The Unforgivable

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Crimson is a sarcastic, independent woman, who just wants to forget her past, but all around her are reminders of horrible past. Everyone has a fight or flight instinct and she chooses to run away. Crmson is on a path of destruction. Follow her as she deals with a past that she only wants to forget and a love she thought she would never find. When her past resurfaces, she tries to find the person responsible. Can she learn to move on our will she self-destruct on her mission to find the truth?

Mystery / Drama
Nicole Chason
4.4 19 reviews
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The darkness rose from above, slowly seeping over her cold and unfeeling heart. It had been years since she was attacked in the park as a teenager; but the memories stuck with her, even today. She slipped her hand into her purse before entering the restaurant and pulled out a pink pill. She slipped it into her mouth discreetly.

She had years of practice at popping pain pills without being caught. She felt it was the only thing that kept the pain at bay. She was very meticulous and kept her drug problem a deep dark secret. Her family was oblivious to it all. She decided to get as far away as possible, and she spent her first four years of college at Oxford. Later she would attend law school at Harvard Law and graduate at the top of her class.

It was on an uneventful night out at Mordacai’s that she would run into someone she had not set eyes upon in years, at least not since she left California to attend boarding school with her best friend in tow. She tried to run from the pain. After the incident, she used alcohol, hoping to alleviate the pain, but it was only a poor fitted mask. Most of her friends saw through the facade though. They then suggested something that was a better cover up.

It was a little pink pill, also known as Oxycontin. She realized while in boarding school that being pretty did have its advantages. She found with the right look and a sway of her hips, the dealers she bought the pills from would give them to her for free most of the time. She had a charm most could only dream they could possess.

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