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Paradox V Virus

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Rena, a twenty-three-year-old university student, has lived a disastrous life from the day she was born. Years after the incident, she moved to Nadia, Highland, a small town on the east coast. Reports of missing university students brought fear to many people in the area. Weeks later their bodies would appear with random messages etched into them. A particular message has captured Rena’s attention. What mysteries await her? Will her discoveries benefit or break her? And can she face her own fate? Copyright @ 2022 by Jocelyn Marshall

Mystery / Fantasy
Cherry fox🍒
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Chapter 0: Background

The following is a background into the vast world of vampires.

(If you want to learn more about the story’s context, including vampire classes and abilities, read on, if not please enjoy the chapters ahead! Thank you!)

Rena lives in a world where vampires and their deadly virus could wipe out the existence of humans forever.

Varix vampires are (pure vampires with superior magical abilities): These are high-ranked vampires from the oldest bloodlines. Varix’s venom contains the V virus. This gives them the ability to kill humans, create newborn vampires (Valors), and even control them.

- All Varix eyes are blood orange.

- By injecting the V virus (their venom) into the victim. If the person is a Valor, they will fully awaken their vampire side while for humans the venom will instantly kill them.

- A special blood ritual could turn anyone into a pure Varix. If they so desired. (Varix vamps are the only ones who know about this dangerous ritual. If performed incorrectly, both individuals can die.)

- Varix are hosts for the V Virus, with 100% of the virus in their bodies. (Extremely toxic).

- They are able to heal wounds, erase memories, and are capable of mind control along with increased senses. (Varix can control Valors and humans by commanding “Esti sclavul meu”. This means “You’re my slave” in Romanian).

- As part of their plan to maintain powerful bloodlines, Varix can only marry other Varix through arranged marriages.

- They have extraordinary knowledge of magic, combat, and vampire history.

Valor vampires are already (half-human/half-vampire with medium magical abilities): This is the middle class. Valors are born human and have 50% of the V Virus in them. Valor’s vampire side can be activated in two steps:

1) They must be bitten by a Varix.

2) They must drink human blood otherwise they will slowly die

> If they don’t follow through with this process, they will remain human, with a dormant vampire side. (Abilities such as speed, magic, and even their fangs will mostly never appear).

- As Valors eyes will shift to silver (gray) if they haven’t eaten or will remain red (crimson) as long as they maintain their hunger.

- Valors don’t die when bitten by a Varix but can potentially be mined controlled by a Varix when vulnerable.

- Valors cannot perform mind control (it’s impossible, many have tried but failed due to lack of training and learning their abilities).

- When a Varix and a human have a baby, this results in the creation of a Valor (Only few Valors exist).

- As a Valor power awakens their senses improve: heighten smell/hearing, powerful strength, speed, healing, warping, and much more.

- Valor’s fangs have a slightly weaker version of the V virus but can still be harmful to humans.

- Valors have some knowledge of magic, combat, and vampire history.

Humans or known as Mundanes are (non-vampires/non-magic): Mundanes are regular humans. Once bitten by any vampire (Varix or Valor) they will instantly die. They can be manipulated by vampires and do their dirty work for them.

Human eyes are brown, green, blue, or hazel in color. (Normal)

-Human bodies can’t handle the V virus or any versions of it.

- Scientists have discovered the V virus in dead corpses’ blood, but many have no idea what it is or where it came from.

- Humans who know about the V virus try to keep it a secret from other people. (Scientists, doctors, and law enforcement such as the FBI and special agents are searching for answers.)

- The majority of humans don’t have any knowledge of magic, combat, and vampire history.

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