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Murder on the Island

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A graduation party in the tropics takes a deadly and mysterious turn when the host's son is found dead, leaving two heartbroken sisters to find a killer when everyone has a motive.

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Chapter 1: Maria Lopez

Maria danced out of the front doors of her house, and sat down on the lounge chairs that she had set up around her brother's kiddie pool. Her best friends, Alexa and Emily were coming over to gossip and drink lemonade, like they basically did everyday during the summer.

"Hey, Maria." Maria's sister, Nadia said, sliding her feet into her sandals and hurrying to her car.

"What's the rush?" Maria asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just have a date with Liam."

"Oh. The player?"

"What? No! I hate how everyone says that!"

"Anyway, have fun."

"Thanks." Nadia jumped into her car and zoomed to Liam's house.

Liam Zhang was a very annoying guy from school who would sneak into the girls' locker room, and would date several girls from their school at a time. He was hated by Maria and her two friends Emily and Alexa, but not as hated as two other lovebirds from their school, Bailey Thomas and Chris Lee, who were both exceedingly rich and bullied a girl named Michelle Greene so much four years ago that she ended up commiting suicide when she was just 15 years old. However, due to a lack of evidence, nothing happened to the two boys, and they were free to live on.

"Hey, Maria!" Maria could hear Alexa and Emily say in unison.

"Hey, girls!" Maria yelled back, pouring the pitcher of lemonade into three glasses.

"Alright. Let's talk business. Are you going to the graduation party on Saturday?" Alexa asked.

"I didn't know there was a party. Where is it?" Emily asked.

"Chris' father's private island, somewhere near the Bahamas." Maria chimed in.

"What?! How did you know that?" Alexa asked.

"Nadia and I are going, that's why. And I know that it's a week long thing."

"Oh, cool. But I can't go. Not to a murderer's party." Emily spat.

"I mean, he didn't kill anyone, but he did bully someone into killing themselves. Also, Mia and Jessica are going, so." Alexa said.

Mia and Jessica were Michelle's sisters, and everyone knew the reason why they were going.

" I don't think she killed herself. I think one of them killed her." Emily dramatically said.

"But we all saw the news report, didn't we? She killed herself." Maria added.

" Anyway, I don't care if Mia or Jessica or you are going. I am not, and I am standing by that." Emily got up out of her chair and stormed back to her house, leaving Alexa and Maria wondering what got her so angry.

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