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A Needed Miracle

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Emersyn's life is all but easy. She struggles through many trials and tribulations but she does not give up. She keeps her head held high even when her world is crashing down. A certain family member holds her spirits up and carries her through the thick and thin. Emersyn has plenty of chances to turn her back on what she believes in and everyone believes that she has a good reason to do so. Throughout her story, she grows, she helps others, and most importantly she has faith. When she feels as if no one understands her, she refrains from giving up on herself or her family. She hopes to inspire many people as they read through her struggles. She had many tears and laughter through her journey but it shaped her to be stronger at the finish line. Diver into her story to truly understand her joys and her pains

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Hi, I'm Emersyn and I'm fifteen. I live in Dallas, Texas. I live with my mom, dad, and brother AJ. I'm just a normal girl. There isn't anything special about me. I have a huge softball game tonight. Right now, we are state champions. The national title is something that I have always dreamed of getting. I've been playing softball since I was nine years old. I want to be a professional player when I get out of school.

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