"Well he is...busy, and I figured that I should call you", Ivan said, "oh...so you thought since father is busy, I have nothing to do with my life", I said with a pissed tone

"Well no ma'am, I didn't mean it like that", he said slightly agitated, "agh...I'll be there in 20", I sighed hanging up.

I then dialed someone's number like as if I am going there alone and missing out on my beauty sleep I'm dragging her down with me.

After 1 minute of the phone ringing, "speak",Anastasia said on the other line slightly pissed, "well if you are going to answer that way then imma just hang up".

"Agh...Nes why call in...1 in the morning don't you know some of us need some beauty after dealing with a lot shit".

"Ana I also need my beauty sleep and have been through deep shit too thank you for asking", I said irritated, "who crawled up your as this morning", she said moving around.

"Let me think uh my father's secondhand man in command and his mafia, note the sarcasm", I said, "noted along with my time to hang cause I'm going back to sleep",

"Huh keep on dreaming hunny if I can't have my beauty sleep neither can you, I'm dragging you down with me".

"Why are you doing this to me, if it's about the person I was tormenting, I'm sorry I didn't save you any fun, you took so long so I got even more bored, so please forgive me an let me be", she said trying to hide the sarcasm.

"Sarcasm noted and no it's not about that", I said, "well what is it about", she asked agitated, I shrugged.

"You think I know, Ivan only said it needed 'my attention' and you know me being me didn't even nother to ask".

"Yep that's you alright and it is starting to piss me off, what if it is a false alarm like last time," she said annoyed, "well, Ana I've got two things to say 1) it is my job to piss you and 2) I will make it up to you if it is false alarm".

"Do you know how much I hate you, Nes", she said calming down, "aw...and I love you too, I will be at your house in 5", I said, "ok...wai-what,Nes you kno-", before she could finish I hung up.

I checked the time and saw I was left with 15 minutes left , I quickly showered and put on a a black top with a lace shirt and put on black torn skinny jeans with black boots. I tied my hair in a messy bun and took my thigh gun holster, my trusty gun with daggers just in case.

After preparing myself I went to my parents to check if they're sleeping, so I went towards the bed making sure to not wake anybody up and not to my surprise father wasn't in bed.

But enough about him, I have something that needs my 'special attention', but I'm worried about her, even though she is the best assassin I know but I just can't leave mom alone her, but I need to go to the base so I kissed my mother cheek goodbye before leaving their bedroom.

I went to check my father in his office indoor office and he still wasn't there.

I found that odd because he has a meeting with the shareholders today at 7 am sharp but it was 1 in the morning and me knowing my father and having something in common with him, is that we like to be fashionably late and we love our sleep, so I was hoping he'd be up by 7 am and take 45 minutes to prepare himself.

But since it's not important at the moment, as I have already used up 5 minutes of my time and the drive to Anastasia's house is 5 minutes while the base is ten minutes, I mentally slapped myself thinking that I would make it there in 20 minutes, for crying out loud Anastasia is the slowest person on earth when it comes to preparing herself.

Well this is gonna be a long day

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